Uta no Prince-sama is this season’s reverse Harem.  The story follows Nanami Haruka as she works to become a great producer of music, while being paired with 1 of 6 potentially awesome guys. Interested?  Read on…


Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%

: A-1 Studios


Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo, Harem Length: 12 episodes

Airing on
: Saturdays

Channel:Tokyo MX/Gunma TV/Tochigi TV

Simulcast on: Niconico

Impression Meter: 60% 

Blog Possibility: 50%


Sweety8587: (Impressions: Not Bad)

I will not rage about how A-1 is the most biased SOB in the industry I wont I wont I wont. Or I’ll bitch about that later…on my tumblr….or lj… I’ll try to remember that too. I suppose it’ll be easy. SO MANY PRETTY BOYS TO OGLE. Bless you Mitsue Mori for taking Chinatsu Kurahana’s art style AND KEEPING IT. Holy smokes HNNNGH I CAN ALMOST PRETEND ITS THE NITRO+CHIRAL BOYS <3 Hey looks there’s Toki and Shiki  and…I’ll shut up now. So…another reverse harem eh? *sighs* I’ll try to sit through it if only cause its got nice animation but dear GOD don’t end up like La Corda PLEASE I beg of you. *TING* MOTHERFU- ITS GOT JUNICHI SUWABE IN IT. (And Kenichi! And Miyano!) *settles in* I’ll attempt to trudge through the series for those there. Though I dont think I’ll last past the 6th ep. I hate the girls eyes though…half of me wants to shudder, the half of me is like “OH LEMON FLAVORED LOZENGES!”

Crii: (Impressions: Okay)

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of reverse Harems because of one important thing: The female lead is always a wussy/naive/goody two shoes girl that I can’t stand.  Uta No Prince-Sama is not the exception.  While some of the aspects of the show managed to appeal to me (such as the pretty boys and the headmaster´s silly antics) everything else about the show just screamed “bland” at me.  In terms of animation I give it a 9/10 but the plot is somewhat lacking.  I will give it a few more episodes to make a solid impression on it though.  I’m always up for bishounens, but they really aren’t enough to keep me watching a show if the plot is bad.

Hanon: (Impressions: Great)

When I first passed by this show on a blog’s preview, I literally just passed it. I continued on looking at the other animes until I finally decided to watch the trailer. I wasn’t expecting much because I remember watching Angelique… a terrible reverse harem.  After a bit into the preview I began to focus my attention on it. Why? Well, I heard these wonderful boys singing to me! Their voices just captured me and I told myself I’m definitely watching the 1st episode even if the girl’s eyes are sorta creepy. The first episode turned out to be much better than I expected in terms of animation, characters, and plot (pretty much everything). I was really stunned with how well the dance animation was at the start of the episode! I’m actually really looking forward to the next episodes! I definitely think this first episode would be an A+ in my book. The only complaint I have is that at some instances the colors seemed too bright. But that’s easily overlooked.

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