Blood C is the third series in the Blood franchise. A collaboration project between Production IG and Clamp, Blood C looked to be the most definitive verson of the franchise yet. With Clamp handling the character designs and story, and Production I.G animating it, along with the Blood+ director, expectations for this series were definitely high. Did it make it? Read on…


Blood C

: Production IG


Horror, Vampires, Japanese Culture, High school Length: 12 episodes

Airing on
: ThursdaysChannel: MBS

Simulcast on: Niconico

Impression Meter Meter: 5% 

Blog Possibility: 2% (LOW)


Sweety8587: (Impressions: Meh *shrug*)

Being a Blood+ (anime and manga [and City of Nightwalkers]) & Blood the Last Vampire fan, I was eagerly looking forward to some more badass Saya vs chiroptean action! . . . oh FINE I’m lying through my teeth. I just wanted more Hagi. There,  I admitted it T_T happy? uwaaaah Saya’s really stacked in this version aint she? And…supremely clumsy non? I am not sure how I feel about this. Leaning towards “not kool”. And what was that deal with her mom being an oracle too? T_T Nice school uniforms though…kinda remind me of DGM. Would make for some neat cosplays me thinks! …is it a CLAMP thing to always have twins in the cast? /random wondering. Okay really whats the deal with Saya’s memories? /confused Saya is way kooler being her badass self than kya-kya-kya-ing over puppies. I want to stick with this primarily because I’m hoping that it’ll follow Blood+’s pattern and go from light to dark as it progresses CLAMP, i want it dark, not shit that makes my head with too much ‘wtf-ery’. Was anyone else reminded of Blood+’s ‘Color of the HEart’ OP after listenin to THIS OP? Oo;; or was that just me? Especially during that middle part…

Setsuken:  (Impressions: BAD)

Before I saw this episode, Blood C was pretty much going to be “the series” of the season for me. Having seen Blood+, Blood  the last vampire, and being a huge fan of nearly anything Clamp, I had very high expectations going into this series. What did I get? On hell of a cliche mess. I was expecting an awesome story and deep characters given Clamp was heavily involved in it, but nooo….

Instead we have a really clumsy, bordering on on  odd version of Saya, who seems to like her daddy a bit too much for comfort. Added to that, the various supporting characters in the series seem to be taken straight from other clamp works. I mean, the twins? SERIOUSLY? You’re going to rip xxxHolic off instead of doing something original?

This was totally not what I expected. When I heard Clamp was doing the story for the series, I was expecting some seriously deep characters and a very awesome dark take on Blood+, more along the lines of their mind numbing stuff. If the first episode is an indication of the quality of the series, then I am so totally not even watching this. =/

Nagicakes (Impressions: Meh)

When I first heard about this show, I was super excited because Clamp was going to be doing the character designs and story.  Unfortunately, I was less than impressed with this show.  Although I haven’t seen any of the Blood+ seasons/series, I have a great respect for Clamp’s ability to create amazing stories and characters that you can actually relate to on an emotional level.  Saya, the main heroine of Blood-C, was annoying and seemed to be a little too fond of her father.  The girls in her class, though well-meaning, were just plain obnoxious (especially the twins who spoke in unison).  Considering what little I do know about the Blood+ series, Saya wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  While I am curious about her powers that she managed to use during the fight at the end of the episode, I’m not curious enough to continue watching this one.

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