Ok, I just have one thing to say about this chapter: “Holy shizz! The Kyuubi and Naruto?! What? What? Is this real or is this a fantasy?!” xD Well, no, not really. I mean, it was bound to happen sooner of later. But I won’t deny that I was a bit shocked and surprisingly pleased.

The highlight of this chapter was definitely the fact that Naruto and the Kyuubi have come to terms with one another. With that done, they are both ready to work alongside each other against Madara.

Anyway, I found it to be somewhat sweet and touching how Kurama and Son acknowledge their acceptance of Naruto and pass him power. Now I know Naruto is pretty much the classic “our enemies will become good guys and our friends”, but it’s still nice to see how things progress.

I’m really looking forward to the next chapter now that Kurama will finally be entering the battlefield. I can’t wait to see how Naruto will be able to kick ass, though I still don’t think that they will defeat Madara just yet. Specially since Madara has now shown himself with all his “creatures” as he is ready to go all out in order to defeat Naruto and co.

My favorite part of this chapter was when Naruto said, “You are not a monstrous fox anymore. You are my partner of the hidden leaf. You are Kurama. OK, let’s go now!”

If you’ve been with Naruto since chapter one and really drowned yourself in the emotions of Naruto’s development and the Kyuubi, then I’m sure this simple dialogue speaks levels of just how far Naruto and Kurama have come along.

Btw, I still uphold my theory that Kurama is tsundere for Naruto. You can’t change my opinion!  (Just ignore me, yes?)

So, what did you guys think about this chapter? Maybe it got you a bit excited or are you guys still a bit disappointed with the progress?

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