The rescue of Yukiko resulted in another action packed episode of Persona 4. There was some great intensity and and really showing what kinds of burdens Yukiko was dealing with. While the guys were important it really was Chie’s job to help save her friend which had been her sole motivation since she charged into that castle last episode.Plenty of flashbacks to help fill out Yukiko’s character, but also some good action and drama that kept things interesting.

We only got to see a little bit of Yukiko, but this episode really gave a deeper understanding of her. Growing up in the Amagi Inn her whole life has felt directed towards becoming the next owner. It’s easy to see how much that Inn dominates her life. She has to constantly turn down invitations from Chie and it really doesn’t leave her time to deal with guys either. Dealing with the drunken customers, moving food, cleaning up, etc is a lot to deal with. Being frustrated with that life and wanting to get away makes sense. She wanted to be saved from what felt like a locked course of her life. All that would happen would be her growing up and taking over the Inn, no doubts or ways out.

Not surprising Yukiko felt that connection to the caged bird who had grown up in captivity. Seeing that bird do what she couldn’t had to be frustrating. The bird had the courage to leave the cage, but Yukiko still wished for someone else to come and save her from that fate. She saw Chie as the way out, her strong friend who always helped her out when in trouble. But eventually she realized Chie wasn’t going to be able to just save her from it. Of course Chie didn’t even realize how trapped Yukiko felt. While Yukiko’s shadow was flashy this really was more about how the girl felt trapped and wanted someone to save her, than wanting to get together with a prince.

I have to roll my eyes at the choice for the chariot persona. I mean Ara Mitama, really? Of all the personas they could have chosen they went with that lame looking one? At this point I seriously hope Narukami summons more than 1 kind persona from each arcana or it’ll be kind of depressing. Maybe they didn’t want to overshadow Izanagi as his physical fighter.

Good stat growth continues for Narukami, picking up some more courage. He did react well to save Chie from that falling chandelier. Still I’m glad Chie was so key in saving her friend. While she was reckless at times in going after Yukiko, it’s because she cares so much. It wasn’t just her saving Yukiko either, but giving her the courage to force open the cage and stand for herself. Both girls got to learn about how the other felt and realize they weren’t the strong/perfect person they had imagined. In the end this just made them better friends since they now understand each other better. Their strong friendship is really nice to watch in action. No matter what they learned they were still so worried about each others safety.

The fight was pretty crazy this time around with fire being shot everywhere. Yukiko’s shadow really was out of control there. The wax was dangerous and that chandelier had a pretty strong punch to it. It really required the weakening of Yukiko’s persona for them to stand a chance. The final combination at the end was pretty impressive. It was hilarious watching Pyro Jack harassing Yukiko’s shadow and that leading to a sneak attack by Jiraiya. Of course the finishing blow had to be made by Chie to settle things.

Have to say I loved the crazy laughing by Yukiko at the end. It just shows that side of her that almost no one besides Chie got to see. A girl who can just lose herself in crazed laughter when something really sets her off.

I think it’s a good idea to recap some information that was revealed in the series, but might have been easily forgotten since they were mentioned briefly. We know that when the fog lifts in that TV world it appears in Inaba. The two victims Yamano and Konishi were found during foggy days. Chie also mentioned the Midnight Channel only appears on rainy nights so they are limited in when they can see if someone will appear (though can always have Kuma check himself). They could take a break in saving Yukiko because they knew when the person was in the most danger (when it gets foggy). Sadly there is limited information besides that since they haven’t talked much to Yukiko yet.

Anyways another great episode of Persona 4. The action has been fun, but getting to see the good and bad of the characters has also been interesting. Should be fun to keep watching and seeing how events will unfold.
Score: A+

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