Since I don’t want to ruin too much, let’s just jump right into the episode summary shall we?  The episode picks up a few days after Shu is elected to be the new Student Council president, though it appears that he hasn’t implemented the Void ranking system Yahiro proposed. Though Yahiro is opposing his decision not to implement it, Shu feels good with this decision and all of the students work equally to put up a resistance barrier between themselves and the military, which is steadily making its way towards the school.  We see Hare repairing some equipment with her Void and several girls compliment her on her Void’s powers and lament the fact that their Voids aren’t as powerful as Hare’s.  Shu appears and informs them that it’s not necessarily how powerful their Void is, but how they use it.  This seems to cheer the girls up and Hare appears to be proud of Shu’s decision not to discriminate people based on their Void’s powers.  We then find out through a minor flashback that they did hold an examination of everyone’s Void so that they knew who had what abilities, but Shu is adamant that they not implement the ranking system.  Though he’s proud of himself for not caving to Yahiro’s pressures, he’s noticed that a few things aren’t going as well as they should.  With everyone helping to build the resistance, they’ve run into trouble with students trying to get more food from the kitchen because they’re working so hard.  We see an example of this with the same troublemakers approaching Tsugumi and coolly telling her that they deserve to have more food than the others, but they quickly back off when Tsumugi bares her (figurative) fangs at them.  Meanwhile, we see Souta in the back of the kitchen looking depressed as he uses his Void to simply open cans of sausages.

Shu is worried that they  haven’t been able to complete even half of their plans to put up the barricade or secure medicine and ammo, but Yahiro tells him that this is why he wanted Shu to use the ranking system in the first place.  Yahiro justifies the idea by saying that people will work twice as hard when there’s a clear hierarchy, but this doesn’t seem to sit well with Shu since he doesn’t want to discriminate against people just because of their Voids.  Later that evening, after all of the other students have returned to their posts and/or bed, Shu, Tsugumi, Hare, Ayase and Inori finally sit down to have their meal.  Shu laments the fact that Yahiro continues to push the ranking system on him, but everyone just tells him that it’s schematics and something he should consider.  Hare is visibly concerned for Shu but isn’t sure what to say; Inori approaches him and asks him what he wants to do, but Shu isn’t sure of what he wants to do.  After dinner, Shu is heading up to the roof to be alone when he finds Souta already there.  Souta confesses that he doesn’t feel like his Void is anything that would be of use to Shu, but Shu tries to reassure him that everyone’s Void has a use.  Souta seems relieved to hear that Shu won’t be using the ranking system and the two shout their worries into the night sky (which admittedly was pretty amusing).  Meanwhile, Hare, Ayase and Tsumugi are in the bath and the three chat about Shu and what he’s planning on doing.  Hare seems a bit dejected that Inori was able to comfort Shu when she wasn’t and asks if there’s anything going on between them.  Ayase says that she doesn’t think there’s anything going on between them other than the fact that Inori can tell Shu is uncertain of what he should do.  Tsumugi suddenly tells Hare that she should confess to Shu since there’s no time like the present and they don’t know what is going to happen to them since the red line doesn’t appear to be stopping.  Of course, this embarrasses Hare to no end and Ayase scolds Tsumugi, but it looks like she caused the wheels in Hare’s mind to start turning.


The following day, Shu walks into the Student Council room to find Yahiro, Kanon and Arisa in a serious conversation.  It appears that they’ve conducted the counts on their vaccine and they don’t have enough for everyone at the school.  They toy with the idea of limiting the dosages, but Yahiro points out that it has to be a set dosage for it to be effective.  Shu is flabbergasted when they say that they need to at least put aside Shu’s dosages for the next few weeks.  He tries to persuade them not to do that, but Yahiro tells him that if he dies, they won’t have anyone who can fight, let alone draw out their Voids.  Arisa then hands him the list of students ranked from A to F and tells him that as Student Council president, he needs to make a decision or they’re all going to suffer.  Meanwhile, Souta and the rest of the students that are F rank are gathered outside of the school.  Apparently one of them was able to find a copy of the rankings for the students and they’re all worried that they’ll be cast aside since they aren’t ranked highly.  Souta gets an idea and the others follow him.  They find Shu inside of the school and ask him to draw out their Voids so that they can practice.  Shu is confused and Souta informs him that they found the rankings of the students and they want to practice with their Voids so that they can prove they aren’t useless to everyone.  Unsure of what he should do, Shu agrees when Souta asks him if he’ll help them.  Meanwhile, we see Daryl in the outskirts of the city taking a phone call from Makoto.  Makoto tells him that their mission is to kill all of the students that flee the school.  Daryl thinks this is a waste of his talent, but Makoto reminds him that although they were fakes, he was the only pilot that didn’t shoot at Shu, Ayase and Tsumugi when they tried to turn themselves over to the military.  This irritates Daryl and he snaps at Makoto, saying that he doesn’t need to prove that he can kill someone before hanging up on the older man.  While all of this is going on, Hare finds Shu hiding out in the abandoned building that was his hideout even before he joined the Undertakers.  She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that he screwed up and now everyone is going to suffer.  Hare comforts him and tells him that he’ll make a great king and that she can see all of the good in him, even if no one else can.  Just as things are starting to get a bit tense between them, Shu gets a phone call from Kanon and she informs him that she saw Souta and the other group of F-ranked students leaving the school grounds with their Voids.  Panicked, Shu and Hare grab Funnell and take the humvee out of the school grounds to try and head off the students.

When he confronts them, Souta tells Shu that all they wanted to do was try to secure some medicine from a nearby hospital and prove that they aren’t useless.  As luck would have it, a helicopter appears and begins firing at them.  One girl is hit in the arm, but Hare is able to heal her before they flee.  Of course, the humvee is totaled due to the firing from the helicopters and Shu instructs everyone to run towards the school while he draws all of the military units away from them.  As he’s doing so, Souta convinces Hare to try and “heal” a damaged car nearby because with that, they can make an escape to the school.  While she’s trying to repair the car, a helicopter shows up and drops what appears to be a large shell of ammo onto the car, causing it to explode a moment later.  Shu saw everything that was happening and was able to help get Hare out of the blast, but not without taking substantial damage himself.  The two lie on the ground of an abandoned lot and Hare stirs first.  She appears to be badly injured, judging by the pool of blood forming around her body, but she uses the last of her energy to heal Shu instead.  As she’s doing so, she reflects back to a book she read as a child about a kind and gentle king who gave out land and money to all of his kingdoms’ citizens so that no one would feel left out.  Of course, this made people hate him, but Hare fell in love with the king.  She sees the same kind and gentle ruler in Shu and hopes that he’ll be able to follow his heart and do what he feels is right.  At that moment, a helicopter once again targets them and manages to sever Hare’s Void, which essentially kills her.  She collapses and the purple crystals of the virus begin cropping up on her skin.  Shu wakes up and finds Hare’s dead body; he frantically pulls her into his arms, but she completely turns into crystal and then shatters.  At the same time, we see something shatter inside Shu as well.  He makes his way back to the students, but pins Inori to the ground and withdraws her Void despite her protests and mercilessly destroys the Endlaves.  Once they’re taken care of, he turns his attention to Souta and tells him that it’s all his fault that Hare is dead.  He grieves for her, saying that Hare was the only one who truly believed in him and he wants Souta to bring her back.  Yahiro has to pull Shu off of Souta (he knocked him to the ground and began punching the ever-loving shit out of the poor boy), but Shu doesn’t seem to be the same.  He declares that being kind is overrated and he’ll become King.


Opinions:  Holy fuck, this episode!  THIS EPISODE.  I’m not even sure where to start!  On one hand, I’m glad that Shu rejected the idea of discriminating people based on their Void’s powers, but on the other, Yahiro made a very valid point.  I do have to say that although they backfired, Shu did have noble intentions on the whole ordeal.  The shortage of medication and everything else is worrisome, but not quite as much as Shu snapping like he did at the end of the episode.  Though, can you blame him?  Because of Souta’s ignorance and stupidity, Hare – the one person who really trusted Shu and believed in him – died.  I’d be pretty pissed too.  Hell, I am pissed at Souta for this.  I’ll admit, I didn’t like seeing Shu like this.  He was cold and heartless, but I also can’t hold it against him.  It’ll be interesting to see how he’s received back at school and how things will turn out at the school.  Hopefully things won’t be too bad, but I’m also worried about how Shu will handle things from now on.  Overall, it was just a really well written, emotional episode and deserving of an A+.

Score: A+/A+

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