Well this definitely was a set-up episode and also a recap episode. Certainly with 3 seasons spread out over years you might need something like this so everyone is on the same page. Though personally keep on wanting them to hurry up to what they end the episode on, which is Shana and Yuji meeting up. Not that the recap was done badly and was certainly better than purely a recap that doesn’t have anything going on. There is just that desire to get into the action and Yuji walking around reminiscing about the old times isn’t action.

There was some fun reactions when they realized it was Yuji who had come. THe fact that they all registered his presence as a Tomogara is all that really needs to be said. But that’d be too limited so I’ll talk about it anyways XD. Before Yuji had a larger capacity and obviously there was the silver fire. But now they actually felt his presence as something else entirely which should send enough warning signals. It makes sense when we realize that he’s had this connection with the leader of Bal Masqué. Of course I still look forward to the series laying out when exactly he got taken over. Nothing seemed that off during their fight in the season finale and yet between then and going to meet Shana something key happened.

Now we have a showdown coming that obviously won’t resolve too much. We didn’t see a major battle in the first episode for them to save/stop Yuji here. This should just show how high his strength has gone and what’s been happening to him. Shana is probably right that she needs to keep getting stronger if she’s going to be ready for what is coming.

It was nice to see Eita stopping by Margery’s place to do what he can. Being afraid all the time isn’t going to help him at all. Ogata can’t know what’s going on, but if he’s always acting like this she’ll just get more worried. He doesn’t have to get right into the incidents, but just helping when he can is good for him. Also good to see how Margery was worried about Satou. I’m sure him passing by Yuji on the train shortly after leaving isn’t going to help calm her down though. Probably doesn’t like him being off where he can’t be protected, but that’s part of the path he’s decided to go down.

There really isn’t too much to say about this one. A lot of Yuji reminiscing about his path and how far he’s come. Of course not sure I’d say that this situation with the leader of Bal Masqué is good growth. Maybe the most important Yuji thought though was about Shana. A future where he can live with Shana and that he can fall in love with her. Not a full out shout of “I love Shana”, but pretty much. Anyways can’t wait for things to really get going next week.
Score: B+

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