Sacred Seven is the new series by Sunrise! With character designs so reminiscent of Code Geass, that first sight of the series protagonist makes viewers cry ‘Lelouch!’. Unlike Code Geass however, Sacred Seven is about a high school student having powers that allow him to transform into a warrior with a power suit. Its been done before, but has it been done Like THIS? Read on!


Sacred Seven

: Sunrise


Action, Sci-Fi, High School, Mech Suit Length: 12 Episodes

Airing on
: SaturdaysChannel: MBSSimulcast on: Crunchyroll, Hulu(5 Days after initial airing)Impression Meter Meter: 60%  Blog Possibility: 50% By Setsuken


Sweety8587: (Impressions: Good)

My first thoughts as I accidentally caught its premier on MBS were “….what is this anime? HOLY SHIT.SACRED SEVEN. ITS SACRED SEVEN MICHII!” to which Michii went “REALLY? This is it?! LETS WATCH!” and then followed 3 hours of spazzing/discussing and generally making a BUTTload of Code Geass references and jokes. Alma…you TOTALLY look like Lelouch and Suzaku’s love child *snicker snicker* Anyways. I liked this show. Everyone’s calling it a cliched set up but hey, i like a cliche when its done right. Carry on Sunrise, you go my attention. Partly cause of that SMOKIN OP. ROCK ON FICTION JUNCTION. ROCK ON KAJIURA YUKI! And the other half of my attention is cause of Ruri’s eyes. HNNNNGH SO PRETTY. And the remaining part of me just wants to crack more Code Geass jokes with Michii after we watch the episode every Saturday XD (Note Michii is Sweety8587’s Saturday Spazzbuddy)

Setsuken:  (Impressions: Okay)

I have to admit, I wasn’t nearly as impressed by Sacred Seven as I wanted to be. I loved the OP for the series, and the animation is classic Sunrise awesome. The likeness to Code Geass in the character design department actually worked against the series when I saw it though. Instead of carving out its own feel, it looks really… unoriginal. Added to that, we have the classic Guyver-ish suit, we have the air board from Eureka 7, and the main guy is your typical anti social character that is actually avoiding everyone because a dark past. I did like the black ahired girl, who reminded me of Shirley from Code Geass, but I guess my biggest concern is how unoriginal this series seems to be. Given its only one episode, I will be sticking out and seeing how it develops, but so far… I’m not as impressed as I thought I’d be.

Nagicakes (Impressions: Good)

To be honest, I had no intention of watching this show.  But when Sweety demanded that I at least watch episode one, I could see why.  Sunrise is back and with a bang.  The character designs are reminiscent of Code Geass (one of my all time favorite animes) and while the initial storyline seems a bit cliched, there’s huge potential for it to move beyond that and be one of the best action titles of the season.  What really grasped me was the animation; everything was gorgeous!  Especially Ruri!  I could stare at those eyes all day long without a care in the world.  I’m definitely curious about Ruri’s company – if you can call it that – and am not-so-secretly lusting after her BAMF of a butler/assistant.  Good job, Sunrise.  You managed to catch my attention and leave me with enough curiosity to tune in again next week.  Carry on with your bad selves.

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