Summary Key Points:


  • After his bold proclamation from last episode, Happy escapes with Carla with the Royal Gaurd at his hells
  • Now considered as “Fallen”, Happy and Carla fall in a cart to the near edge of Extalia, which is actually floating right above the Royal City
  • Happy and Carla find themselves of a white Exceed, who seems to be rather angry all the time
  • They are sheltered there, for a while, until which Carla is brought back to her senses, and Happy is inspired by the pep talk the White Exceed and his Blue Exceed wife give them
  • As Happy and Carla are now in control of themselves, they are able to use their Aero magic to fly again
  • As they fly away, The White Exceed, Lucky and his wife look crying and smiling at Happy, their son


Opinions: (B+)

Right on the heels of last week, we get some more development for Happy and Carla. This episode, while definitely a bit stretched out, has some nice emotional value and is quite a nice little moment for Happy, despite his not knowing. While there’s little progress on other fronts, as a character building episode and somewhat of a backstory episode for Happy, this episode is rather important.

We did get a few scenes from Natsu, Wendy and Lucy, as well as Edolas Lucy and Natsu. Not much happened on that front though, with Natsu and Wendy still trapped, and Lucy’s magic being nullified by that spider goo. So it was more or less all about Happy and Carla getting ready to come and save them. There was quite a story in that area!

So long story short, Happy is able to run and hang with his parents. His parents are perhaps the only Exceeds without a superiority complex and a good heart. It was great seeing Happy interact with his father, and Carla interacting with his mom. They were down in the dumps, or rather, Carla was. This little pick me up and restting point was exactly what they needed before they tackle what’s ahead of them.

I mentioned the Queen last week, and I was kind of wondering how the process of gathering those 100 eggs was. It turns out she actually stole the eggs from the citizens of her own country. God… so darn evil. I can imagine the horror of Happy’s parents as they saw their still unborn child taken away from them. Good on them to disagree with the Queen. Luckily, they weren’t killed or re disciplined, like it seemed Happy and Carla might have been.

The final scene, with Happy and Carla ridding off to into the sky, along with Happy’s parents agreeing that it was their son, was just short of awesome. I’m a sucker for parent/child moments, and this one really tugged at my heart strings. I did feel like this episode was a bit too long, but given the connection Happy had to these two Exceeds, it was pretty important to give them at least an episode of screen time.

He’s a 100 years too old to bring home a girl honey!

I’m not sure about us seeing Lucky and his wife again, but I hope we do. It’d be nice to see a little family reunion. As a side note, it seems Carla is definitely at the stage where she trusts Happy, and he could be well going on towards scoring his girlfriend, as his parents put it XD

Not much else to say this. Good episode, but I’m ready for the real action to begin next week!


Lucy is at Erza Knightwalker’s mercy, and it seems Happy and Carla are finally going to make their move!

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