It seems that Zero No Tsukaima Season 4 will actually be happening in December 2011 or January 2012. Most Winter 2011-12 Guides are displaying it as so!

Original story:

In a recent bit of news that is probably both surprising and puzzling to many, it has been announced (In the latest issue of Comic Alive Magazine) that the fourth and final season of Zero No Tsukaima will be airing on Tokyo MX in October.

This news will definitely please fans of the franchise looking for some final closure. What is surprising is that this series has been announced for this fall, a time where one of J.C Staff and Kagimiya Rei’s other major franchise, Shakugan no Shana is also airing with its final series.

I guess J.C Staff is really going all out this fall season, bringing in two of their most popular franchises.

Source: Yuzuru.2ch.Net

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  • Hmm well a return of this series should be interesting. Honestly the best way to enjoy this show is to never look at the novels to compare them. Hopefully they do a good job with this.

    • Setsuken

      Agreed on the novels. I personally have avoided them because they’re supposed to be much better than the series (which relies a bit heavily on slapstick).

      I’m curious to see how they end this franchise though! =D

      • Kmccabe95

        novels are waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better and more awesome

  • Chayto

    Hey, I like ZNT quite a lot and I have been searching way too many forums that talk about a 4th season. Most of these forums say that there will NOT be a season 4 due to the time gap between the season 3 and 4, however some threads from 2009/2010 say that there could be a season 4. So… WILL THERE BE A SEASON 4 OR NOT ? (way mixed up)

    • Setsuken

      Zero No Tsukaima Season 4, the final season, is definitely happening. Its just not happening this Fall, but rather bleeding into the Winter 2011-12 Season.

      If you look at: http://www.moetron.com/2011/10/02/winter-2011-12-visual-guide-and-anime-listing/

      You’ll see that Zero on Tsukaima 4 is actually slated for a pending airdate of January 2012.

      So yeah, its happening, just not at the time we originally thought, which was a bit weird anyway since Shana III is going to be airing this season, and it doesn’t make sense for the two to start at the same time XD

  • Chayto

    Oh men really helpfull, I simply CANNOT wait for a romantic moment between Siato and Louise, which is interrupted way too many times during season 3. Ty for insta-reply.

    Brb dreaming of ZnT season 4. 😉

  • chris

    ahhhh i cant wait to watch this anime again ^_^ i love it and about the comparing them there wasnt much of a novel to start with the anime went ahead of the manga. but i hope that they keep following from where they left off in the 3 season and not change into sumthing else in the 4 season.

  • Kstangcora

    season 4 already came out and its
    called zero n tsukaima f
    1-3 already came out but the person who made the anime is working on ep 4

  • Chi

    hoping there are more episodes than the past seasons 🙂

  • alex antonio

    wheres episode 12, I can’t find it anywhere?