And let the final battle begin! They did use up most of the episode just setting things up, but it should be a pretty crazy affair considering they still have plenty of episodes left here. You have the 3 remaining Gods vs the Bal Masqué elite and the mass of Tomogara that have gathered in Misaki City. Then of course you have Shana and Carmel charging into the heart of this fight against Yuji and Sydonay. Of course Bel Peol should be around so she’ll add to the battle. The one benefit for the Flame Haze is that one of the Trinity won’t be taking part since Hayate sacrificed herself for this Xanadu mission.

At least we now know why Yuji wanted Kazumi and why this was all done at Misaki City. The distortions that were fixed by Khamsin in season 1 have to be intensified so they can create Xanadu. Of course that vision shown by the Spiral Organ makes you worried that this could be a disaster for the city. Sure, Yuji has his plan, but it also seems like he is pretty willing to take chances and gamble. At least we know that the city wasn’t chosen for a random reason or because it’s just symbolic that the last battle be held where this series began.

I’m surprised that we’ve seen the last of Hecate. She’s been a part of things for so long and now she’s gone. A surprise that she was truly the priestess and her whole reason of being was tied to Snake of the Festival. I feel a bit bad for Sydonay who has no idea when or if he will see Hecate again. He really does care about her. Of course right now the question is who will survive this final battle since everyone is going all out.

It does show how cautious Yuji is during this whole affair. Making sure that Kazumi can’t use that hougu since I’m sure he is worried about what Pheles might be able to do. Considering she made the Reiji Maigo I can understand the concern. Sadly I really don’t think it had anything to do with being worried about Kazumi dying. Since he’s not worried, guess everyone else will have to be. It’s felt like they’ve been hinting at this for a while and really having something like that and not using it would be a surprise. Sadly Pheles does appear to have a role to play and we may lose Kazumi because of it. Of course I’m hoping she doesn’t die since while I didn’t especially like her, it doesn’t meant I want her dead either. Its not like Yuji is such a great guy that if she can’t end up with him that dying is better XD.

These battles should be pretty crazy though considering how strong each person taking part is. Eastedge is a crazy powerful guy that is just tearing up the Tomogara. Have to respect anyone who can just stroll onto a battlefield and start blasting everything away. He’s going to be tough for Ribesal and Pirsoyn to handle since he can just blast at them until they vanish from existence. Westshore is a pretty odd person, but can’t deny that she’s pretty strong too. Not sure if she’s crazy or what since she drowns these Tomogara and then almost seems to be crying tears of happiness. That ability is pretty interesting and I’m sure on water she’s at her most powerful. Still despite the personality issues, she’ll be tough for Reraia and Orobas to handle, but of course we haven’t seen a ton of what they can do either.

Then of course we have Southvalley who is a pretty wild character himself. Didn’t think he’d be the type to really get into a fight and be so heated. Also seems like he’s out there in part to avenge Centerhill. Quite an ability to have those ‘zombies’ eating up Tomogara and multiplying when they do so. This is the perfect fight for him since he can literally just eat away at the large Tomogara force and make a huge army himself. He’ll be in a tough fight against someone who has that much cannon firepower. Though we haven’t seen all of what Southvalley’s forces can do so hard to say who is going to win this fight. In the end I think this battle is about helping to pull away the strongest of the Tomogara away from Yuji so Shana can fight.

I’m sure this is going to be a great final battle. The Flame Haze and Tomogara are going to clash with two very different visions for the future. The plans put in place by Shana, Yuji, Pheles, and others will definitely bring us some surprises. I can’t wait to see how the series ends.
Score: A

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