Continued the story at a good pacing, Good animationAnnoying/abrasive characters, Sometimes the plot was a bit too boring



After seeing the first season of this show and finding out that there was a second one to come out, we were stoked to continue on the story of Elcie and Keima.  We had no idea what to expect this season and we hate to say it, but after the incredible first season, this one was a bit of a let down.


Just like before, this season chronicles the journey of Keima as he is continually thrust into the real world and forced to interact with human beings rather than his games.  The story is pretty much the same; a Loose Soul enters a girl (or host) with some sort of depression or insecurity and Keima is forced to “conquer” said girl and capture the Loose Soul with the assistance of his trusty demon companion, Elice.  Though the story continues on in the same fashion as before, new reoccurring characters are introduced and Keima seems to realize that there’s more to life than games.

We hate to admit it, but this time around the girls that Keima has to conquer were a tad on the bleh side.  Most of them only had one aspect to them (such as being overly excited about things or pushing their beliefs on others) and got to be quite grating and annoying.  Only one girl that Keima conquered was actually interesting and that was the martial artist.  She at least had some sort of depth to her that warranted the Loose Soul to take her as it’s host.  Everyone else felt one-dimensional and didn’t have enough character to them to make the conquest interesting.  The fact that Keima had to conquer a student teacher was interesting at first since it’s the whole student/teacher aspect, but even that got dull and annoying after two episodes.  The new reoccurring character, Haqua, was so obnoxious and pompous throughout the whole series that we just wanted to strangle her until she shut up or turned blue, whichever came first.  While we’re aware she becomes a major part of the plot later on in the series, we sincerely hope that she doesn’t continue being so annoying.  If she remains the same, she could save the whole world for all we care and we’d still want to strangle her.  Otherwise, Keima and Elcie were just as amusing and fun to watch as last season.


In terms of music, they didn’t use a whole lot of new scores, though there were a few here and there.  Overall, much like the plot, it was decent but nothing new or special that really grabbed our attention.  The animation did get a bit of an upgrade, likely due to an increased production budget, but it wasn’t a huge difference.  To be honest, we probably wouldn’t have noticed any change in the animation if someone hadn’t said something about it.  But just as last season, the animation quality was fluid and just as pretty to look at as before.

When we actually got to the plot, like mentioned previously, it proceeded much like the previous season, though it was still fun to watch.  It seemed as though they decided to put in several non-canon filler episodes this season, which is fine, but they were all a bit boring and not much fun to watch.  The whole scene with a century-long war between Keimas was annoying and overall, we didn’t find it relevant to anything that had to do with the series.  Aside from that, most of the episodes were good, solid episodes but failed to capture our attention for the most part.


Overall, the second season of The World God Only Knows was a solid, well put together season.  The girls Keima conquered weren’t up to par with the previous season’s characters and the addition of Haqua took away from the potential love interest Keima may be developing for Elcie (at least, we hope he is).  Given that we were shown hints of the upcoming girls that Keima has to conquer, we can only hope that they will clear it for a third season since the show has incredible potential.  It’s unfortunate that this season didn’t live up to our expectations, but it was still a solid season.  Because of this reason, we’re giving it a solid B grade.


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