As if you haven’t gotten enough of Futari wa Nervous, you can now get the Maternity Blue figure! Complete with a round, pregnant tummy ­čśë Or, if that doesn’t fit your taste, you can get a Youkaidou Ultra Heaven figure! Just call now and– sorry, they’ve been taken by Switch and Bossun. Too late.

This episode was very funny XD Besides the figures (having a Maternity Blue figure would probably make me nervous), there hasn’t been much excitement for the Sketdan. It’s been a while since they’ve had a job that Bossun decides to jump at some┬áminuscule┬átask involving a purse snatcher. Himeko stops Bossun but not without showing his Youkaidou Ultra Heaven boxers XD Luckily, a mangaka (manga artist) comes in for an interview with the Sketdan. Of course, Bossun has been wanting some popularity since about day one so now is his chance to become the lead character in the mangaka’s manga… too bad that the mangaka is┬ádissatisfied┬áwith Bossun’s lack of originality and personality. Himeko and Switch are then said to be much more of a character than Bossun is XD

The best part of the episode was in the second half when Bossun turns into a very cute 3-year-old <3 <3 Himeko’s maternal instinct was maxed out, along with the other girls the Sketdan stumbled upon. Switch decided to play the paternal role XD Bossun wanted to use this to his advantage and get him into that manga but it never happened. Remember that purse snatcher mentioned in the beginning of the episode? Well, if it weren’t for that purse snatcher Bossun would have never been able to show off his awesomeness! But, even still, Bossun was never used as a character XD But he at least was a big influence to the mangaka! It would be wonderful if we could have a snippet of the mangas he created in a future episode or even as DVD specials ­čÖé

Was Switch playing a game that looked very much like Saki? Also, what was with all the odd lighting? It was as if the sun decided to shine very, very, very bright…

Score: A / A+

+cute baby Bossun is cute <3

-unusual lighting

The Kimi ni Todoke film was perfect XD It would be so great to see the Sketdan do parodies of other anime as well! So the whole DVD thing leads to the Broadcasting Club where this week’s victim client presides. This client, Yagi, has watched a DVD she shouldn’t have watched and, no, it’s not The Ring. Her friend Ayumi is the one who comes in asking for help because Yagi is depressed. At first, the Sketdan fail at getting Yagi to laugh or even smile. ┬áSince she was such a tough audience, the Sketdan just stook to solving her problem. The DVD ended up containing questions to the math midterm, according to the teacher. Yagi suffered some bullying about cheating the previous year and that was why she was afraid of revealing the DVD.

So, I had thought the person behind it all was her friend Ayumi. Since the threatening letter mentioned what happened last year, I thought that it had to be Ayumi because she was the one who told us about her past. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the teacher! And after he was accused you could tell that he was the one. He was way too angry and way too creepy. His behavior was extremely abnormal for someone who claimed he didn’t do it. I would have recorded the whole scene if I were there but the Sketdan had the better approach: broadcast it to the whole school. Everything turned out fine, except for the teacher.

The Sketdan Corner (after the ending) was done right for the first time! I think that should probably be replaced with anime parodies XD

Score: A / A+

+Kimi ni Todokahen nen

+took me by surprise by going against what I believed the suspect was

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