A continuation of last week’s epic battle! My confidence in the Sketdan’s team wavered when the Friske wore off. I was pretty sure that Shinzou was going to land a victory for us but seeing Tsubaki destroy three of his balloons convinced me that it will be the seitokai’s victory. Tsubaki turns out to be pretty smart and, even though he’s on the opposite team, I thought his method was smart and should be commended. As the episodes pass, I’m finding myself liking Tsubaki more and more. Anyways, if it weren’t for Shinzou having a vision about his duty, Shinzou would have definitely lost. Even after he was pepped up and both went at each other at the same time, I still thought it wasn’t going to result well. I thought both sides would have had their balloons ripped at the same time, ending in a tie. Fortunately, Shinzou pulled through and demonstrated that he is actually reliable and strong… and somewhat cool! But, I have to say, when Shinzou got rid of one of his own balloons, I thought that was a pretty stupid move no matter how cool and awesome he looked and acted.

So the score is now 1-1. The next game is a shooting game which should have been left up to Bossun but now Switch is in control. Both contestants get dress up really nice. Daisy has on a really nice black dress and Switch looks very cool in his suit. This suit should definitely increase his popularity! Bossun should wear one too if he doesn’t want to fall behind! Onward, Switch’s introduction of Daisy, along with his remarks, was very hilarious! I really wonder how Switch gets all that information. Calling Daisy both a sadist and masochist really fueled her anger XD It was probably a good thing that no one could hear all the things Switch was saying.

The giant screen made it feel as if Switch and Daisy were actually starring in a film. That heightened how cool Switch looked even though he had terrible aim and kept getting into trouble. Eventually, Switch was able to use his smarts to get a tie between him and Daisy. The suspense that was made beforehand was really killing me. I wanted them to shut up and just shoot XD But, Switch ended up winning by a hundredth of a second! That’s pretty awesome 🙂

As I thought, Roman would be the best contestant for the Tales of Confessions game. It’s kinda a blessing that Momoka wasn’t able to come and Himeko called Roman as a replacement for the replacement. Hopefully, everything turns out all right but I have a feeling that Roman will lose making the game 2-2 which will make the last match extremely important. But we won’t be able to see until next week! I was quite surprised at the fact that this tournament is taking 3 episodes but so far these episodes have been really great and exciting so it’s all good!

The eyecatches were really cute this week. Especially Bossun’s <3 And is that something like Yugioh cards in the preview I see? But besides that, if what was said in the preview is true, the seitokai president wants Bossun to quit Sketdan?!

Score: A+ / A+

+kept me in suspense

+battles have been fun and entertaining

+Roman is going to be fighting in her own field

+Switch in suit equals awesome

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