Another Ecchi harem show joins the the ranks of an already over crowded genre? Girls cross dressing as butlers, a guy with a nosebleed problem. Is it any good? Read on…


Mayo Chiki

: Feel


High school, cross dressing, harem, maids Length: 12 episodes

Airing on
: ThursdaysChannel: TBSSimulcast on: N/A

Impression Meter Meter: 5%

Blog Possibility: 1% (EXTREMELY LOW)


Sweety8587: (Impressions: Bad)

…..this show kinda sounded better in concept rather than application. Okay so the butler girl is kick ass and I dig her but…I dig her as the butler character and not her being girly. Though the S ojou-sama was….interesting. I couldnt help but think “AAAAAAAAH ITS MARIA’S RELATIVE” Does that make this poor lad Kanako? Without the whole lesbian and nosebleeding bit? Though overall….I found myself getting bored within the first episode. It was just very….cliched? Over done? Not up my alley all together.

Crii: (Impressions: Bad)

Clichéd animes are clichéd.  Nothing one can do about that.  I’m honestly kind of a picky person when it comes to animes so I’m greatly displeased easily.  The first episode started out great, with the female lead being kickass which left me wide eyed at wanting for more.  But as the episode progressed, I just found myself facepalming.  While I do agree the clichés can work wonders if executed correctly, Mayo Chika didn’t manage to reel me in.   I read a bit further in the manga and found myself liking it less and less.  While I’m always up for Gender Bender (Who can ever forget the lovely Charlotte Dunois from IS?), I just didn´t really think much of this episode.  I will give it a try though, watch a few more episodes before deciding to keep on following or just dropping it.

Nagicakes: (Impressions: Okay

While the whole point of this show is incredibly cliched, sometimes cliched can work.  But only if it’s done right.  I loved the animation style for this show and even the voice acting.  The fact that the female lead is quite the BAMF at first surprised me, but made me interested too.  However, once the soujou-sama entered the picture and uh, her obvious kinks started coming into play, I was flabbergasted.  Overall, it was a decent episode, but not great.  I’m undecided as to whether I’ll continue watching it or not, since I did enjoy the animation.  I suppose I’ll have to watch a few more episodes before I make my final decision.

Setsuken: (Impressions: ARGH!)

Not digging it man, not digging it at all. This is the “fanservice” ecchi, harem show of the season. These tend to pop up every season, and they’re getting progressively more stale and boring each progressive season. The series really tried to create some sort of hook, but a very manly sounding, cross dressing maid and a guy with nose bleeds is so cliche and boring and dull. This is one of those series where none of the characters have even remotely aroused (you see what I did there? XD) any interest.

My lame puns are pretty lame, but this Anime is worse. So yeah, pass…

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