First off, I’d like to apologize for my lack of posting on here for such a long time. College classes have just been taking a huge toll on my life and I found myself extremely restricted on time. However, it seems things will be back to a normal pace for a few weeks or so, so please expect me to stick around faithfully this time. 😀

Anyway, to start of with this review, I’d like to point out one thing about Bleach that I guess is somewhat true for many Bleach fans:

“No matter how boring and predictable Bleach gets, after sticking with it for so long, I practically feel a sense of obligation in continue reading it.”

And that is exactly what has happened to me as of late. Bleach has lost its spark which once drew me in and made me so utterly obsessed with it. However, since the most recent arcs (specially this current one), I’ve found my interest in this manga to be decreasing. However, I feel this sense of obligation like I need to see it through until the very end.

With that said, Bleach has  been dropping in quality, from my point of view. I’m guessing it could be the lack of action, or perhaps how the new villains seem to be so…so….flat. Or maybe even Kubo’s attempt at humor is making Bleach less quality. I don’t know, but I do know that Bleach is becoming a bit boring as of late. Anyway, in this new Chapter, Ichigo, Sado, Orihime, Nel, Pesche and Urahara travel to Hueco Mundo so that they can set things right. We see that the new Villains, (do they even have a name yet, I forget?) are killing of Arrancar and Hollows as they please. Just when they are holding a tournament in order to gain more “soldiers” into their ranks, we are presented with Loly and Melony (which some of you may remember as the female duo whom where jealous of how Aizen was so interested in Orihime, and therefore decided to punish her). Oh and, we also see Harribel’s three underlings appear at the end of the chapter, ready to take revenge for their master.

So, I’m not sure how I feel for the sudden influx of old characters, but alas, Kubo is the author here so I’m just waiting to see how all of this will unfold. However, I must admit that I was somewhat eager that maybe one of the hooded figures would have been Grimmjow, but alas. xD

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