A summer trip gives Natsume a chance to meet a kind youkai from his past.


This was really a great episode and just a good example of why I love this series. Such a touching story and an ending that leaves you smiling. It was great to see more of Natsume’s past and from a different perspective this time. Getting to see how some youkai might have seen Natsume and their reactions to him. I felt bad for her since back then Natsume just couldn’t respond or understand the feelings of youkai like her. She couldn’t interact with people under no fault of her own and thus couldn’t find a good way to reach out to Natsume at first. Her attempts to try as a cat was mixed of course since some people don’t like cats (sorry I’m a dog person, but I’m not throwing rocks!) It didn’t help anything that from that tree she saw some pretty poor examples of humans. The treatment of Natsume by his fellow children was bad, but also how that woman treated her mother-in-law.

It really was too bad seeing how Natsume’s relatives treated him. Getting taken in by the Fujiwara couple really has been an unbelievable blessing for Natsume. Getting tossed around by people who didn’t want him and thought he was a child who constantly lied had to be horrible. I’d put his childhood up as one of the bad ones. Just cruel treatment by people who isolated an innocent kid. Just getting that coat even though it was more of an apology for saying that kind of thing (with Natsume there) actually made him happy. Probably since he rarely was given anything by those relatives other than cold stares. What can be easily lost as well is that he is an orphan. So he’s not only dealing with everything, but knowing that unlike most kids he has no parents to turn to.

The story told by Touko was an interesting one. It definitely sent the message that no matter how badly things might end it’s important to meet again. The passage of time can change things and help you understand each other. It was the same for Natsume with that youkai and Touko and her childhood friend. In the end both met up with the one they needed to meet.

I was honestly getting nervous as the episode came closer and closer to ending. I thought for a few moments they might only have a passing glance between Natsume and the youkai instead of having them truly meet. As the episode crept closer to the end I was tempted to just skip to the end to find out once and for all. It was a true relief when they met and left me smiling :). Natsume now can respond to her feelings and I’m really glad that he recognized that it was her disguised as a cat from before. I was also pretty glad for the youkai as well since obviously he’s been on her mind and she’s wondered about him ever finding happiness. When one of your last memories is of a kid wishing to be alone that’s just tragic. While they live in different places Natsume can always visit her whenever he wants.

This was really just a great episode. I’d put this as the best episode so far in the third season. A touching episode and one from mostly a youkai point of view.
Score: A+

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