Everyone’s in on the rock’n’roll festival! Most especially the principal XD Even the Sketdan bring out their musical talents! Himeko is on the guitar, Switch on the drums, and Bossun… well, you know how Bossun is XD Bossun’s talent lies in drawing, not very interesting for a main character according to Switch. This episode reminded me instantly about K-on! Even more so after Bossun seemed to have a hidden talent for the guitar, just like Yui. Of course, after Bossun is good enough to be in a band he begins to act full of himself XD his English was hilarious btw XD

The whole bit with Sugisaki was adorable <3 It’d be insanely cute if she gave him a kiss on the cheek or something like that <3 <3

Since it seems like Yabasawa ran out on Himeko, it may eventually lead up to the Sketdan forming a band together. Roman could do the singing XD

I think Tsubaki is becoming my favorite character. I really despised him at first for getting in the way of Sketdan but, little by little, I found myself liking him more and more. Although he complains about things at first, he ends up being the one most determined/devoted/pepped up for whatever event the seitokai is handling. I <3 Tsubaki 🙂 that’s why there is a screenie of him <3


Score: A / A+



So it turns out that Himeko is left without a band. EVERY SINGLE ONE except for Himeko got the flu XD And because no actual practice was being done, Switch split from his group. And just like Himeko and I predicted, Bossun’s group withdrew from the festival! So just as I suspected last episode, the three lonely stars got together to form The Sketch Book 🙂

The interaction between Bossun and Sugisaki is just adorable. He was able to read Sugisaki’s nervousness like a kindergarten book. Not only did he notice she wasn’t confident but he also encouraged her and cheered her up. Kyaa~ so cute! <3 After Bossun received the call from his group to hear the terrible news, Sugisaki in turn voiced her feelings about how much she wanted to hear his good bass playing <3 <3

Oh, Tsubaki~ he’s still up to upholding rules, especially when it comes to the Sketdan. I loved how Tsubaki didn’t even know how to take Bossun’s insult about his head being made of super alloy XD Unfortunately for Tsubaki, the seitokai prez gave the okay for The Sketch Book to perform. Too bad he can’t even get the competition he wants with Bossun XD Bossun: “It’s not a competition. I’ve got a person I want to hear us play.” Ooooo~ that person is Sugisaki <3

As for when the actual event… I loved seeing Dante and Roman’s performance along with seeing J-son-sensei doing whatever he was doing was great XD Sketdan’s performance… was amazing <3 <3 I was not expecting to hear Bossun sing! His voice was wonderful and he looked just awesome performing!! The song he sang for Sugisaki moved her tears!! <3 And also gave her the courage to study in Germany 🙂

I want Bossun to sing for me too <3


Score: A+ / A+

Episode 18 and 19 should be up later today. Sorry for the delay~

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