I was really excited to see the Tales of Confession game even though I knew in my mind that Sketdan was going to lose. But as the game went on I actually thought that Roman was, in fact, going to win! The story of Edward and Stephanie was amazing XD I think my favorite part in the fantasy Roman created was when the guy took on the role as Edward and continued the final scene with Roman XD Although Roman’s confession was much better by far, the guy decided to go for the seitokai girl. I guess a rich girl suits his taste than feeling actual emotions? Roman definitely should have been the winner. Nonetheless, this loss puts a lot of pressure on Bossun to win his match.

The president really is a nasty person. I don’t like that personality of his… his laugh also gets me upset… I really felt bad for Bossun going up against a person like the president. I felt a lot more sympathy when the president set up the bet between him and Bossun. Putting their positions at stake put even more pressure on Bossun!

I’m guessing the reason they were inside a closed space is because they didn’t want anyone looking at the cards and yelling out hints. Either that or just for concentration issues? Anyways, the card game is very similar to BS so I was able to follow along. The only difference was the presence of the pixie. I have to give it to the seitokai president: putting the pixie down as his first move was really smart. Although that was a great move, it wasn’t so great for Bossun. The seitokai ended up winning and thankfully the bet was only to heighten the gravity of the game. I really thought the anime was going to end because the credits started playing while Bossun was about to resign XD Fortunately, the Sketdan is staying together 🙂


Score: A / A+

+the outcome of PG surprised me

+Bossun is staying in Sketdan

+Edward and Stephanie


-boring seitokai girl won ToC


Now we’re finally done with the tournament but there are still even more competitions! The newspaper club is holding a superlatives poll which Bossun hopes to win the spot for No. 1 Popular XD But his family sees right through, they know he is not popular as he thinks he is XD

So the client this week aims to become popular. Problem is that Uchida’s actually very quiet and turns out to be a crybaby. Luckily for him, the Sketdan try different methods for Uchida. First off, Himeko comes up with the idea that faking a battle to make Uchida look strong would make him instantly No. 1 Strong. Who other than Shinzou to ask for a task? Actually, I thought having a battle between Uchida and Himeko would have a better impact but I think Himeko would not want to damge her rep by losing to a weakling. Well, this tactic did not work because Shinzou was way too dramatic XD Shinzou should look to take up some period drama acting XD

Next up, Switch suggest that Uchida should just become a source of anime information to take the No. 1 Otaku spot. They held an otaku broadcast but the entire broadcast was used up by an argument Switch and some otaku were having. Uchida is way too shy and even if he read up on some anime info that’s not enough to make him feel comfortable with the subject so I knew for sure this couldn’t work. Realizing this, Bossun tells Uchida that he should focus on something he’s much more comfortable with like his favorite subject: geography. Sadly, I think Uchida would have been able to answer if the teacher gave it a bit more time.

So everything gets all serious when we find out that Uchida’s mother is in the hospital! The true reason for wanting a medal also surfaces. He doesn’t want his mother to worry about things going on at school so he thought getting a medal would prove it to her. I honestly thought Uchida wasn’t going to get a medal and so his mom was going to comfort him and tell him that he doesn’t need any medals… well, he ended up getting the No. 1 Kind medal! Quiet kids are usually like that, aren’t they? They’re the ones who tend to the flowers and blah. Like Sayako from Kimi ni Todoke. Yeah, they’re usually like that… unless you’re quiet and isolated just because you’re caught in the world of games like Keima.

There was a turn of events and Uchida won his medal. Switch and Himeko also won medals too! Switch won No. 1 Popular and Otaku and Himeko won No. 1 Strong. Unfortunately for Bossun, he’s crying at the end of this episode too because he didn’t win anything 🙁


Score: A / A+

+Bossun’s mother knows… she just knows

+crybaby Bossun is cute too

-otaku guy is annoying

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