Summary Key Points:


  • We start with a quick recap of the last episode!
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby fall after colliding mid air!
  • Kotetsu’s Good Luck Mode is broken!
  • Its Hundred Power versus Hundred Power!
  • Kotetsu urges Barnaby to remember him but Barnaby brushes it off as BS
  • He approaches Barnaby with his hands up and he recalls when he slapped Barnaby…
  • …and slaps Barnaby again and urges him to recall the familiar pain
  • Barnaby is not amused and attacks Kotetsu for sneaking in that cheap shot
  • Even as he’s getting beat up, Kotetsu reminds him of time they first met and then how they fought and worked together and asks him to stop…
  • Crying, Kotetsu pleads with Barnaby to remember that they were the best combi ever
  • But his words are not reaching Baranby and he is ready to knock Kotetsu 6 feet under with his Good Luck mode!
  • Kotetsu bids ‘Bunny-chan’ good bye…
  • BUT BARNABY STOPS! And reminds Kotetsu to stop calling him Bunny! … wait..why did he say that? What’s going?
  • Kotetsu is over the moon that Barnaby remembers him again and hugs his partner in delight!
  • Maverick is disappointed that Barnaby can’t be made more use of and omniously thinks that he’ll have to make arrangements for another one…
  • Barnaby is aware of how Maverick played him and apologises to Kotetsu for fighting him
  • But before they can really do anything….Ben shows up! along with Saitou!
  • Saitou collects Barnaby’s suit and locks it up (for further study I suppose)
  • The Heroes want to meet up with the other Heroes before they head to Appollon Media
  • Saitou reveals that he attempted to talk to Agnes and convince her that something is off about Maverick but she doesnt really care
  • Kotetsu gets a call from Blue Rose….BUT ITS MAVERICK!
  • It seems that Maverick has the other Heroes (And Kaede) locked up somewhere (in a very comfortable room/sarcasm)
  • Mavericks bids the duo to meet him at Justice Tower and they comply
  • Saitou and Ben keep watch over the pair through a teeeeny tiny camera in a tiny insect bug (because the cameras in the Hero suits are connected to the network but that has been compromised)
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby come face to face with Dark Bunny and confront him!
  • And this new H-01 is SO strong that all of the other Heroes together were unable to take it down!
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby cannot go on until they kick Dark Bunny’s ass
  • The other Heroes meanwhile are contacted by the crazy scientist (through a screen in their rooms) who makes it clear that hes VERY anti-NEXT
  • BUT. Rotwang will save only one Hero….whoever can find the deactivation switch first….will be saved while the others die.
  • Furthermore, he informs them if they activate their powers…they collars on their necks will go BOOM!
  • They have until Tiger and Bunny’s fight lasts
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby get ready to fight the android!


Score: A+/A+

If that wasn’t an emotional roller coaster ride! I went from worried to ‘wtf you doing there Kotetsu?’ to tearful relief and joy to amusement to shock to panic and worry all within 24 minutes. Brava on that Sunrise. QUITE the episode. Dem oyaji tears….they made this episode so brilliant. I cannot handle it! It made me SO glad that I kept a box of tissues on my table! I wound up needing them!

Kotetsu……you shoulda called him Bunny before and resolved this whole thing before OTL and man, slapping him again like that? At first I made fun of him for doing that but I guess Kotetsu was just feeling desperate at that time and willing to try anything. I was ready for him to pull the pin out and poke Barnaby’s jacket with it *sheepish smile* It was brilliant that Kotetsu didn’t try to fight Barnaby (I was hoping that he’d do that) and he just kept talking and trying to get Barnaby to remember. Though I think I was ready to yell out of surprise and frustration that Barnaby remembered JUST by his nickname…I mean…its a small thing but so significant and obvious that its just…kinda OTL inducing. Still, SO glad that Barnaby managed to snap outta it in time ;_; SO GLAD.

MOTHERFUUUUUUUUUUUUU! IT WAS AN ANDROID?! *falls over* I was hoping that the suit would be empty! But okay…android. And Rotwang is still alive and kicking…and being all creepy and evil and shit T_T WHATS UP WITH THOSE COLLARS EH EH EH *shakes him* you think that its kool to do that Battle Royale thing EH EH EEEEEEEEEEEH? Its NOT kool! D: Those rooms are especially NOT kool! Then again it had to deliberate…I think I remember reading somewhere that those kinda rooms are designed in order to make the person inside more panicky or something…or wait, was that in Armageddon? . . . . oh well. Either ways, DEM ROOMS ARE FUGLY

So any bets that Kaede is gonna save the day yet again next week? I think so 😀 Dunno how completely but…I think that might happen (in the preview, it looked like Kaede manages to sneak into the vents so…maybe she comes across a Hero, borrows their power to break em out or something?). But more than that, I’m worried about a character death. Fellow Code Geass fans, you remember Euphie yes? Tell me yer with me in worrying that something like that may happen here too….with these collar bombs, I’m really worried that maybe we’ll hafta say good bye to one of our more beloved heroes (Not Keith please…or Ivan…or Nathan or Antonio or Karina or Pao Lin OTL I DONT WANT ANYONE TO DIE *sob*) It looks like our Heroes have to stay put and watch Barnaby and Kotetsu get their asses kicked by a ‘droid…I just hope that Kotetsu doesnt get beat up badly…he DID use up his Hundred Power…

On the subject of which, I wonder if Barnaby noticed that Kotetsu’s powers ran out really fast during their fight…if not, I wonder if he’ll notice it during this fight….i wonder i wonder and i wonder why can’t I make this damn time machine to work so I can skip ahead to next Saturday FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

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