Summary Key Points:

Episode 06:


  • ┬áRingo’s determined to spend the ‘first night’ with Tabuki (and mentions something about Project M)
  • Kanba goes to visit Ms.Red Heels but she doesn’t remember who he is (and he finds a used ‘shell’ from Natsume’s slingshot gun)
  • Ringo warns Shouma to not try to sneak a peek at her dairy or sneak it away because Project M MUST succeed!
  • Shouma winds up being Ringo’s pack mule and takes all her stuff….to Tabuki’s place (outside the apartment, not inside) just so that he can borrow her dairy later
  • Kanba meets up with two girls who he suspects have sent him a suspicious email but they say that they didnt send him any email
  • Natsume is observing the conversation from afar and uses her super slingshot to hit both girls, smack on the forehead
  • Kanba watches in shock as the ball kinda…explodes? without really harming the girls but when they gain consciousness, they dont recognize Kanba
  • While Kanba is going through his ordeal, Shouma has to deal with Ringo and her brand of stalker crazy T_T WHO has developed a fever and attempts to kiss Kanb while being veeeeeery….touchy feeling in the wrong way
  • Thats when Ringo’s mom comes home and finds the two in quite the compromising position. While pushing Ringo away, Shouma notes that Ringo has a fever
  • Flashback of Ringo when she was young and she over hears her parents arguing about Ringo’s older sister, Momoka (and how they should love Ringo and not dwell on Momoka, who has died 5 years prior, in the flashback)
  • Young!Ringo thinks that if she could be Momoka then her family won’t split up…right?
  • Tabuki apparently used to be Momoka’s friend (to the point that she used to be his everything when they were kids) and she helped changed his perspective of the world
  • The diary which Ringo is following used to be Momokas (and what the HELL is that girl doing with that Death Note XD)
  • A line from the diary “Write down the world’s fate here. When the future written here becomes true, everything precious to me will become ‘eternal’.”
  • Ringo’s mom recognizes Shouma’s last name but doesnt explain how she knows and teases Shouma bout going out with Ringo
  • She also tells Shouma bout how Momoka used to be in the same grade as Tabuki and how she passed away a long time away
  • In her feverish state, Ringo thinks that she has to become Momoka (which is her destiny) and once she becomes one with Momoka, everything precious to her will return
  • Penguin! Himari calls Shouma to her and tells him to let ‘destiny’ work out and then snatch the Penguin Drum. Let Ringo do whatever and sends Shouma down the tube! Exit, stage….down.
  • Kanba stares in worried confusion at the now white penguin ball and how the girls didnt remember him after being hit
  • Ringo’s mom bids her daughter goodnight…BUT Ringo had stuffed her bed and makes her way to Tabuki’s house…or underneath it…wait, why is she cooking underneath the house?! FIRE HAZARD MUCH! Fever, crazy and all, Ringo goes to sleep underneath Tabuki’s apartment.
  • So em…apparently Tabuki and Momoka were supposed to be together and Ringos all “I’ll become Momoka and the frozen ring of fate shall move again and when the written future comes true, things precious to me will becomes eternal”
  • Natsume, meanwhile, reports to someone that everything is going according to plan and Fate is on their side
  • Project M shall start soon AND THERE’S A FOURTH PENGUIN AND SHES BLACK!


Score: A/A+

Well that was quite the interesting revelation. I never really expected that something like that would be in Ringo’s past. Doesn’t make her any less crazy but it does add more credence to her. Though now I think shes more of a crazy with a cause rather than just a plain ole crazy. Makes her a bit more bearable in my eyes. But still kinda butt loads of crazy and not REALLY likable. I can’t really like a girl who’d slap a guy like Shouma T_T Yes I’m sweet on Shouma and that won’t be changing any time soon.

So yeah…Momoka. Things just got a shit load more confusing. So she was the one who wrote in the diary when she….I guess she was around maybe between 8 and 11? But she died…what are the odds that she died on the night when Himari was really ill with that fever? Or maybe it was a bike related accident? Or a tragic car accident? Or an illness? But y’ know…I still kinda don’t wholly buy whats written in that dairy regarding Tabuki. I mean, if Tabuki and Momoka were really meant to be, then Momka wouldnt be dead right? . . . . maybe that implies that maybe Tabuki and Ringo were fated to be together? hmmmmmm.

Ringo’s belief that her family will be complete were she to become Momoka is….disturbing. I mean, no kid should have thoughts like that! Doesnt that kinda imply a total lack of self worth if you think that you’re better of being your sibling rather than yourself? :Ia That’s really NOT kool. Plus, Ringo’s whole..err approach lets call it, its just..kinda whacked in my head. You can’t really replace people like that….Ringo can never really be Momoka or take her place in Tabuki’s heart. Well, nothing short of an absolute and complete miracle where there’s no more Ringo or she pulls a union of some sorts. Plus, Ringo’s take and application of Momoka’s …. prophecies is kinda really…well, broad innit? I wonder if what she’s doing is enough for her (or Momoka’s?) mission to come true.

Could it be that the M in Project M stands for Momoka? . . . naaaaaaaa. At least I’m glad that the M DIDNT stand for Marriage. Could it be masochistic? *gets bricked*

Natsume’s clearly working for a more proper organization…could she have been reporting to Yuri? :O And Fate is on their side? AND NATSUME HAS HER OWN PENGUIN?! But why is it black…is that significant or not? And WHERE did she get that memory modifying slingshot gun anyways? I want one for Christmas! I wonder how it works too….clearly it wipe away the memories/existence of a person within the hit-person’s memories…I wonder if you can erase more stuff.

No.2 now loves mayonnaise…I wonder if he’s somehow related to Kotetsu. Now i want to see a crossover where Kotetsu can see the penguins and he bonds with No.2…..

Oh poor Shouma. Having to be a pack mule for the day just to borrow the diary. NOT TO MENTION having to put up with Ringo’s crazy attack. I mean DEAR GOD THAT WAS CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY. I mean the panting and the attempting to kiss and just a;lsdhboasda so uncomfortable and just….aishdoiahda AWKWARD.

And THAT GIRL JUST WANTS TO DIE T_T I mean, she has a high fever and shes sleeping underneath an apartment AND SHES GOT A HIGH FEVER. Dear GOD, shes got a death wish of the worst order. I Just do NOT get this girl’s logic. I mean, I GET that the whole logic where she wants to become her sister and let her precious things become ‘eternal’ (WHAT THE FRAK does that mean anyways? That someone she loves is gonna come back to life? By someone I of course mean Momoka herself….But what on EARTH does that cryptic ass line mean?) but is that really worth THIS much trouble? I mean, she could die if she doesnt properly treat her fever. If she dies…well thats the end of THAT story. Come on Shouma…save her (worthless) ass. AGAIN. T_T

Oh that CRAZY nod to Death Note had me in STITCHES. What on earth is that girl doing with a note like DeathNote on her desk XD THAT’D be the craziest crossover…and veeeeeeeery very dangerous ­čśŤ

It was interesting that Ringo’s mom seemed to recognize the Takakura name. Perhaps she was friends with the sibling’s parents? Hmmmm it wouldnt be TOO crazy to assume that all of the kids are somehow y’ know…linked together. 6 degrees of separation and all that. WHICH reminds me. WHAT is up with Natsume’s grudge(?) against Kanba? She wants to take him out then well..there ARE better ways. Like y’ know…actually taking him out. But whats with this….crazy approach to drive him crazy. Could it be a personal grudge that just happens to factor in with the overall, bigger goals? Maybe Kanba played her like he did other girls and Natsume’s a chick who can hold a grudge for a long while!

It was interesting that the penguin spirit was okay with Ringo going through with whatever her plans were. I’d have thought that she wouldn’t want whatever Ringo planned to go through. Interesting….very interesting.

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