Okay, so the Bossun x Himeko material the episode started out with was absolutely wonderful!  Himeko as Bossun’s wife… Kyaaa~ <3 <3 It immediately reminded me of the scene in the ending with the two of them together <3 Hmm~ I should probably get a fix of  Bossun x Himeko fanarts later <3 Bossun: “Why don’t you and me get hitched 10 years from now?” …Kyaaaa~

Alright, enough with the fangirling XD So, Himeko was about to kill Bossun for joking around but was interrupted by the creepiest teacher in the world: J-son-sensei. For someone as scary as him, it’s only natural that the only way for him to get married is through an omiai… hmm, that sounded a little mean. I’ll apologize now if it seems that mind is just all over the place. I’m feeling really sick and I have a headache so, yeah, my mind is having a hard time keeping a coherent thought. Anyways, J-son-sensei is creepy. He asks the Sketdan for help because all his past omiais have been failures because of his face and his nervousness. His nervousness makes things much worse for him than his face does. Which, he could just use makeup to fix his face up… sure, he’s a guy… but he can put on makeup too… or is that too degrading? XD My boyfriend cowers in fear when I approach him with lip gloss in my hand XD  Finally, J-son-sensei meets for his omiai along with the rest of the Sketdan. This time, his face did not bother the marriage candidate. It was his nervousness that caused him to act super super creepy causing her to bail as soon as possible. So what looked to be a success this time turned out to be a failure.

Oh, btw, that woman was named Omi Aiko -> Omi Ai -> OmiAi -> Omiai… XD Yeah, thought that was a funny thing for them to do.

The Sketdan put their loss behind them and tackled on their next client: Datenshi… or was it Tateishi? I loved how Himeko and Bossun heard 2 different things XD You could even hear it in their voices how close the 2 names sounded to each other. The client’s real name is Date but Sketdan decided to go with the last name he introduced himself as. So their objective was to help Dante find what he lost.. I loved how he barely spoke and when he did speak is what like he was speaking in riddles XD Switch was able to understand a bit and then after Bossun went into concentration mode he was able to piece everything together! Yay! A win for Sketdan!.. Bou bou! wrong again XD The best part about Dante was that he was actually speaking as clear as possible according to Kura. You know, from the opening I was expecting Dante to act all arrogant and snobbish. I’m happy that it turned out differently XD

Shoot, I’m really sick… Every time I wrote “there” I had to go back and fix it to “their.” Every single time… I’ll catch up soon~


Score: A / A+

+Bossun x Himeko

+Datenshi, Tateishi, Date, Dante

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