Are you guys still watching No. 6? Well I certainly hope so because plot is thickening next episode!


Episode starts out with Safu’s grandmother enjoying her time in the Twilight House where she is being taken cared of.  Later on, one of the nurses who is shown to be working in the Twilight house ages in an instant and dies out on the streets. Safu is shown enjoying her new life in No. 5 and having a great time with her friends and enjoying here lectures.

Afterwards we are shown a scene concerning Nezumi and Sion. Sion has started to read books to two young kids in the west block. Nezumi tells Sion that he is an idiot for showing acts of kindness. Sion answers back that if that was so, then Nezumi had also shown an act of kindness to the children. Apparently the little to whom Sion was reading a book was wearing the same sweater which Sion had lent Nezumi four years ago. Afterwards Sion asks Nezumi if he can go with him to his work place, wanting to see him act. Nezumi of course refuses and leaves.

The next day Sion is seen washing Inukashi’s dogs while Inukashi is laughing that of course Nezumi wouldn’t want Sion to see him acting. Just then Rikiga shows up and ridicules himself by being afraid of mice. He is there to buy some information off of Inukashi. He wants some info on the mysterious happenings of people instantly ageing and dying in No. 6. Inukashi says that she does not know anything and Sion steps in and tells them the story of how Nezumi saved him from dying because of the bees. Desperate to tell Nezumi, Sion goes with Rikiga to Nezumi’s workplace.

It is finally here that we get a scene with “Eve”, Nezumi’s actor persona. Sion is completely transfixed with Nezumi’s glorious acting. Nezumi manages to spot Sion within the crowd and looks extremely displeased. Just when he regains his composure again and resumes his act, a strong wind blows and he starts to hear a song playing in his head. The same thing is happening to Safu over at No. 5 as she looks at a Bee Mosaic Window in an Art Museum. The two then proceed to faint.

Next up Safu wakes up in an infarmary and is received with the bad news that she will be returning to No. 6 since her grandmother has passed away. Back to the West Block, Nezumi is having a nightmare about bees and drowning in a black liquid while he calls out for her. Finally is desperation, he calls out Sion’s name and Sion saves him. In reality, Sion is screaming Nezumi’s name and Nezumi finally wakes up. Extremely worried, Sion asks him a few question to see if he’s ok. Nezumi is still angry that Sion decided to go see him at the play, accusing him that the “monsters” could have devoured him then and there.

Afterwards Sion explains everything that has happened in No. 6 to Nezumi. Sion was worried that perhaps the same thing had happened to Nezumi. Nezumi tells him that it wasn’t a bee that caused his dizzyness. Nezumi is overwhelmed at the fact that No. 6 is going down because of the virus and proceeds to tell Sion that he will show him how to dance. The two stand up and begin to dance, Sion only following along clumsily. Nezumi praises him, saying that he is much better than he had expected him to be.

After they finish dancing, Sion is extremely tired and asks Nezumi if he was trying to prove that he had better stamnia and physical strength than Sion. Nezumi only smirks and proceeds that it was something like that. Unaware of anything, Sion gently places one of his hands on Nezumi’s neck and proceeds to tell him how scared he was. He says that more than anyone, Nezumi is the one person that he could not bare losing. Nezumi is in shock due to the fact that Sion was so easily able to touch him. Episode ends with Nezumi asking himself who the hell Sion is and how he was able to land a touch on him so easily.


For obvious reasons, my favorite part was the dancing scene. It overflowed with intimacy and gave a vibe of understanding and love.  So far, No. 6 has been great in the department of depicting just how much Sion and Nezumi are extremely close to each other. If you’ve ever read the novels, its pretty much impossible to deny how close and intimate Sion are (leaving BL context aside).

Nezumi and Sion’s relationship makes me envious to a certain degree. Their realtionship is so pure and gentle that it induces jealousy to its peers, since not everyone in the world can manage to cultivate such a close relationship with another individual, regardless of the sex.

Also, I loved Eve so much. Nezumi looks very pretty as a girl and his acting was superb.

Anyway, by the looks of it and of the information I’ve gathered from reading the novel and spoilers, it seems as though the plot finally thickens next episode. So stay tuned!

…Does anybody even read these reviews? xD;;









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