Summary Key Points:


  1. Ringo plans to make her ‘love’ curry for you know who (dear GOD I just wanna SMACK this girl.Tell me I’m not alone in this sentiment….)
  2. *singing* Welcome to Rock n Roll night! Welcome to Rock n Roll fight!
  3. The brothers are still not fully convinced that the Penguin Spirit is keeping Himari alive and she/he/it attempts to convince them
  4. The boys break into Ringo’s apartment looking for the Penguin Drum
  5. While they’re searching the apartment, Ringo comes back and starts making her special love-love curry (that binds her with Tabuki blah blah blah zzzzzzz)
  6. Big curry speech. Me: “Oh GOD just SHUT UP. I’m pretty sure the first food EVER was a burnt as hell steak! GYAH, I HATE girls who are ga-ga, head over heels in love!”
  7. Creepy giggling by Ringo along with the ominous words that the ‘project’ has advanced to the next level and everything is happening as fate accorded it (yeah, RIGHT)
  8. Ringo takes her curry over to Tabuki’s home and imagines that they’ll have a special moment (no, not THAT kind)
  9. BUT TABUKI’S GIRLFRIEND IS OVER DUN DUN DUUUUN. And whoa. WHOA. Shes a BABE. And shes got bazongas~
  11. Guess who flips out internally? Complete with creepy “There’s no way you can understand! The fate that binds me and Tabuki…” (I hope to GOD its gastric medicine)
  12. Tabuki comes home!
  13. Thinking that Tabuki HAS to eat her curry today, Ringo switches the pots and runs out…through the balcony window…without her shoes….
  14. Scary cat shows up in Ringo’s path but Ringo freaks scares it away…and the cat bumps into Himari and San-chan
  15. San-chan and the cat roll down the street fighting over a fish…and bump into Ringo…who gets a face full of curry…*contemplative head tilt* huh…I guess thats karma right there? Didn’t see THAT one coming did you madam Fate and Destiny?
  16. The boys go home, expecting a major lecture from Himari….but find out that Ringo’s in their home and staying for (curry) dinner
  17. On the way back home, Ringo pulls her diary out. And puts a stamp on the entry “I went to Tabuki’s home and ate my homemade curry togeter. Tabuki smiled like a child. I saw a cat, that made an evil look, on the way home. It was scary.”


Score: B/A+

It’s all about curry this week. How curry is the food of love and how it links Tabuki and Ringo together and how I just wanna choke Ringo. Ahem. And also about the boys come to the conclusion that they’ll hafta to do anything in order to save Himari. The only question is just how far they’re willing to go for her sake. And more curry talk. I KNEW I shoulda made myself some curry…and I HAD been craving some too…oh well.

It was also about me trying to stop myself from stabbing Ringo in sheer frustration. I mean…if I hear ONE MORE TIME that her and Tabuki are bound by fate I’m just gonna…flip my shit. I just…HATE 16 year olds who are crazy, made in love with someone. It makes me wanna head desk myself unconscious. I said it last week, i’ll say it again. Ringo calling this fate and destiny and all. Bah. I call bullshit. Anything in that diary which related to Tabuki is complete and utter bullshit. I mean…. “he ate my curry and he was happy” for crying out LOUD. Thats not FATE. Fate would be…….something that is outside her control or circle of influence. Like, bumping into Himari and San-chan while she was going home! Or meeting that girl in Tabuki’s apartment! THAT’S Fate. Can you really call an event to be fated when its YOU who set the dominos up in a certain way and then topple them yourself? Not in my books buddy boy. If she was REALLY able to see the future or whatever, I think she’d have seen eating dinner with the siblings. So yeah…Imma stick with my ’16 year old yandere who is delusional as hell and needs professional help’ theory 😛

Plus, look at that diary entry of that day. It didn’t go fully to what was written. And then WHAT was so special about her curry? and was I the only one who thought “Y’ know…WHAT IF that girl had made…i dunno…what if she had used different meat in the curry? or she didn’t put in carrots? So the minute the couple would have eaten the curry, wouldn’t they have caught on that ‘Hey, this isnt the curry that I/you made’?” *snorts* the fate that binds me to Tabuki my fat ass T_T Major jealous Yandere alert man. While its mean, I hope that Tabuki gets an upset stomach after eating that curry. I dunno why….But WHY was it SOOOO important that Tabuki HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD to eat Ringo’s curry eh? Was there a love potion in it? 😛 I don’t get it. Its like, the only reason she wanted that to happen was so that her own delusions would come true and she could carry on with her idiotic delusions of being together 4evah with Tabuki.

Ringo, have you considered getting professional help? I mean…CONSIDER IT. I mean…saying that your reason for living/ purpose in life is to carry out and make true the things written in that diary….YOU. NEED. HELP. And an intervention. . . and what was up with that toast. No seriously Oo THAT much apple jam with … was that butter? and possibly nutella type thing? Just…URGH 😡 TOO SWEET and WHAT kind of fucking IDJIT picks up a hot pot with their bare hands? I just…AUGH

The penguins…oh dear dear DEAR ME *laughing* Number 1! WHERE on EARTH did you get that lock cutter from?! And i do hope that now you won’t go panty searching no mo’ cause…you might get caught in that sticky mouse trap again. MAN, that was CLASSIC. And oh. my. GOD. Number 2 eating all those umeboshi GYAAAAAA! GOD, the poor guy XD And then San-chan going all gung-ho over the fish? AWESOME~but but! I think the BEST penguin moment HAS to be when everyone is having dinner, including the penguins….EXCEPT number 1. Cause he’s still got that sticky mouse trap stuck on his face. Oh the poor guy XD Other amusing things in this episode! That classic shoujo ‘shock!’ expression that Ringo made when she sees the blonde. PFT. Brilliant, just BRILLIANT. And also, the looks on the boys faces when they come home and find the person they were supposed to trailing in their home.

The way the Penguin Spirit tried to convince the boys. Oh lawdy. Fine, drink the milk you but…was the cow costume completely necessary? XD Also hilarious that the boys were totally “nice illusion there Himari, now lets get back to reality non?” but I feel that the Spirit could have used a stronger method in order to convince the boys. I mean, that moment where the hat falls off felt a bit…flat. And on the other end, there’s Kanba who is going along with the whole thing with…surprising ease. Shouma going along with it with….some hiccups along the way.

Tabuki’s got a girlfriend then eh? and holy SMOKES, shes quite the looker! She’s the girl from the OP aint she? But IS she REALLY Tabuki’s girlfriend? I mean, with the way we saw things you can assume that but you know what they say about assumptions. It wasn’t said straight up that she was his girlfriend. But hey if she is, hot DANG there Tabuki! HOW’D you manage to pull that one off?

Overall this episode was……I can only describe it as curry flavored. It was just curry thing, curry that. And me seriously craving for some made from scratch home made curry OTL

My face way later when I thought about this episode. I mean…What was it REALLY about?
(First person to say ‘curry’ is gonna get a fish tossed their way)

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