Well Kyouko returns to the series and certainly makes an impact before she leaves again. With only a few episodes left she’s probably not going to show up for the rest of the season, but her return was fun while it lasted.

Talking about Kyouko really does bring a mix of perspectives. In the end she is a serial killer who ‘killed’ Ayumu and thus Eu made him into a zombie. But there were a lot of people who weren’t as fortunate as Ayumu to be given that opportunity and were lost so Kyouko could advance her ambitions. So for that reason I’m glad that she wasn’t just released and this was more like a short break in exchange for giving information about Chris. In terms of her sentence I’m still not completely sure how long it is. One sub said hundreds of years, but someone who watched it said Kyouko mentioned 9,000 years. Since pretty much everyone but humans can live a crazy amount of time I can’t really guess as to what the right answer is. Regardless, Kyouko is lucky that humans aren’t seen as that important or she might have been executed for her murder spree.

On the other hand Kyouko is a dynamic force who demands attention when she is in the series. Probably the most dynamic female character thanks to being that attractive and when she wants to being able to flaunt her assets. Long as she can hold herself together she can charm just about anyone and even Ayumu needed to punch himself at 300% strength to break out of his daze. She’s also completely nuts. She was pretty far gone in the first season, but her stability really has gone out the window. There is a strange relationship with her and Ayumu. Since she has these murderous impulses and he is now someone that she can’t really kill. Sure she could dismember him and scatter the remains, but that’s going pretty far. She can just cut into him and he won’t die. Besides Ayumu and Kyouko literally changed each others lives. Kyouko by killing Ayumu allowed him to be revived by Eu and turn into this dramatically different character. Without this event he would have just been the odd friend of Orito and never had all these girls involved with him. Kyouko of course might not have been stopped for a long time and find someone that she can have this bizarre attraction to. When her sentence is up I have no doubt she’ll pay a visit to Ayumu, Eu, and whoever else is still hanging around him.

Hard to say what I think about that confession at the end. Kyouko is rather good at playing with people. Yet she usually lets off a hint that she is fooling around. Possible in her own yandere/sadist way she did fall in love with Ayumu. Seeing him suffering in various ways may really be more about her romantic feelings for him and not revenge. I’ll choose to believe it for now. After all someone as messed up as Kyouko could fall in love with someone that she tried to kill and who tried to kill her in return.

In the end I still have clearly mixed feelings on Kyouko. She really wins the fanservice battle of the series with this episode. There is no doubt that she is an attractive character and knows it. Though I think the swings scene displayed how messed up she is. Hopefully once her sentence is over she might be a bit more stable, but that might be asking for a lot. Will say it was fun to have her back though will say if this is her only major appearance then thanks to the OP I’m left disappointed. There was a lot of fun here, but would have liked another bout with her and Ayumu.

There was some developments outside of Kyouko simply being there. I liked how Kyouko called out Sera about her feelings and was even surprised about how right she was. The King’s Game also led to Ayumu giving a hug to Taeko which had everyone freaking out. I feel bad for the girl since Ayumu is a zombie and will long outlive her. Ayumu might not have given up living like a human quite yet, but he’ll have to sooner or later. The sooner he clears things up with that girl though the better since reality is going to crush her.

Now we have Chris’s weak point…..tickling!? I’m not sure if Kyouko is messing with us or not since with this season that isn’t an impossible weakness. Still having to take her down by tickling would be odd and frankly difficult with how overwhelming her power is. In the end not even sure why they have to bother going to fight with Chris. Haruna hasn’t had any power all season so why start now? Just build another transfer device and get some more magical energy. I suppose they have to end this series with fighting someone and Chris could cause a lot of trouble based on her whims.

It was pretty fun to see the inner Eu trio playing the King’s Game. Glad to see them bounce back after the original took over for an episode. I enjoyed the episode mostly since Kyouko demands your attention when she’s present. Despite not having to actually fight her I just had fun with her being around. Now the last episodes should focus on Chris though with how the series has been so far I’m not sure how serious this will end up being.
Score: A+

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