If Ayumu’s life could get any weirder I wouldn’t be able to guess how. I’m sure it’s possible, just that my imagination doesn’t want to even try delving into something like that XD. As expected with Mistletainn busted there was no way to erase the memories and I figured that would lead to some chaos. Of course the series got one over on me since I thought he’d never be able to return, but instead he became some kind of star….It’s times like this that reminds me that people are crazy. There is just no other way to explain how people can turn some magical cross-dresser into a superstar. It’s pretty impressive that no one seems to care about the monster that was fought, but simply the fact that Ayumu was wearing those clothes.

What really got weird is how all these Ayumu fetishes are popping up in that school. Sarasvati’s obsession with Ayumu’s backside is pretty crazy, but even the class rep seemed to like his legs so….yeah. Harem powers are pretty scary and I have to say no harem lead has had to pay as high a price than Ayumu. Even though the response has been strangely positive not sure I could have taken all that he’s gone through in this. I mean he’s going to live eternally via youtube and blogs.

It wasn’t all bad though for Ayumu. This episode really gave Yuki some time to shine and that’s always good in my book. Some days it seems like Ayumu should just go ahead with that vampire ninja custom of a kiss equaling marriage. Who is really going to treat him better than this girl? But really it was a nice move to bring him (and eventually everyone) to the mountains since it did cheer Ayumu up. Not to mention it allowed Yuki to get closer to everyone and of course make some progress with Ayumu. Of course it was obviously full of nonsense to have the girls deny any feelings towards Ayumu, but at least Yuki is closer to the rest of them despite being one of the girls not living in that house.

But I have to say no one blushed as much in this episode as Yuki, though to be fair she seems to constantly have one. It’s kind of just a question of degrees with her. She’s definitely gone one of the more open affection for Ayumu in the group. Only slightly hiding things behind the duty of being a wife.

Ayumu in some respects is really lucky to be a zombie though. He got owned by bees, attacked by a bear, and eye gouged by Sena. Though not like pain still doesn’t exist so he goes through things that most would at least die before they had to deal with the consequences of.

Still this episode was one based around the comedy. The end of the episode though seemed to hint that things were going to get more serious. With Kyouko and Dai-sensei appearing in their own little scene we should get things to become a lot more serious or at least even more dangerous. It’s been a while since we saw Kyouko though, not since she was rescued by last seasons main antagonist. I suspect our favorite serial killer hasn’t been able to do anything but lay low. She lost pretty much all the lives she built up when fighting against Ayumu’s group and then lost her main backer.

I do wonder what kind of information Dai-sensei wants from her though. That person having her own sense of morality and not seeming to care that much that Kyouko had been going around slaughtering people. Not that I don’t think her sense of punishment isn’t something to fear, but seems like she takes it way too lightly. It doesn’t seem like Kyouko is in any condition to run, but at the same time it’d be pretty boring if she was just caught easily.

Of course the episode was wrapped up by another segment of inner Eu. I hate to say it, but Ayumu probably would be better off in Eu’s outfit than Haruna’s masou shoujo outfit. Though in reality he’d be better off not having to cross-dress at all XD. I can only guess what is going to happen next week, but hopefully Ayumu’s sense of self-worth isn’t destroyed any more than it already has been.
Score: A-

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