Things just continue to get crazy with the full out war between Flame Haze and Tomogara picking up steam. A key point in the episode as well was the awakening of Margery and what happened next with Satou. The ending definitely sets up a good fight as well with Sabrac being used to buy time. In that sense he is the ultimate stall tactic since it’s so hard to attack his main body. Doing that required a great deal of effort and planning the previous time. Even with an excellent quality of forces they won’t be able to quickly defeat him. Carmel might be able to take care of his annoying ability to make wounds continue to bleed, but fighting Sabrac is like being in a marathon.

It was interesting to see both sides throwing their tactics and plans at each other. Though I have to say the trick played by Rami was probably the most effective. That bird trick was annoying for Margery to deal with, but it’s utterly devastating in a military sense. They could sneak in such a huge force which turned the tide of the battle. Of course that doesn’t mean the Flame Haze didn’t get some good shots in here. They forced Decarabia into the open and thus were able to take down the one left behind by the Trinity to handle the forces. They do have a leader that came with the western army, but hard to say if that guy is nearly as competent as Decarabia in handling all the armies.

On that note this episode probably had the most bad-ass attack from a woman dressed in a nun that I’ve seen in some time. To be fair the only fighting nun that come to mind is Rosette from Chrno Crusade. Anyways she just owned Decarabia in one shot. Sure, that apparently took a lot out of her, but damn if it didn’t get the job done.

The more emotional moments of the episode certainly came from Satou and Margery. When the series was in it’s first season can’t say I would have seen this coming. While Satou’s feelings towards Margery weren’t hard to see as time went on, it took a while to notice things from her perspective. This episode gave him the chance to say everything he needed to say and express his love for her. Of course it did take a bit of a kick from Eita and Marcosius for him to actually do that.

Really this was just a nice scene with both of them making clear how they felt. Margery getting that full confession out of him and then things taking their natural next step. Small chuckle when she had to put a unrestricted spell on him before that could happen XD. It’s actually nice in anime to see an official pairing just happen and them not shying away from the fact that they slept together. Both (certainly Margery) are old enough to make that kind of decision and pretty much all the characters knew it was going to happen. So anyways good on Satou x Margery XD!

In terms of the war, it’s surprising how much growth Shana has gone through. Really she’s been taking command and now her powers have just gone that extra step in terms of usefulness. Seems this time she’ll be able to match up against Yuji. Of course the Trinity are hardly going to sit around while she tries to stop them.

Like I said before Sabrac is going to be a tough guy to get past. Yuji was clearly thinking of all possibilities when he left him part way behind them. Of course if they want Shana to bust past and go ahead it should be possible. It’s just a question of how large a group they can afford to spend on Sabrac when he’s only one of many enemies.

Things should get all the more entertaining at this point. The battles continue to rage and the plot is going full-steam ahead. It’s a good time to be watching this series.
Score: A+

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