Summary Key Points:


  • Its the Heroes vs. a small army of androids and its clear that the Heroes cannot damage the androids much
  • Just as the androids are ready to deliver the final blow…..they all shut down!
  • Saitou had managed to activate the safety mode and Maverick moves to reactivate the main system
  • After a near fall (Rotwang, not so lucky. See ya), Maverick moves to reset the system (hey look, it looks like a brain. HAI SYMBOLISM)
  • The Heroes show up to stop Maverick and manage to get him to confess his crimes…on live TV! Nice job Agnes!
  • Agnes x ratings = OTP
  • Maverick makes a break for it and manages to grab Kaede and uses her as a hostage!
  • A dark figure rises from behind him…..ITS KOTETSU!
  • Kotetsu’s confused why everyone would think he was dead when they didnt even check his pulse and gets group hugged
  • Maverick’s escape is blocked by a well tossed shuriken by Ivan and is told that he will be taken in for his crimes
  • Maverick however asks what is he guilty of when hes helped give Heroes and Sternbild their current status.
  • As his last move, Maverick mind wipes himself and is taken away
  • Kotetsu gets his wish as Kaede tells him that he was really kool as Saito and Ben come over
  • Saitou asks if Barnaby is aware of the significance of the numbers of the safety mode activation
  • Kotetsu announces his retirement….as well as Barnaby
  • Lunatic shows up and takes care of Maverick.
  • One year later, all the Heroes are getting along fine for the most part. Still kicking ass on Hero TV
  • With some help from the Second League of Heroes and…Tiger?!
  • Though Tiger had retired for a while, he came back and is now known as One Minute Tiger.
  • Ben signs up with Apollon Media and Kotetsu gets another dose of the princess hold from Barnaby, who wants to come outta retirement as well
  • The two bicker in their usual manner till the end! Now THAT’S what I’m talkin bout
  • 11/13- NEXT PROJECT. Could this be season 2?!


Score: A+/A+

You want a loaded finale? You GOT it with this one! ESPECIALLY if you take into consideration the way the last episode ends! Everyone was in tears (and denials and rage) over Kotetsu’s death. I admit, I was just “NO NO NO HE CANT BE DEAD HE CANT BE THE SIGNALS ARNT COMING CAUSE HIS SUIT IS ALL SMASHED” Lemme tell you, GLAD AS HELL that was the case. And by GOD, I wanted to smooch Kotetsu when he pointed out the obvious “Why didnt you check my pulse?” SMOOCH! It really was a great finale and it tied up the storyline for the Maverick arc BUT still left the Ouroborus plot line hanging. Not to mention that thing which Maverick says right before mind wiping himself? Clearly hints that there’s bigger fish to fry. Thats a plot point that clearly needs dealing with and personally, I think it’d be poor taste if it doesnt get dealt with.

Rotwang….falling to his death like that? Cold Maverick, so fucking COLD. I mean, he didnt even BLINK before shaking the man off. Well…I guess thats what you get for trusting a guy like Maverick. I wonder though….with Rotwang and Maverick dead…what is gonna be done with the androids now? Is it possible that we’ll see more of em in the next season? Or in NEXT Project?

Maverick mind wiping himself…ugh. That was half lame Maverick  T_T I mean, way to show yourself like a chicken shit. A stronger villain wouldnt have done that, thats for sure.  Just….chicken shit *glares at Maverick* Way to take the easy way out. SO GLAD that Lunatic stopped the car and took care of Maverick. Nicely done Lunatic *applauds* I hadnt been expecting that one. But yeah Maverick. I find it a tad….peeving that other than his confession, there really wasnt much in terms of evidence to prove that he was a villain. I mean, the man really covered his tracks up well. And that pisses me off cause, look at the way he got rid of Samantha and then tried to put it on Kotetsu. He pulled that plan outta his ass at the last minute and that well down FINE. Given that it was a plan that he cooked up so quickly, I was expecting the plan to have flaws and it didnt….I guess maybe that shows that Maverick was a genius? I mean….then again, at one level hes GOTTA be. I mean, if you go by what he says bout helping Heroes to get to where they are and puttin Sternbild on the map….guess you gotta be a bit of a genius anyways right? Well in any even, glad that man’s gone and dealt with!

Kotetsu coming back outta retirement and then Barnaby catching him as he falls (AGAIN) was the BEST win. Or wait no, them BICKERING was the BEST WIN of the episode. I mean, after ALL THE CRAP that they were put through in the past episodes, seeing them get their dynamic again was just fucking CAKE. Like double chocolate cake! Fucking brilliance XD

So…there’s a NEXT project to look forward to in November. Can we assumed that its a season 2? OR MAYBE ITS A MOVIE?! *gawks* Could that be it? Its clear that they’ll be dealing with the Ouroborus story in it cause….hell, what else could it be? Plus, that ominous after credit clip of the dollar bill …. yeah, I’m set on that one. Kinda disappointed that they didn’t cover it in the second arc of this season but at the same time, if we’re gonna get a season 2 or movie in which we deal with it in a deeper and more through manner, all the more to it y’ know? I dig that 🙂

BEN AND SAITO WORKING TOGETHER OH ME STILL MY FANGIRL HEART *flails* Now thats a bromance to end all bromances! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! And oh my GOD. Is Ben managing Kotetsu AND Barnaby?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *flails excitedly* SO. MUCH. WIN. I cannot handle it i cannot!

So….lets wait it out for 11/13 eh? *twiddles thumbs* Time to head into the New 52/DCU reboot till then

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