AE’s getting on the T&B wagon and some of us (read:me) are more obsessed with it than its healthy. BUT I REGRET NOTHING *spins around in her seat*

One warning ‘fore we get in. I’m a hard BarnabyxKotetsu shipper (Don’t care who tops though) so my reviewing will be chock full of jokes slanted towards the yaoi side XD

Summary Key Points


  1. 10 months have passed since the Jake deal
  3. Barnaby and Kotetsu attend a talk show where its CLEAR as day that those two are clearly married now.
  4. Barnaby is much more mellow now. ACTIVATE DERE DERE MODE!
  5. They flirt on live tv. “Oh no its you” “No no it was totally you” Stop showing off you two hur hur~
  6. Barnaby got 1st place and Kotetsu got 4th
  7. Karina is the female tsundere to Barnaby
  8. I bring you a new OT3 singing trio! Barnaby x Wild Tiger x Blue Rose!
  9. Blue Rose has to give dance lessons to Barnaby and Wild Tiger (please please hold your laughter, it gets better)
  10. Kotetsu. GET LOW SHAWTY!
  11. THOSE DANCE POSES OH MY DEAR GOD *dies laughing*
  12. Karina is confused if she what she feels for Kotetsu is really love or not
  13. Friends attempt to convince her “no, its not love”
  14. Kotetsu ruins Karina’s towel (nice coffee dive there Tiger) and gets her a new one (Snake design? REALLY KOTETSU?)
  15. Kotetsu asks Karina if she’s got some time that night (DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!)
  16. Poor Karina has to watch over Kotetsu as he practices the dance routine again and again and again XD
  17. Come concert day, everything is going fine. OR IS IT!
  18. Theres a Second League of Heroes who will handle minor crimes. Some of em look promising!
  19. Remember that Barnaby replacement from the earlier episodes? He’s baaaaaaaa-aaaack~ in Blue Rose’s costume. Say it with me, CRAZY STALKER ALERT. Oh and he’s a NEXT. Can turn himself invisible for as long as he can hold his breath. Now THATS not convenient.
  20. While BTB (doesnt that sound too close to BLT? Oo) give their performance, stalker guy messes around in Blue Rose’s dressing room and snags her bag. Which has Kotetsu’s gift/towel in it D: O NOZ
  21. BTB run after the guy but he gets on his scooter and phut-phuts away.
  22. Tiger and Bunny finish each others sentences. MARRIED. SO COMPLETELY MARRIED. Tiger runs after stalker guy as Barnaby and Blue Rose catch up in the bike and side car.
  23. Tiger’s powers go into HYPER! mode where everything he does kinda goes over board. Super speed becomes SUPER speed, big jump becomes BIG jump. But his powers run out before the 5 minutes run out!
  24. Luckily, Rock Bison is there to save the day and catch the guy.
  26. BARNABY CALLS TIGER KOTETSU-SAN. TWICE. MARRIED I SAY! *arm flapping of delight*
  27. The new ED….YES m/
  28. Kotetsu wonders if perhaps his powers are evolving. I don’t think so babe *worried face*


Opinions: B+/A+

Last week, fandom pretty much went NUTS about this episode. “OMG KarinaxKotetsu? NOOO DONT WANT” I had been calm “I bet Sunrise is trolling us with that preview”. After watching the episode, I actually wound up liking Karina more. I mean….here’s a 16 year old girl who is confused about how she feels about a WAY older guy and is trying to work that out. How many of us haven’t been through that? Its SO very relatable! In the end, i was like “Okay I think I’m totally fine with Karina -> Kotetsu. Because I think that Kotetsu’s pretty much daughter zoned Karina.

THE BEST PART OF THIS EPISODE. DEM DANCE MOVES YO. Oh Kotetsu I nearly fell outta my chair laughing at his ‘Robot’ THOSE SOUNDS MADE THAT DANCE XD And of course Karina’s reaction too “Uwa how lame!” *points and laughs* Sorry baby but THAT WAS HORRIBLY FUNNY. And then alsidhlaishdoada THOSE MOVES. GOOD GOD *facepalms and laughs* Sunrise….y’ know… *throws an arm around their shoulder* When we say ‘It can’t get gayer than THIS.’ for some episode…..its not really supposed to be taken up as a challenge XD Aw maaaan, fanart this week is gonna be SO FUCKING FABULOUS. Said with jazz hands XD

Barnaby in dere-dere mode. Its a bit….STRANGE. I mean, I kinda loved his tsun-tsun ways more. Maybe he’s gotten more mellow after getting married and getting laid? *big grin* I totally support that theory YO! But i still like him like this :3 Its SO CUTE. I like to think that he’s become a total dere because hes a super hard Kotetsu/Wild Tiger fan XD AND THAT HES SO DERE ONLY TOWARDS KOTETSU XD He’s the regular tsuntsun bastard/troll towards everyone else. I LOVE that Barnaby’s SO able to understand Kotetsu now. SO CANON! THAT REMINDS ME. KOTETSU~~~~ *nudges him in the ribs* WHAT YOU DOIN WITH THAT PICTURE OF BARNABY ON YOUR PHONE HUR HUR HUR~ And thats a REAL good shot *whips her own phone out* Be a dear and transfer that to me wouldja? 8Db I find it ADORABLE that Kaede (I think those were Kaede’s hands?) was flipping through the pics and when it came to Barnaby, Kotetu’s all “Now now dont look at that!” XD And Barnaby winning the MVP? NO surprise. I woulda been more surprised if he HADNT won it.OH SO BARNABY DRINKS ‘MILK’ EVERY NIGHT BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP EH? I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE SUNRISE!

It was nice to see Kotetsu getting more atetntion of the nice kind though 🙂 And hey that reminds me! Lloyd mentions the duet or something right? Any chance that maybe that was hinting at the image CD of the guys? :O CAN I HOPE FOR A DUET?! no no calm down you *takes a deep breath* But yeah, AWESOME to see Kotetsu getting some good, positive recognition. Though, it was FUNNY AS HELL that Lloyd’s gone from “If you dont like it, you can quit” to “DONT YOU DARE EVER QUIT!” XD now THATS some turn around! My inner Tiger fangirl is pleased. And it was also amused at how DENSE Tiger was about how Karina felt XD Then again I can attribute half the fault to Karina for being such a tsundere XD

BUT MY INNER KEITH FANGIRL IS VERY SAD ;_; *arm flapping of distress* He lost his MVP title and from the next episode, word is that its gonna be BAD. The director tweeted on his account that the next episode made his cry! Now, part of me screams “SUNRISE Y U B TROLLIN AGAIN!” cause it could VERY WELL mean that the director was crying tears of happiness by laughing too much but the preview DOES look….bad doesnt it? Plus there was word that things were gonna take a darker turn come episode 15! I am worried man…..and WHO is this chick *stares at the girl* Clearly shes got a history with Sky High…..old lover? Sister? Half sister? Old flame? *throws hands up* Too many options that can be considered!  BUT I DONT LIKE MY BABY TO BE SAD ;_; I WANT KEITH TO ALWAYS BE HIS LOVEABLE GOOFY SELF *clings to Keith and cries* PLEASE BE SAFE BABY! KEITH x DOG IS MY NEW HEADCANON!

Antonio is a sekrit concert whore? I would have never imagined him enjoying himself so much in a concert XD And gotta say, though im not the biggest Rock Bison fan, this episode was neat for him 🙂 LOVED it that he managed to catch the stalker guy /o/ YOU GO ROCK BISON! And maaaan those were the CRAPPIEST CGI bananas Ive ever seen! AND THE ANIMATION T_T I was watching on KEYHOLE and I was thinking “Wow…Karina looks a bit…OFF. Along with some other stuff….” COME ON Sunrise! Pull yer shit together please XD SPEAKING OF! Fire Emblem’s got himself ‘Animate’ as his new sponser AND Ivan’s got more sponsers as well. YOU GO BABY *glomps Ivan and ruffles his hair* AND MY GOD oAo Y U LOOKIN SO GOOD IN THE NEW OP?!

So Kotetsu’s powers….*taps fingers together* either he IS evolving or his powers are going on the fritz. To be honest, I’m not really THAT worried about it I mean….sure PV3 had that line where Kotetsu’s like “I’m gonna quit being a Hero” but I dont think thats too worrying. As though Barnaby is gonna let go of his partner. He might have 10-12 months before but not at this point. Those two have clearly hit that comfortable place where they make good partners (FINISHING. EACH. OTHERS. SENTENCES. NEED I fucking say MORE?!) so even IF Kotetsu wants to quit, I’m confident that Barnaby is gonna be the one who will slap some sentence into his partner. And possibly Nathan. Cause I think that man is FABULOUS. I personally think that his powers arn’t evolving though but speculating on this is fairly difficult.

We just don’t know enough about NEXT powers to make proper speculation. It’ll ALL be guess work based on mostly assumptions. We don’t even know at what age people can develop NEXT powers. Do they develop them during puberty ala Xmen mutants? Or is it something that they are born with and they manifest their powers at much earlier ages? Or is it not related with age at all and they just randomly manifest themselves during a period of high stress? NEXT powers have like a NEXT gene? Having one power is the norm yes? How’d Jake get two powers? WHEN does the second mutation occur? Or is it , again ala Xmen, something that happens to VERY few mutants (Omega class was it?) ?*shrugs helplessly*I dunno what to think to be true.

I would guess that Kotetsu’s powers are probably going on the fritz given that they ran out before 5 minutes however….I think what Kotetsu did was like….okay now picture this with me as I try to BADLY explain this XD Lets assume that when Kotetsu activates his 100 Power, a little bar of HP shows up which represents “this is how much energy/power you can use during your power activation” and if he uses it at a normal level, he can use this 100 Power for 5 minutes. But when he forces it into a HYPER mode, that HP bar depletes at a faster rate. So its not really an EVOLUTION as much as Kotetsu forcing himself to use his powers more…..what you think? 😡

NEW OP & NEW ED. I found them FAB. I loved those pictures on Kotetsu’s phone (BAWWWWW TOMOE ;_; Will we ever get a flashback episode of you please?) and Barnabys picture on the phone AHAHAHAHA LOVED IT. And man, all the heroes in the OP just looked SO FIERCE. THE ED /o/ VERY nice~ Can someone get the sentences that run behind the characters though? :O Or wait I think they are their dialogues? :O oh my dear GOD IVAN *glomps* Y U LOOKIN SO GOOD <3


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