This week we finally get back to Huey and Dalian instead of sticking with the less charismatic and slightly abrasive Han and Flamberge.  Not only that, but we get to see young Huey in the Bibliotheca too!  Color me excited!  The episode starts off with young Huey in the Bibliotheca talking to the young girl in white.  The girl tells him that he needs to leave otherwise his soul will remain stuck there.  Huey asks her to come with him, since the Bibliotheca is open and that he can take her wherever she wants to go in an airplane.  This surprises the girl and Huey seems really excited while telling her about them, but the girl is thinking about how she never would have felt lonely again if Huey hadn’t found his way into the Bibliotheca.  One thing that really caught my attention is that Huey has a symbol on his hand that looks really similar to the symbol that appeared on his hand after Dalian acknowledged him as her keeper.  Anywho, fast forward to the present time line and we see Huey and Dalian standing in line at a very crowded bakery.  He seems rather apathetic about it and asks Dalian if it’s really necessary to wait in line for several hours just for some buns.  Dalian tells him that it’s absolutely necessary because they have the perfect ratio of crunchy crust to moist interior and that it has such a reputation that even country bumpkins travel to the city to buy it.  Huey smiles wryly and says that they are those country bumpkins, which causes Dalian to huff angrily and stomp on Huey’s feet.  Once they’re finally able to get to the counter, Huey purchases twenty of the buns per Dalian’s orders and asks Dalian if she really plans to eat all of them herself.  Dalian smiles and tells him of course not; she’ll allow him to have one bite.

Unfortunately for Dalian, it doesn’t appear that she’ll be able to go home and eat her buns anytime soon.  As soon as Huey picks up the bag, a young girl pushes her way through the crowd and pauses when he sees Huey.  She runs up to him and sniffs him before saying that he smells like he’s a good person (which is just weird).  She then asks him for help because she’s being followed by someone (insert several men running into the bakery shouting “Ojou-sama!” here) and she panics when the men get too close to her.  In an attempt to get away, she snatches the bag from Huey and dashes through the crowd, but trips and falls, spilling all of the buns on the floor, much to Dalian’s horror.  Fast forward a bit and we see Huey and Dalian sitting in a rather lavish office full of perfume bottles with a large tray of the same buns that were dropped on the floor.  Turns out, the girl Fiona that stole Dalian’s buns is actually the president of a company that creates perfumes.  Her father has replaced Dalian’s buns – which she’s busy munching on – and informs Huey that his grandfather had a book that’s been passed down for generations that tells them how to create the perfumes.  Huey asks what the book says and the man admits that he was never able to read the book, but his daughter Fiona was able to.  Huey and Dalian realize that it’s a Phantom Book, though it seems harmless enough.  However, when Fiona’s father gets word that the Paduak group has come to have a meeting with him, Huey becomes instantly concerned and/or wary of the situation.  As Fiona’s father is about to say goodbye, Huey asks if he could see his daughter one more time, since he has a few questions for her.


While being escorted to the small cottage where Fiona lives and works on her perfume, Dalian asks Huey what the Paduak group is and Huey tells her that the group is a well-known underground crime syndicate.  Turns out, not only do they commit major crimes, but they also deal drugs like opium, which is a pretty big problem.  They finally arrive at the cottage and are greeted by Fiona, who promises the man her father sent that she won’t run away ever again and wants the key to her home back.  The man finally relents and Fiona shows them to her laboratory.  Huey is quite impressed, though Dalian doesn’t seem to be.  Fiona mentions that she heard her father bought them enough buns to pay them back for the ones she dropped in the bakery and Dalian says yes, but she already ate them all.  Fiona sniffs her and says that she smells a lie before snatching a small parcel from Dalian’s hand and munching on the last bun (Dalian is too flabbergasted to do anything).  Huey and Dalian poke around the laboratory while Fiona tells them about how she’s the head perfume creator, but she’s worried about the fact that her father only seems to want to make money.  Huey puts two and two together and asks if that was why she ran away that morning and she says that it was.  Before more can be said, someone knocks on the door which startles Fiona and puts Huey on edge.  Fiona goes to answer the door and is almost accosted by a man who appears to be suffering major withdrawal symptoms from some sort of drug.  Huey jumps in front of Fiona and demands to know why the man is here, but the man ignores him and instead begs Fiona for more Relic and even pulls out a handful of money.  Fiona is terrified and asks the man how he found out about Relic and when he says the Paduak group told him where he could get more of it, Huey makes the comment that the very same group is in a meeting with her father.  Frantic, Fiona hurries past Huey and the man to rush to her father’s office.  Huey disregards the man and hurries after Fiona, Dalian hot on his heels.

Once they arrive at the office, Fiona is horrified to find that not only is her father dead, but the leaders from the Paduak group (the two guys we saw at the beginning of the episode) are just chilling in his office.  After a quick conversation, Huey stands in front of Fiona and tells her to run while pointing his trusty gun at the guy who’s obviously high on whatever this Relic stuff is.  Fiona shouts at the guy, saying that Relic is really a narcotic that will cause his nervous system to shut down after using it too much, but the guy doesn’t seem to care too much.  He launches himself at Huey and though Huey puts up a good fight, he’s overpowered even after shooting the guy in the leg.  Turns out, Relic causes your senses to dull – even pain – which allows the guy to continue fighting.  Fiona jumps in front of Huey right when he’s stabbed, taking the blow for him, before throwing a bottle of perfume at the guy which causes every one of his senses to triple in strength.  Soon, the guy is on the floor writhing in pain and Fiona throws another bottle at the leader, which hypnotizes him.  With the two men defeated, Huey lays Fiona on the floor and opens the Bibliothecha with Dalian’s permission in order to retrieve a book that heals all fatal wounds.  Once Fiona’s wounds are healed, she thanks Huey for saving her life before spraying something in his face.  Whatever she sprayed on him causes him to black out and when he awakens, he finds Dalian tied up (Fiona used the man she hypnotized to tie her up) but Dalian has the key to Fiona’s cottage, where the Phantom Book rests in her laboratory.  The duo ignores the cottage and instead knows exactly where Fiona is headed (the Paduak group’s headquarters) and once they arrive, they do indeed find Fiona standing amongst quite a few dead bodies.  Huey approaches her and asks what happened before Fiona admits that the perfume that was their best seller is actually a diluted version of Relic and she never wanted to sell it in the first place, but her father strong-armed her into it.  Turns out, her father also sold Paduak an undiluted sample of Relic, which is why the group came to steal the recipe for it in the first place.  Fiona tearfully tells them that all she wanted to do was to make a perfume that allowed everyone to feel happy that they’re alive, but since she was a failure, she was unable to.  She collapses and Huey catches her before noticing a bullet wound in her side.  Huey asks Dalian if he can heal her again but Dalian says that it’s just a scratch and they’ll take her to a doctor, where she’ll be completely recovered.  Fiona smiles wryly and says that she can smell another lie before saying that she knows a Phantom Book can only save a person from death once.  With that, she quietly passes and both Huey and Dalian mourn for her.  Huey and Dalian head back to the cottage to retrieve the Phantom Book, but find that the cottage is on fire – likely due to the drug addict going insane – but they notice a faintly sweet scent in the air.  In perhaps the oddest coincidence yet, the fire had inadvertently created that very perfume Fiona wanted to create that would cause the wearer to feel happy and glad to be alive.  After a few words, Huey and Dalian head home, likely with Fiona’s death heavy on their hearts.


Opinions:  This was definitely an interesting episode, both because of the girl in the Bibliotheca warning Huey that his soul will be trapped there if he doesn’t leave and because of Fiona.  I’m definitely curious as to why the girl felt so concerned as to warn Huey about that and also about the symbol on his hand.  Maybe he was already chosen to become keeper of one of the yomihimes later in life?  Or maybe it’s a genetic trait to be able to enter the Bibliotheca.  The whole situation with Fiona was sad; she only wanted to make people happy, but because of her father’s desire to make money, her hopes were dashed when the Paduak group showed up.  While it’s probably a damn good thing that the group is no longer running (as far as we know) it was still an incredibly emotional end to Fiona and I loved the fact that both Huey and Dalian were so torn up about it.  But now, crack theory time!  In regards to Flamberge and the girl in the Bibliotheca, are they one in the same?  I did some research and Flamberge has definitely lost her memory and looks a whole helluva lot like the girl in the Bibliotheca, so what if her soul was somehow separated from her body?  It’s just a crack theory of mine, but it definitely has me wondering how the yomihimes are all connected.  Anywho, I’m definitely looking forward to more!

Score: A/A+

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