UPDATE: Contest Closed. We will be contacting the winners soon!

As you all probably know, the Fairy Tail anime has reached its 100th episode this week. We here at Anime Evo are HUGE fans of Fairy Tail, and based on the activity around our Fairy Tail episode blogs, so are you guys! In celebration of the series reaching a 100 episodes, we’re giving away 1 Blu-ray DVD Combo & 5 copies of the first Fairy Tail Manga volume out as contest styled prizes! So without further ado, here’s the first Anime Evo: “I’m a Fairy Tail Fan – Contest”!


Grand Prize: (1) Fairy Tail Vol .1 Bluray/DVD + Fairy Tail Vol 1. Manga

Runner Up: (3) Fairy Tail Vol 1. manga

Contest Description:

So how do you win? Simply put you have to comment on this post and link to an image that shows how much you love Fairy Tail.

It can be anything from a picture of yourself doing something awesome, to a photo of yourself cosplaying, to a fan artwork, a vectored image, a fan wallpaper or graphic, a bunch of self made icons, or even an image with a few words quoted from a fanfiction you did. Anything goes! Show us how much you love Fairy Tail. So basically:

  • Make an image that shows how much you love Fairy Tail
  • Comment on this post, with a link to said image.
  • Cross your fingers and wait for us to announce the winners

Contest Rules:

  • Must be a fan of Fairy Tail (Duh!)
  • Contest is not open to AE staff.
  • Image must be safe for work (No 18+ stuff please)
  • Make sure your country’s customs allow for DVDs through mail if you’re going for the grand prize
  • Contest is open to everyone in the world!
  • In The event that you win, you must provide us with a shipping address to ship your prizes to you
  • One Entry Image per contestant!
  • Work or image must be created by you. Please do not submit anyone else’s work in attempt to win this contest, you will be disqualified and blacklisted on the website!

Contest Start/End Date:

Contest Starts: Today! 8th October 2011.
Contest Ends: November 8th 2011.



This is in no way any sort of an official contest. Anime Evo does not own nor is it affiluated with Fairy Tail, Weekly Shounen Jump or Funimation. We reserve the right to change the contest rules or prizes at any time. Anime Evo also reserves the right to use your image in a gallery showcasing all the contest entries. We will not claim your work as our own and will properly credit you!

We have 5 prizes to give away and you guys have got a month to prepare some awesome images to showcase your love for Fairy Tail. May the best Fairy Tail fan win!

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12 responses to “I’m A Fairy Tail Fan – Contest”

  1. Ana says:

    That’s some neat contest 🙂
    Hum…I might give it a shot. Dunno if counts cuz..hum….cosplaying? Never in my lifetime. I live in Portugal, it explains all, lol. A photo of myself doing awesome? What’s being awesome? XD
    So what’s left? A fanwork. Ah I did that!

    -> http://knux-the-killer.deviantart.com/#/d484atg

    That’s all that I did worth for the contest 😛

  2. Connor VanDyke says:

    Well, it took some experimenting, but I finally came up with something I wanted to enter. Hope you guys like it!


  3. Connor VanDyke says:

    Hope you guys get more entries, trying to get my roommates and other people I know to make stuff too. I want to see some more cool Fairy Tail Art!!!

  4. nosajj says:

    I have been inducted into Fairy Tail! This would be my entry.


  5. Renata says:

    I was finishing this till the last minute.

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