Summary Key Points:

Episode 18:


  •  Barnaby is told about Kriem waking up from her coma and Kotetsuis packing up all his stuff
  • Kotetsu practices telling Barnaby about leaving and meets with the other Heroes mid-practice
  • Kaburagi mama scolds Kotetsu for not telling his partner about his retirement and tells him to get a move on it already cause Kaede’s powers are being..err…spastic
  • Kotetsu is determined to take this chance and tell Barnaby but says that he’ll tell Barnaby later
  • Kriem tells Barnaby about her history and how she meet Jake….and how he saved her
  • And she also reveals that Jake wasnt the culprit because Jake had kidnapped her on the same Christmas Eve!
  • She pulls out the life support system and dies, without giving any more answers to Barnaby
  • Barnaby still believes that it was Jake that he saw (complete with a tattoo on his hand)
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby check through the video of the fights with Jake to find out….Jake’s hand DIDNT have a tattoo on them! D:
  • Barnaby questions his memories and suddenly, the face of the culprit changes! Into the old house maid, Lloyd, Maverick!
  • Mama Kaede calls and scolds Kotetsu for putting off coming home and starts to tell Barnaby that he’s gonna quit…
  • But Barnaby interrupts…(thinking that Kotetsu is asking for early leave to see his daughter who is having trouble with her newly awakened powers)
  • He calls his old nanny and asks her where SHE was on the night of the murder and Kotetsu’s like “HEY HEY HEY WHAT are you doing? You don’t believe HER to be the murderer do you? D:”
  • Utterly confused about who and what he can believe, Barnaby wonders if he should quit being a Hero…
  • Kotetsu loses his chance to tell Barnaby aaaand gets another earful from Kaede for not keeping his word
  • And her power is apparently to copy other NEXT powers



Episode 19:


  •  Kotetsu visits an emo Barnaby at his apartment for dinner (fried rice naturally) cause he’s worried
  • Barnaby’s worried about how he’s seeing different people as the shooter in his memory. And worried is a bit of an understatement
  • The duo go back to the skating rink where Barnaby had been with Mr. Maverick on that fateful Christmas Eve
  • Barnaby has a bit of a mini-meltdown in public (DONT CRY BABY ;A; PLEASE DONT )
  • Kotetsu tells him that he’ll be by Barnaby’s side  and Barnaby passes out
  • Barnaby wakes up but no Kotetsu by his side….
  • ….what the hell you doing on that big tiger robot thing Kotetsu *confused look*
  • Kotetsu apologizes for not being able to come home as soon as he wanted and gets slammed by Kaede…
  • Kotetsu reaffirms that he’s determined to quit being a hero and coming home …. and Barnaby overhears him
  • Barnaby asks Kotetsu to explain the situation and why he’s quitting
  • The younger man doesn’t buy Kotetsu’s explanation and angrily tells him to do whatever he wants and gets mad (like a 5 year old would y’ dig?)
  • Kotetsu slaps Barnaby and Barnaby turns on his 100 powers and jumps away. Much to Kotetsu’s surprise and shock (like he’s not shocked enough that he slapped Barnaby)
  • Barnaby goes to meet Maverick and reveals to him what Kriem told him about Jake and that his memories are being all iffy
  • His old nanny calls Barnaby and tells him that shes remembered something important about that night
  • She reveals that there’s a picture of that day when he went to the skating ring….WITH HER. NOT MAVERICK.
  • I think Barnaby’s parents were working on hero suits :O
  • Apparently, on the night of their death, Maverick met with the Brooks and they…didn’t reach an agreement on some point
  • AND hes a NEXT. YES! HE DOES have mind warping/memory altering powers!



Score: A+/A+

There isn’t a gif in the world to express how I’m feeling after this last episode! I’m just…in a glass case of emotions! Part of me is just screaming and pointing at my screen going “I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT! I WAS RIGHT!” but then theres another part of me going “NO! NO NO NO NO! This has the potential to go bad! SO SO BAD! RUN BARNABY RUN!” and then there’s another part of me thats just curled up in a corner and is bawling her eyes out…I’m just feeling a lot OKAY. Now, pass me that paper bag over there before I possibly hyperventilate or something. And sorry for all the CAPS in advance…There was just a whole lot of things to scream about in this episode….er, episodes.

Okay…okay *takes a deep breath* Lets start with Kriem. WOW but that girl had one hell of a sad history didn’t she? ;_; Poor girl. Being persecuted like that for being a NEXT. But the real kicker was her folks being that….i dunno…callous? that open about their dislike towards her? WOW. I’d have gone nutters way sooner if I had been in Kriem’s position. No wonder she was THAT dedicated to Jake. He really did save her life by telling her the stuff that he did. Interesting that he let her follow her back too….strange guy that one. But poor Kriem man ;__;

AND BARNABY. DEAR GOD. His whole memories being called into question like that? WHOA. JUST WHOOOOOAAAAA. After watching ep 18 I had been ready for one of two things. Either it was a mimic/copy who took on Jake’s form and killed the Brooks OR someone messed with his memories…possibly’s Maverick. and HOLY CRAP DID I SHIT BRICKS WHEN THEY REVEALED THAT IT WAS MAVERICK. I was torn between jumping up and down in my seat, screaming in triumph and just sitting with my jaw hanging to the floor “NO! NOT MAVERICK! D:” It was one HELL of a curveball! BUT WE ALLLLL were guessing that there was something VERY shady about Maverick and by GAR we all guessed it right. And now lets wonder what big evil plan does he have NOW.

Maverick is clearly gonna wipe out Barnaby’s memories again…or well, meddle with them. But what is he gonna do? Wipe away the memory of Kotetsu? Or of the murdered being him? Or just the meeting? Come on man *shakes screen* I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE ALREADY *cries*

AW MAN. Speaking of! When Kotetsu’s talking on the phone and Barnaby overhears him….MAN. That was beautiful. Well played Sunrise, WELL PLAYED. *claps* I was just chuckling and rubbing my hands in glee at that part going “HO HO HO THIS IS MY KINDA ANGST!” and Barnaby’s reaction? Also spot on and well played! Typical reaction if you consider it. He was feeling hurt and his pride overtook his heart and went and blathered on like that and Kotetsu naturally couldnt take hearing that went “SLAP!” like that. FABULOUS really~ Right down to Barnaby activating his 100 powers and jumping away like that. Girly much Barnaby? *snorts* XD

The nanny revealing that SHE was the one who accompanied Barnaby to the skating ring was just….OH DEAR GOD. My mind i think just went “POOF” at that one. “Wait wait if it was HER…then…Maverick…OH FUCK HE DID MESS WITH HIS MEMORIES! D: . . . wait wait i cant say that it was Maverick, we dont know if he did or not….(ten minutes later) HOLY FRAK HE DID D: RUN BARANBY RUN RUN RUN!”

And I read somewhere (oh they’re from /a/) that apparently Maverick is gonna try to blame some murder on Kotetsu or something? Or well in any case, we’re in for some INTENSE next few weeks ;A; I AM NOT SURE IF I’LL BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS OTL ….what am i saying? COURSE i will! *jumps up to her feet* I LOVE drama and angst like this! HELL, I’m very very hoping that Maverick wipes out all memories of Kotetsu so Barnaby doesn’t remember him and is back to being all tsun! Barnaby and just…OOOO that would be SO delicious wouldnt it? :’D Anyways…/a/ also states that Barnaby’s gonna be on Maverick’s side or something and that Kotetsu getting blamed for the murder is part of some bigger strategy by Maverick. And that Karina is the key to Kotetsu and Barnaby mending fences? . . . THREESOME TIEM?! 8D But I think that cause the spoilers are from /a/ we should really take em with a pinch of salt. And didn’t Sunrise say that they won’t be letting out any spoilers for the next eps? Urgh…*ruffles hair* I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK MAN.

And I expect to see some manipulation somewhere of Barnaby with a collar and a chain attached cause of that shot where hes on all fours XD DEAR GOD. Suggestive much?! AND THANK YOU FANDOM. YOU ALWAYS DELIVER IN SPADES!


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