The power of the voodoo dance is something we should never ignore. I do have to question Yuki’s decision to ask Haruna of all people for dance lessons. The girl may be a masou shoujo genius, but that doesn’t necessarily extend to being skilled in other things. Well to her credit she cooks some good eggs, but definitely not a great dancer.

This was a good episode for some laughs though. There was that stress about Yuki having to go back to the village which would be a disaster for the series if she couldn’t dance well. In a sense you’d be worried since they killed the crowd, but it also gave Sarasvati a chance to admire Ayumu’s rear so I suppose that’s a win for her. I’m just amazed that they managed to suck the crowd into dancing the same way and just destroy everything. It’s one powerful dance to be able to do all that. Of course this confirms that Yuki and Haruna should never dance again….ever.

I had forgotten that Ayumu could break-dance and he did a good routine there. It may not be the appropriate dance for every occasion, but he’s pretty good. Of course anything looks good compared to a voodoo dance.

We continue the strange development of Orito’s character. At least the “new” Orito managed to accept the “new” Aikawa. I’m not sure if that’s going to go anywhere, but it was worth noting.

It’s too bad that Haruna’s attempts to fix Mystletainn didn’t quite work out. It seemed like she was really close, but just made a small blunder at the end. At least her heart was in the right place and she was pretty close to getting it right. Of course it was also accompanied by an uncomfortable scene with Mystletainn being…assaulted by Haruna and Eu. Having that thing talk on occasion definitely makes everything feel a bit weird. Unfortunately it is now completely busted and will need repairs.

You have to love this weeks imaginary Eu. A lot of cute moments shown off this time around. Have to give Aikawa’s imagination a ton of credit for being able to turn anything that Eu writes into something very cute. I’m glad that actually hearing her talk a bit in the first season didn’t take away those scenes since they are a nice little addition. Will also just say that the Eu fanservice is also a draw (though Yuki had her moments). Right now it just balances out the Ayumu focus.

The most interesting part again came at the end of the episode. Dai-sensei and Kyouko took the main spotlight and Kyouko’s lines especially hinted that she was going to be involved in events. It’s rather impressive that she can say that though considering she’s pretty well contained. Dai-sensei doesn’t pull punches when it comes to locking someone up. I do wonder what Dai-sensei hopes to gain from this. After all they took care of that threat last season, yet this doesn’t seem to be just a case of curiosity. There is something that Kyouko knows that Dai-sensei is determined to get out of her.

I’m curious to see what next episode is going to bring. We’ve had plenty of laughs at Ayumu’s expense and a bit too much fan-service on his side of things, but the plot hasn’t really advanced beyond the memories of Ayumu’s transformation not being erased. I’m hoping Kyouko gets involved if only to make things a bit more serious.
Score: A-

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