As much as I love the fact that Sket Dance doesn’t just throw away characters after the episode is over… I don’t mind having certain characters disappear, and by “certain” I’m talking specifically about Moe (that monkey too). Her whining just rubs me the wrong way… Actually, she just plain bugs me. Nonetheless, as this week’s client she ask the Sketdan to participate in a tournament all for the sake of getting the grand prize: the “3 mouth” for her game avatar. I have never thought of Moe’s mouth of looking like the number 3 XD I loved how Bossun and Himeko kept making fun of her mouth, but that’s maybe because I don’t like Moe to begin with XD

The seitokai end up being involved in the tournament as well. The group is being made into game characters so the principal wants to advertise the game by having them participate. Of course, we have Tsubaki complaining about how the seitokai’s purpose is to better the school, not to be goofing off. But at the mention of the Sketdan taking part in the tournament, Tsubaki had a change of heart XD He will go at lengths just to beat the Sketdan XD Rather, it’s more like an ongoing battle between Tsubaki and Bossun XD On a side note, what is it exactly that ticks me off when the seitokai president is onscreen? I’m having a tough time deciding whether it’s just because I’m on Sketdan’s side or if it’s because I find him to be somewhat arrogant and a show-off.

The games that were selected were a perfect match for the Sketdan team. Everything seemed as if it were going fine but Moe had to ruin it all! Her monkey Yeti escaped causing her to forfeit. Then Bossun freaked out and shuffled the games more than necessary. Fortunately, we found out that Himeko is actually a very good cook! I was a little scared because I thought that, even though it looks like she knows how to cook, the food will end up tasting disgusting. In the end, both sides came out close. Unfortunately, the side we were rooting for lost. The rest of the team still commended Himeko for a job well done and it was really cute to see them asking Himeko to cook for them in the future Our samurai decides to take revenge for Himeko! The episode leaves us with the next battle: Samurai vs Tsubaki. The samurai (yeah, I don’t know his name XD) is able to get one point and hopefully he’ll be able to get the last 4 next episode.

I definitely wasn’t expecting this episode to continue on to the next episode. This is the first time it’s being done so it’s pretty nice for a change. I don’t know how long this series is slated for but I don’t want Sket Dance to be over after this tournament. Oh, wait a second, it can’t be over after this. The creepy-looking person in the op that has black and purple hair hasn’t appeared yet.

Ah, his name is Shinzou. Shinzou the samurai.

Score: A / A+

+Himeko can cook

+The episode is being extended onto the next, something new

-Moe and Yeti are annoying

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