Summary Key Points:


  • Short haired girl from episode 1 believes in fate and has a short monologue on the manner (Doesn’t she look like Saki from Eden of the East? :O)
  • Triple lace lingerie is a girls battle gear!
  • Breakfast is interrupted when Himari suddenly puts her penguin hat on
  • The brothers are informed by the Penguin Spirit/thingie to get on a train at 8.10am, wait in the 3rd car by the 2nd door and wait for one Ringo Oginome. She has the Penguin Drum.
  • Probably…
  • The boys are minded that they had to find the Penguin Drum or kiss their sister good bye
  • So the boys wait for Ringo in the train and it gets reallllly crowded (hello morning crowd)
  • Shouma gets accused of groping a girl (when it was actually the penguin at fault. no no the penguin didn’t grope the girl! It just…well when you watch it you’ll get it)
  • Kanba uses flirting skills! They’re super effective! (Can YOU say no to this face?)
  • Kanba tells Shouma to follow Ringo to her (all girls) school as he gets something done
  • Kanba shows up with information on the girls (he knows a girl who’s into hacking) and after naming the penguins ( 1, 2 and 3) he breaks out the duct tape
  • After strapping a camera and a walkie talkie on the penguins, he sends em into Ringo’s class in order to check her stuff
  • Himari gets a call from Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki, the boys homeroom teacher (cause the boys skipped class)
  • Ringo leave school early and the boys follow her, wondering what the hell the Penguin Drum is
  • So they follow Ringo through a mall…but have to stop when she enters a lingerie shop
  • After browsing for a bit, Ringo sneaks out….as it outside the building…as it on a ledge…A VERY SMALL LEDGE….shes on the third floor btw
  • The boys wonder if this is perhaps related to the Penguin Drum but are surprised when she takes a picture of something (instead of doing something related to the Penguin Drum)
  • They follow her again and watch as she waits for someone…who happens to be Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki
  • She shows him a picture of a swallow’s next andKanba quickly realizes that Ringo is in love with Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki
  • Remember that joke in Zetsubo Sensei about a chain of stalkers? We can has that.
  • The penguins are sent in to follow Ringo as she tails Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki
  • Turns out that shes gotten into the vent thats underneath Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki’s house
  • If you suspected it before, its in spades now. Stalker alert! Stalker alert!
  • Ringo pulls a diary out of her bag and….a tad creepily thinks that Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki wont be alone soon…as she’ll always be with him soon enough. He won’t be lonely anymore because…the future is written in that diary.
  • Punctuated with a creepy little giggle, she comments  “Nothing in this world is pointless. I believe in fate” and uses a small stamp with the words “Destiny” (and a … momo? is that a momo?) on the entry


Score: A/A+

Another quirky, interesting, “No really whats going on here please?” episode this week. A good amount of funny, some interesting points to be noted about the brother’s characters (and the penguin’s as well) and then there’s the whole Ringo thing. That was really surprising! I wasn’t expecting it to be anything like that. For a moment I thought that she was more or less like a regular girl in love but her words in the end…SUPER creepy. An interesting episode to be sure! With just enough of a cliffhanger to make you narrow your eyes and go “Alright, what the HELL is going on? You expect me to wait 7 days to find out more? . . . you bastards.”

The penguins provide pretty much most of the comedy and lulz in this episode but Kanba’s SUPER FLIRT ATTACK also was hilarious as hell. It was also the BEST moment in the whole episode. It had me in stitches. It was BRILLIANT.

Absolutely BRILLIANT. And man those penguins. They are win, times three. I gotta say though, number 2 is my favorite. He’s bug spraying EVERYTHING and I’m like “ahahahaha hes bug spraying the SHOE? LOL.” But then again number 1 is also epic XD In the first episode I got the thought that maybe each of the sibling’s penguin’s personality would match their ‘owners’ and man, it looks like they did XD Number 1! The hell you doing in between Ringo’s legs during class?! And then getting that eye full of the tanned girls panties?! LAWD wut you doin you pervy penguin you! Poor number 2 getting stuck in the bag like that *snorts* I found myself going “ku ku” today whenever I did something OTL

And oh my dear LORD, Kanba why were you thinking that the lingerie was the Penguin Drum? I kept thinking that you were doing that to tease poor innocent virginal Shouma XD And then the penguins YET AGAIN steal the show by putting the bra and undewear on. LOL WUT U DOIN U CRAZY PAIR XD And the poor guys being sent out on a ledge and them just getting stuck there. XD

We get to see the girls from the ED in this episode. I guess they arn’t  really characters that we’ll see I suppose :O They’re the show’s mascot I guess cause we see em in the magazine and also in the train in deformed chibi style ne….but hello hello~ there’s the blonde girl too :O Is she an idol or singer or something? Hmmmm interesting.

So….Ringo. In the start I thought that she might be that irritatingly positive typa characters who tends to have a bit of a quirky side. A bit like Minori from Toradora actually! Or like a regular girl in love where she tries to increase the number of interactions with the person she likes but…to THAT extreme? :O That was…scary-creepy. Not to mention insane! I mean, going to THAT length to get a PICTURE of a swallows nest?! WOMAN, YOU COULDA FALLEN AND DIED. YOU WOULDA BEEN SIDEWALK PIZZA IF YOU’D HAVE FALLEN. NOTHING is worth that! But damn, dat girl be CREEPY. Shes…not a yandere is she? I get the feeling she might me. I’ll be here…backing away slowly….cause Yandere kinda scare me … a lot. I blame School Days.

HER DIARY. Is it anything like Destiny’s diaries? (Xmen reference there) where shes written down prophecies and after she writes em they come true? But urgh thats a bit complicated I mean…if what she writes comes true then its not really fate now is it? But that particular entry regarding the day we saw….I was like “wait thats not REALLY foretelling at work. I mean… ‘I found a swallows nest in Ikebukuro and showed it to Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki and he was surprised’…thats something that she can make happen (and DID make happen) with her own abilities and powers. NOT exactly “seeing the future” now is it? I mean, the man’s clearly a bird otaku so NATURALLY he’d be all “OOO WHERED YOU GET THIS PICTURE FROM?” if you show him a picture like that y’ know? I dunno man…

ON THE OTHER HAND, maybe she wrote those entries AGES ago and now is working to make em true. BUT THEN THAT DOESNT MAKE THAT FATE EITHER. I mean, isnt that the classic case of self fulfilling prophecy? OTL She knows the ‘future’ and shes just working to make it come true….yeah its seems more like a total case of self fulfilling prophecy to me. Ugh I dont think I’m making a whole lotta sense with this.

Though I wonder that shes only written down the future regarding herself and Ishida Akira Mr. Tabuki….or has she written more? Is this the Penguin Drum that the Penguin Spirit wants? Or is Ringo a way through which they can track down who has the Penguin Drum? . . .Or maybe shes someone like Chuck (SPN)?Except she doesnt get crippling headaches and doesnt require copious amounts of alcohol (and hasnt published a line of books based on her visions XD)

In any case…the girl is two shakes away from crazy if you ask me. The boys totally need to be VERY careful around her cause I think she WILL go yandere if they make one wrong move. And then everything might pretty much go to Hell in a hand basket. She just strikes me as a huge ball of cray-cray. Handle with extreme care and caution. Next weeks episode should be interesting as well. Make it quirky, make it colorful, make it intriguing. I’m looking forward to it!

So like…can next Friday be here already?

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