Sketdan has a good reputation now. The episode opens with classmates talking about them positively. This leads this week’s client, Tetsu, to ask for help. It really was nice to see that Bossun and the other two won’t allow someone to disrespectfully demand for their help. It quickly turned to being a hilarious situation with the three not really understanding Tetsu’s request XD Switch playing his dating sim was the best! It reminded me of Kami Nomi XD So, in order to get the three to understand, Tetsu’s tell his story which ends up being quite tragic. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a story. His experience led him to create ย an incredulous character so that he can finally talk to Misaki, his childhood friend.

So the plan? have Bossun dress up as Koutarou’s image XD I had to take a screenshot of this! Last week’s had him dressed up as a prince and now his hair was nicely done and he was in a cute polo shirt (although the colors reminded me of McDonald’s colors). So he’s supposed to meet up with Misaki but once he does he gets all flustered because she’s really pretty. From that point on, he kept making such a funny monkey-like face XD His family actually caught him while he was with her and they took a picture of it! They’re not going to let him live it down XD

Tetsu was actually a really nice guy and really cares for Misaki to the point that he made a thousand cranes to maintain his promise! I think the biggest shock was when Misaki told “Koutarou” that she was going to have a major life-or-death operation. It was definitely a huge shock to Tetsu… but Himeko said some really good things; Bossun too. They both influenced Tetsu to actually take charge ๐Ÿ™‚ And so the episode ended with him going to America with Misaki <3

A little off-topic: I think that one of the best things about Sket Dance is that they don’t forget about past clients. Roman showed up again, along with the samurai. It keeps the episodes connected ๐Ÿ™‚

Score: A+ / A+


+proved that this series can pull off a serious episode

Again, there is a connection between the episodes like I mentioned previously. Momoka gets scouted from the puppet show the Sketdan put on back in episode 6. Since Momoka’s first appearance in Sket Dance she has been constantly told that she has a nice voice and with this seiyuu audition she gets her chance to shine! Her motivation and desire to be voice actor stemmed from seeing the smiles of kids, an obvious piece of evidence that she is actually pure at heart. Momoka asks Switch for help but the animes he brings up are extremely weird. You have a parody on Pretty Cure and Cardcaptor Sakura XD Both fuse actual reality in them while at the same time being extremely off the mark! I would never want to watch those “children” animes XD (Bossun also made a Sailor Moon reference ;))ย I was definitely not expecting the director to be that perverted >_< But thanks to Momoka blowing up, she gets a title character in a new anime!

The second part of the episode was extremely annoying. The teacher was really annoying. He wanted to create some weird sports club and, with everything he did, he managed to be extremely annoying. The only thing I liked from this part was the nets they used to “catch or not catch the ball,” their dance, and the point system. Aside from that, nothing else entertained me. In the end, the club could not live since students can’t double-dip in clubs.

Score: B+ / A+

+really entertaining to see the anime references

+the different art styles spiced it up

-not only did the teacher annoy the Sketdan, but he also annoyed me

-the 2nd half just did not keep me engaged

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