Well the series really is taking off now, though kind of wish it hadn’t taken so long. Finally the mystery behind the “Fairy” has been revealed. While it wasn’t terribly surprising that she was a Magiclad Girl, the rest of her story was more surprising to say the least. I wonder how old people live to be in Haruna’s world with this young girl being Dai-Sensei’s teacher. Will say the biggest surprise was definitely that she was sealed in the form of that boring teacher that I had barely even noticed throughout the series. That is definitely one hell of a cruel curse. Bad enough being sealed away in a different gender, but a regular looking teacher of the opposite gender wouldn’t be fun. Can appreciate the irony that she went from a teacher of girls like Haruna to just regular school kids. I swear Dai-Sensei has to be connected to this since that kind of twisted punishment seems like something she’d be a part of.

It was kind of hard to take her attack on the students seriously until Ayumu got a chance to fight. I mean sure everyone was restrained, but she was being so comical that I couldn’t be too worried. Still this showed how crazy strong she is and how dangerous if she put her mind to it. Her powers were mostly shown in funny ways, but with scary applications. Teleporting Sera with ease, freezing movements, launching people into the air, able to block a powerful punch with a simple bottle and being able to send droplets of alcohol flying like bullets. Ayumu better hope she has no hostile intentions or else she’ll be tough to deal with. Of course it’d be boring if she had no hostile intentions so we can probably expect some trouble from her.

This episode had a ton of cute Eu moments. It was fun how these events freed up her ability to speak which proved how dangerous her moe value can be. Ayumu didn’t even need to think of fantasies with her just chatting with him. Of course he managed to come up with some nice ones regardless. Thought it was hilarious how she called him out on the fantasies he usually had of her.

Haruna did her best to force Ayumu to have a fantasy about her, but it didn’t go as she might have hoped. Just showed her being greedy and a bit insane about money. Glad they tackled by thoughts about the effects of Eu’s magic on Haruna. Having her be quiet and suppress her emotions was fun to watch if only because it is so hard for someone like Haruna to do. The sealing armor didn’t look bad on her, but it wasn’t all that amazing either.

Kind of sad how I spent that much time wondering about how the ring would affect Yuki and it only lasted under an episode. In the end the ring was as described by the scientist who gave it to Ayumu. We still don’t know why he delivered it, but it seems besides the point now. Now the ring really is more of a symbolic thing for Yuki. Having Chris steal the ring that Ayumu gave to her should have her fired up to go after this girl.

I had wondered how Kyouko might get involved in the series again and finally it seems like her time has come. It’s a bit surprising that she has information on Chris and is willing to share it. Though I suppose if it means getting freed or even sent out in the world again she’d be willing to cooperate. Still, if someone like Kyouko knows something about Chris then it has to be fairly important. This is the girl who went around killing people, so I doubt they were drinking buddies. Frankly the moral ambiguity of Dai-Sensei leaves me thinking that she would let Kyouko go if it meant getting something valuable in return.

I feel a bit bad for the fantasy Eu trio. They were completely out of the episode with Eu talking openly. Still things are bound to return to normal soon and then they can step up some more. For now Eu won’t be restricted in emotion or voice and that pretty much puts every girl interested in Ayumu at a disadvantage. I enjoyed this episode since it had some funny moments and a few serious events. Seems like things are going to get busier now.
Score: A

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