After Keima learned that he would not only have to seduce his class’ student teacher, but he realized that she had already labeled him as a student, thus leaving him stuck in the student-teacher route.  As the episode starts off, we see Jun getting ready for work and pauses just as she’s about to walk out the door.  On her night stand sits a shiny pink PFP and as she picks it up, she smiles and says that the PFP will help her get through to Keima and show him that life outside of video games is better.  While on her way to school, things progress normally; all of the students (especially the males) call out “good morning” to her and she responds happily in return.  However, Keima is in his classroom and trying to figure out how he can avoid getting stuck in the teacher route of his conquest, which would ultimately force him to move at Jun’s pace.  He then informs Elcie (very angrily) that he needs to figure out a way to trigger an event that would allow him to move directly to getting Jun to fall in love with him.  According to him, in dating games, every negative interaction will eventually accumulate into love for the protagonist.  He then realizes that the only way that he can get this event to happen is to make Jun angry.  With that in mind, he sets out to do as much as he can to piss off Jun.

Unfortunately, all of his ideas tend to backfire on him.  He starts off with surrounding himself with piles of games during class, to which Jun kindly reminds him that he shouldn’t be playing games during class.  He responds by asking her why not, since it’s study hall and they aren’t doing anything anyway.  After a moment of silence, he lifts if virtual reality visor to see if she’s angry, but she pats him on the shoulder and tells him that he can always come to her if he needs to talk.  This stuns Keima and causes him to pull out all the stops.  Sort of.  Sitting out during gym and stealing his teacher’s shoes aren’t exactly the best way to piss someone off.  He tries the age old trick of putting the blackboard eraser in the door jam, but that one backfires on him as well when Elcie walks in and the eraser falls on her instead.  Eventually, Keima realizes that since he’s already considered to be a problem child Jun wouldn’t be bothered too much by him causing problems.  However, as he’s mulling over his situation, he doesn’t realize that the rest of his classmates have left and he’s now all alone in the classroom.  As he’s getting ready to head home himself, Jun appears behind him and challenges him to a duel in video games.  Normally, Keima would be shocked and possibly thrilled, but he’s only irritated when he points out that Jun is holding the PFP upside down.  Of course, this ends up becoming a longer ordeal than Keima anticipated as he ends up having to teach Jun everything about how to use her PFP.

Jun is happy as a clam as she informs Keima that she can understand why he thinks video games are fun, but goes on to say that even though he’s lonely, that’s no reason for him to wrap himself up in games.  Keima snaps and starts shouting at Jun, but is interrupted when Elcie appears, whacks him over the head with her broom and drags Keima away.  Somehow, none of this even phases Jun.  The next day, Keima tries to inform Elcie about how the whole teacher-student route goes; teachers always think that they’re above a student, so it’s extremely hard to try and get a teacher to see you as an equal.  He goes on to say that there is a way around that problem; if he can get another teacher to fall for him, Jun will automatically see him as an equal.  Elcie asks him how he’s going to do that and he informs her that if he can get Nikaido to see him as an equal, Jun will as well since Nikaido is Jun’s senpai.  As he approaches Nikaido, his plan backfires once again and he’s forced to beg Nikaido to help him out.  Turns out, Nikaido ends up using him to catch up on her backlog of grading as she holds his PFP hostage.  Keima ends up demanding that she give him the information he needs, but Nikaido shoots him down.  In the end, Keima leaves his “meeting” with Nikaido more downtrodden than he was when he first went to her for help.

Meanwhile, Jun is busy interacting with students; one in particular was a student that one of the teachers had called a failure.  She asks him if he’d like to study with her in order to prove the teacher wrong, but the girls who are in the classroom laugh and tell her that that’s just how that particular teacher is.  They go on to say that there’s no reason to go against him since that’s how the real world is.  This seems to upset Jun because she snaps at them and asks if they’re all idiots for not wanting to stand up for themselves and prove that someone is wrong.  However, she quickly notices what she said, apologizes and leaves the classroom.  As she closes the door and pauses to gain her composure, she overhears the students in the classroom saying that they “hate teachers like that.”  They then go on to say that it’s annoying how passionate Jun is and that no one will like a teacher that passionate, or one that tries to push their ideals on them (like Jun is apparently trying to do).  This causes Jun to have a minor flashback to the basketball team telling her that they can’t deal with her ideals any longer and that they all quit, which makes her even more depressed than she was for yelling at a student.  As she’s walking off of the grounds, Keima sees her and notices the proverbial rain cloud hanging over her head and goes back to Nikaido to ask if she knows anything that could have upset Jun.  Nikaido tells him that Jun has always been depressed ever since they won the national basketball championship in Jun’s junior year.  One of the other teachers gets excited at the mention of the basketball team and points to a picture showing both Jun and Nikaido (along with a bunch of other girls) holding up the trophy for the national championship.  An idea strikes Keima and he investigates the locker room that formerly belonged to the basketball team, but is now unused since the team has been disbanded until further notice.  Here, he finds out that Jun was captain of the team in her senior year and he grins.  He informs Elcie that he can now move at his own pace for the conquest.

Opinions: Another good episode, though I’m happy that the pace is starting to pick up.  I felt sorry for Keima, seeing as he had no idea how to get Jun to notice him as someone other than a student, but now that he knows what he needs to do I’m sure he’ll be able to conquer Jun rather quickly.  Though now I’m rather curious as to why Jun’s basketball team walked out on her (I have a feeling it’s because of her trying to push her ideals on them, much like she’s currently doing with the students), but it’ll probably all come out in the next episode or two.  That being said, I found the pacing to be a bit slow in this episode compared to some of the others, but I know why they did it.  Either way, I’m excited to see how this conquest will turn out!

Score: B/A+

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