HAHA I DID manage to watch T&B and now I get to review it too! WOOHOO~ LETS GO~ AND AGAIN, LETS GO~

Summary Key Points:


  • Keith named his dog ‘John’. That’s surprisingly normal….I was expecting Peanut Butter…or Dog…or Duck XD
  • Keith is down in the dumps at being 2nd in the Hero rankings and the company president is putting the pressure on him
  • Kotetsu’s all fired up bout his HYPER 100 Powers
  • Keith meets a mysterious pretty lady in the park while walking John
  • Barnaby owes me a new keyboard cause he CAUSED my MASSIVE nosebleed thanks to that….that….*holds trembling finger up at the swimsuit shoot* blood ALL OVER MY LAPTOP
  • Kotetsu looks FABULOUS with that inflatable tube *snorts*
  • T&B duo are focused more on being on shows etc rather than being heroes.People they admire most: Tiger (Mr. Legend), Barnaby (his parents because they wanted to create a robot who would help people)
  • Keith’s night job is patrolling the city at night
  • Keith admits that he’s having love troubles and the girls give him love advice (run for the hills man XD)
  • Love advice, not a success
  • There’s a crime occurring but the duo doesn’t get a call. Kotetsu is not pleased at all.
  • Dragon Kid brings the guy down and Keith….crashed head first into a wall. I’m not kiddin.
  • Keith admits to being off his game to his crush. That hes afraid of not meeting people’s expectations and hes scared of failing like he did when fighting Jake.
  • But the conversation helps bring some confidence back to Keith
  • The girl (Keith’s crush), Cis gets picked up by a strange guy and then her pupils turn red (oooooo~) when she sees a huge billboard of Tiger & Bunny
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby are driving back when a giant billboard crashes into their path
  • Cis is doin one HELL of a job on T&B’s billboard
  • The duo try to take down Cis thinking that shes a power-type NEXT but half way during the fight, they realize that shes an android!
  • While Kotetsu fights Cis, Barnaby talks with the strange guy…WHO HAPPENED TO WORK WITH HIS PARENTS! (DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN!)
  • Crazy scientist guy thinks that androids will replace NEXT and has been working to create the best android EVAH. Result: Cis. Just that she’s kinda malfunctioning a bit cause of being hit by a lightening strike. She sees anything related to Heroes, she goes into Battle Mode.
  • Hey guess what~ Rotwang, crazy scientist guy, used Barnaby’s parents work and built on it in order to create Cis. Barnaby is not pleased.
  • Kotetsu’s powers, yet again, run out before the 5 minutes are up!
  • Barnaby jumps after the flying android but can’t catch up!
  • Sky High comes in and takes over and after a struggle (and taking confidence from his talk with Cis in the park) manages to destroy the android
  • So Keith’s back to normal but Kotetsu’s worried over his powers
  • Barnaby feels shocked and angry that his parents research and dreams regarding androids were tainted by Rotwang
  • Keith tells them to cheer up and tells the others that he’s gonna go to thank Cis.
  • On the way to the park, he buys a huge bouquet of flowers and runs to the park. He sits down on the empty bench…and waits
  • Kotetsu’s old manager calls him out to talk…(cause he heard Kotetsu describe on a radio show that his powers were hyped up)
  • It’s not good news. As expected. But given my severely limited Japanese skills….I totally can’t make complete sense of what manager-san told Kotetsu. But clearly…its BAD news. I THINK he says that when a NEXT’s powers go into that …. over charged mode, its a sign that they’ll lose their powers soon? Or something like that? IDK. Kotetsu’s powers could be declining. Its not often but some NEXT lose their powers and before they do, their powers get a sudden boost. Kotetsu is freaked.


Score: A/A+

Completely and thoroughly enjoyable. I got more than what I was expecting out of this weeks episode and that pleases me GREATLY. I was thinking that it’d be more drama but nope, nope~ I was happy to be wrong. Some good revelations and just…Keith focus, I love it <3 I love that we saw a much more serious and sober side of Keith. But at the same time, I was so very happy to see regular happy Keith back. Thats the way he’s supposed to be. Happy, cheerful and always ‘genki’ and ‘sawayaka’

I’d like to fangirl first. HOLY MOTHER OF CHEESEBALLS ON STICKS OF WOOD THAT PHOTOSHOOT ALKSNDLAKSBDAISHDALSKNDASJD!!! BARNABY you…you…. *splutters and turns red* I…just..asldhasd *flails* you owe me a new keyboard man! Thanks to that…that…..lewd display shoot, i had one HELL of a massive nosebleed! ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD. I want a new keyboard. Show of hands, how many ladies SWOONED over that body! *raises both hands* holy HELL that was HAAAAAAAAWT *fans self* I was expecting Kotetsu to have a similar thing..but THAT swimsuit that he got….aw man. I’m sorry Kotetsu baby but that was just SO YOU XD Inflatable tube AND ALL. *runs away laughing* IT WAS BRILLIANT. *tips hat to Sunrise* I thank you for the massive fanservice~ But! *whines* Kotetsu in THAT vintage swimsuit? *mumbles* he woulda looked just as hot in speedos…hes got a great body! SHOW US SOME SKIN K PLZ THNX

Right…so…John. I had to blink and go “wow…thats…very…normal. Okay….my perspective on Sky High…just got adjusted with JUST THAT little detail.” I think I would loved it more if the dog had a bit of a more…sillier name. Like Peanut Butter (WHAT? I LOVED that fanfic o3o ) but yeah…John…..give me some time to adjust to this.

Keith falling in love like that? I find it kinda adorable. Love at first sight *pats Keith’s head* That kinda sounds like you <3 Moe moe man that you are! His whole…completely adorable and fudged up attempts to use the girls advice was ADORABLE. ESPECIALLY when tried Karina’s skin ship advice…and John licks his hand. OH POOR BABY *attempts to hold her laughter back* Y U SO CUTE? But man…the ending….tragic, oh so tragic. ;__; I hope Keith never realizes that he killed the girl he liked….that’d just break his heart. But the thought of him just SITTING there on that bench with those flowers and waiting for a person who would never show up…uwuuuuuu ;_; pass me the tissues please.

Kotetsu and Barnaby act more and more like a married couple in this episode. Barnaby fretting slightly over Kotetsu working out too much, half scolding him about that too. Keeping their schedule with him. Being all waifu when Kotetsu’s all “no really, my powers DID increase or something! I went baaam! and boom!” and Barnaby’s all “yes yes thats nice dear” XD But my dear Barnaby, when your husbando is being pounded into the wall by the android…Y U NO RUN TO HIS HELP D: Y U JUST STAND THERE TALKIN TO RED NOSED SCIENTIST GUY?! *shakes him hard* THATS NOT KOOL AT ALL D: But man, show of hands AGAIN. WHO loved it when the duo sprang into action together? TOTALLY IN SYNC THESE TWO. I’m lovin it~

I love that cleaning product ad btw. Oh yes, I know I wanna buy it now *snorts* XD

Red nose guy…whose name escapes me but I know it started with an R but I can’t be bothered to go back and double check – interesting~ so he worked with Barnaby’s parents eh? *taps fingers together* interesting interesting~ now ‘m suddenly wondering what is the current status of the other people in that picture that Barnaby has of his parents and their colleagues. I’m just curious how many of em are still alive. I’m very interested in where Barnaby’s parents and their work plot is gonna lead to. This is gonna be very interesting. I hope we are told the real reason why his parents were offed through this. Could it be that Ouroborus approached the Brooks to use their knowledge and androids and develop them as war robots rather than helping androids? The Brooks refused because it was against their dream, the higher ups in the Ouroborous got pissed and wham, took the couple out? Pure speculation.

Kotetsu’s powers…..we knew it was gonna be bad but….I think it might be worse than what we were expecting. Part of me thinks that perhaps what Kotetsu is going through might be a ‘natural’ step in being a NEXT but the manager’s sudden reaction when he heard Kotetsu on the radio IMMEDIATELY made my brain go “Medical testing? Was Kotetsu tested with some weird drug and thats why his powers are being screwy? Urgh, need the subs asap man ;___; So he could be losing his powers? aw JEEZ. That…not kool. Just…crap crap crap. I really hope that its not that and its an evolution in his powers rather than a devolution. The guy said MAYBE its that…..i can hope? Or is this just denial…I think its mostly denial….

This episode tells us that Barnaby’s had his powers since he was 2, Keith when he was 18 and now I’m just tearing my hair out in confusion over how NEXT powers are developed. Clearly you are born with these abilities so does that mean there’s a NEXT gene? What causes NEXT powers to awaken? Why do some NEXT powers awaken late or early? Uguuuuu this is gonna bug me SO HARD.

The girls love advice. O. LOL. I’ll be laughing forever and ever.

IN HAPPIER NEWS, I think we can expect a beach episode? Someone posted this little magazine snippet on this blog on tumblr, where…one of the staff…or I dont remember who said it actually, commented that we’ll be able to see the heroes in swim wear soon. DARE I HOPE THAT WE’RE GETTING A BEACH EPISODE? AAAAAAAAAAH! *runs around squeeing in delight* AWESOME! AND AGAIN, AWESOME! Apparently seeing Barnaby in those swimshorts and Kotetsu in that vintage swimsuit WAS it. . . . GOD DAMMIT *flips a table and stomps out muttering darkly*

Next week! More Lunatic (Oh hey, is that a new costume there Yuri?) AND HELLO~ THE BOYS IN SUITS! ME GUSTA~

See ya~

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