So, new section is new, though I think that’s kind of obvious.  So, starting off with this new manga blogging business, Naruto comes up first. I’ll be blogging some manga from now on, so I am really looking forward to this. 😀

Despite how the tailed beasts have been portrayed as evil and dangerous, Naruto has delved into the passage of explaining that they really aren’t. Like in every other classical cliché, they are just misunderstood and have gathered hatred and mistrust because of humans that have been evil to them.

However, the strong point of Naruto is that he is able to genuinely see the good in people and try to reach out to them. This is the case that was shown strongly in this chapter. The Kyuubi ( Kurama) shows some flashbacks about his past and how despite the way that his previous hosts worded it, in reality they only wanted to restrain him. However, Naruto is the huge exception because he wants to take the Kyuubi’s hatred away.

Also, Naruto has met the Four tails ( Son) and has fairly gained a bit of the Four tail’s trust. The Four Tail’s, also guided by his mistrust of humans is initially hostile towards Naruto but sees something special and honest in him as they exchange words. Finally, he tells Naruto that there might be a way to stop Madara’s ( or should I say Nameless?) control over him, but on the condition that Naruto help free him from his chains.

Impressions: You know, Naruto has always been stereotyped as overrated but I disagree. I remember about a year ago I was pretty hesistant about starting this series but it really grew on me from the start. I love seeing the way that Naruto deals with how people can be engulfed in darkness because of their past. I’ve gotta admit, Naruto has made me shed quite an amount of tears along the way. Hence why I am so enthusiastic to be blogging  this series. I don’t watch the anime though, too many fillers. xD Besides, my personal preferences always put Manga >>> Anime, just so you all know. 😀

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