The opening was stunning! I loved how they took the song from the episode beforehand and used The Sketch Book as the theme. It’d be wonderful if they stuck with this opening <3 The pace of the song just pumps me up! I absolutely love it! Also… blushing Tsubaki = <3

And the thing to ruin it was the annoying teacher from the Genesis episode. This time, there is another game that he’s brought to the Sketdan: Hyperion. But only men can only appreciate it so Himeko is out… not! Himeko’s not going to be left out! She won’t stand it so she joins along too~ (plus it looks like the game needed a 4th person anyway XD) Although, Himeko didn’t seem to connect with the game as well as Bossun and Switch. I laughed when sexy music played as Switch was feeling the board XD

This Hyperion game is supposed to be similar to Shougi. I think that’s the game they play in Shion no Ou… maybe. The pieces are all weird though! The silver and gold generals are the iron and shoe from Monopoly! XD And I think the truck is from the game of Life XD the pegs on the truck are supposed to symbolize the parent and children, right? XD The OL combines with the Tequila to make OTL XD All of those cutscenes gave serious drama to the game XD It was a lot of fun to see something like that though XD

In the end, Himeko never felt the Hyperhythm that the other three felt. Although I think it has to do more with Himeko’s character rather than her being a girl. The Hyperhythm ran out soon for Bossun and Switch after they came to their senses at the Hyperion tournament. Well, at least the soldier had a happy ending 🙂

And speaking of endings~ they used the other song The Sketch Book performed for the ending. Oh~ Bossun singing = <3


Score: B+ / A+



The Sketdan are going to have an interview but Bossun’s hair is way too long! No fear, Himeko is here!… Actually there is a need to be very afraid! I actually was expecting Himeko to do a nice job while making it a cute Bossun x Himeko moment but my expectations were quickly flushed down the toilet. Although the first half was quite repetitive, I found it extremely hilarious! I always laughed when hair would suddenly start to grow because of the Tocolotion 10 XD Poor Bossun XD I really wonder if it’s actually possible for someone to mess up so badly while cutting hair.

Bossun ended up with a humongous afro for the interview pic XD So now he’ll be wide-known for his hair instead XD

That pic was on the front page of the newspaper… and guess who happened to see it~ it’s my favorite character! Tsubaki! He was so upset that Sketdan was on the cover and that they broke a light… and ruined the flower beds… At least they weren’t responsible for the door that Daisey broke XD

I just realized from his screaming this episode that his voice is shared by Keima from Kami nomi and Akihisa from Baka to Test. I <3 him more now. <3 <3

It was refreshing to take a break and see the seitokai as they get into a predicament XD I’m sure everyone was just sending waves of hate to their president XD Oh, Tsubaki~ he was getting teased to the point where he said he’ll resign as vice-president… aww~ my Tsubaki began to cry! I wanted to jump into the anime and give him a hug <3

Since the seitokai could not remove the markings off the bust no matter what they tried, they eventually had to resort to keeping the principal from seeing it. Tsubaki’s side-stepping competition was a cute idea but that didn’t work. Daisey tried resorting to violence but was quickly held back and then the prez had no choice but to throw the cake at him which knocked him out XD Luckily, they were able to replace the bust with the impression that was left on the cake. Even the seitokai run into difficult problems XD

The seitokai half of the episode was definitely more enjoyable than Sketdan’s. I think it was mostly because you always see the Sketdan get themselves into some problem and you usually see the seitokai more as the Sketdan’s rival or something like that. So seeing the seitokai get into a problem that you’d think the Sketdan would get into was pretty fun 🙂 It’d be nice if they do episodes from other characters’ perspectives.


Score: A / A+

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