Picking up straight from last week, Kisa’s have trouble concentrating on work because of the kiss that Yukina gave him in the cafe. Yukina sends him a mail, inviting him to come and check out the new display made for the manga but Kisa thinks that perhaps its best to not go. Because clearly Yukina was just playing with him. Along with the Yukina problem, Kisa feels more down when he compares himself with Takano and thinks that he can’t be as good as the younger editor. But after work, Kisa finds himself outside Marimo Books.

So he goes inside to check out the sparkling, flowery display. Though Kisa thinks that maybe the display is a tad over the top, he thanks Yukina for going to the extra trouble.  Before he leaves, Yukina gives him his number and asks if its alright for them to talk about what happened the other day. Kisa wonders why exactly he’s waiting for Yukina outside the store. And that’s when the asshole from last week shows up. Kisa more or less tells the guy to beat it cause all they had was a one-night stand. Kisa was attracted to his looks and he made that clear from the start so he needs to just lay off. Asshole threatens to tell Yukina about Kisa and his preference. He taunts Kisa but thats when Yukina steps in and tells the guy to back off.

After Asshole runs away (with his tail between his legs), Yukian invites Kisa over to his apartment to talk. At the apartment, Kisa notices that Yukina has all the manga series that Kisa worked on but Yukina got them on his own rather than asking Yokozawa about that. Kisa apologizes to Yukina, saying that he didn’t have to lie about them going out…and asks how much did Yukina overhear? Pretty much all of the important stuff. Kisa admits that yes he does swing that way and Yukina surprisingly admits to knowing that Kisa had a crush on him. Course it was a surprise to Yukina to find out that a cute guy was coming to the store to watch him (a cute highschooler to boot lol). Kisa apologizes and thinks that he just wants the ground to open up and swallow him whole. But Yukina gets made at Kisa’s negative, dismissive, apologetic nature.

Yukina says that after being stared at every day, he couldnt help but think about Kisa. And then he found out that all this favorite manga were edited by him so that just made the whole matter worse. He can’t help but think that this scenario is like a shoujo manga – which confuses Kisa at what exactly is Yukina trying to say. Yukia admits that he likes Kisa. After a beat, Kisa tries to brush it off (saying that he’s thankful that Kisa loves his works but…) but Yukina throws him a straight ball (that he could do it with Kisa) which shocks Kisa. Yukina asks Kisa to go out with him but Kisa looks away and apologizes, saying that its not possible. Because he doesn’t really know how to love someone and he doesnt really know anything bout Yukina either. Yukina replies that goes both ways but thats normal. Its his first time falling in love with a guy but he’s fine with it. And he’s glad to have been born with this face if Kisa likes it. Kisa weakly repeats that its not possible and Yukina confronts him, saying that if Kisa really liked his face then he’d be looked at him (Yukina) rather than looking away.

Kisa apologizes again and says that its most likely because he doesn’t want Yukina to hate him. And he thinks that this must be what ‘first love’ feels like.  Yukina says that Kisa’s actions just go to show that he cares more about Yukina than just his looks and kisses him. That Kisa’s being so nervous, and his heart is being all doki-doki…isn’t that because he really likes Yukina? Furthermore, Yukina blames Kisa for the cafe kiss because the face that he made…there’d be no one who could resist Kisa when he makes that expression. Kisa wonders at how much he feels when Yukina is just holding his hand and he gives in to Yukina.

The next day at work, Takano informs Kisa that his manga is due for a reprint. Excited, Kisa tells Yukina (and the author) about it. Yukina replies back immediately, congratulating the older man and saying that the books he says are great really sell well. A tad happy, Kisa puts his phone away. Only to have his phone ring again. Its another message from Yukina. Saying that in fact, the book is selling so well BECAUSE of him. So he should thank Yukina. A tad peeved at the younger man’s cheek, Kisa puts his phone away. Only to have it ring AGAIN. Pissed, he opens it to find…Yukina saying that he likes him. Blushing and flustered, Kisa thinks that Yukina’s an idiot….and checks the message once more thinking that he may be 30 but this must be what they call ‘first love’

Score: A/A+

10 seconds in and I was laughing my head off. THAT was a headdesk to end all headdesks. I will keep THAT particular scene in icon form, FOREVER. Cause you ALWAYS need a headdesking icon. Over all, it was a really sweet episode. I was pretty much smiling through the whole second half. ESPECIALLY at the ending. Unnnn the text messages bit was just SO adorable~ I think my heart melted like chocolate in the middle of a heatwave at that. Though I am a tad sad that they changed Yukina’s lines a little bit. It was way funnier when he suddenly admits that he could jerk off thinking of Kisa LOL XD Then Kisa’s spit take made a lot more sense XD

I wish I could type up a proposal at the same speed as Kisa. I mean like DAYUM. THAT WAS FAST. Damn shame that he accidentally pressed “dont save” though LOL. Show of hands, who has done that? *raises hand* Looord did I CUSS at myself when I did that! *pats Kisa on the back* TOTALLY knew how you were feeling at that one man! And on the subject of Kisa, LOVED all the expressions he made in this episode. The spit takes, the head desking, the surprised “eh? another message? so fast?” face, the mad face, the “oh dear GOD, this day just steam rolled me over” face, his blushing face unnnnnf <3

*stares at Yukina’s number* I wonder if that’s an actual number….anyone in Japan actually tried calling that? It’d be amazing if Deen set something like that up <3 On a similar subject, I think someone needs to start counting the number of times SiH’s own posters show up in the anime XD I find it very amusing to find blurred versions of those posters in the anime. And the occasional JR posters. And gadzooks at that display. Do employees in Japan really make such fancy displays? Thats kinda amazing really. REALLY amazing. Yu-chan, HOW ON EARTH did you make that in one night? Color me awed.

On the subject of Yu-chan. Totally loving his voice now. His sweet, neutral tone when he’s talking with Kisa in the store, his angry voice when he’s threatening that asshole, his serious tone when they’re talking in the apart unnnnnnn <3 *grabs chest and falls over* Isn’t Yukina a bit like Tamaki Suoh in some ways? Without a lot of the kookiness and more mature? XD Though hearing his really serious threatening voice was a tad…surreal. Probably cause it was just so different from his regular tone/voice. But it did sound pretty damn threatening >_>;;;

This episode really showed why I really like Yukina. He’s a good balance to Kisa because he forced Kisa to face his feelings by facing them straight on. Yukina’s a pretty straight forward person ….. wait…. is he half or something? XD Aaaaanyways. Though part of me wonders at how one can hit the big 3-0 and not have experienced their first love….then I think about Kisa and his tendency to go for people just on the basis of their looks and I think “wait, that could happen I think.” Add in his luck of finding guys who are in it for a one night stand or in it for the looks as well and not anything serious….yeah *pats Kisa on the back* Please fix your habit of always apologizing ne? And maaaaaaan, I half wish that we were shown what expression Kisa had made in the cafe but its just more sweeter when they didn’t show it <3 Leaves it totally up to the viewer and just makes your heart go “kyun~”

I’m kinda surprised though that they pretty much left it up in the air whether Yukina and Kisa had sex after the confession. I woulda liked to have something hinted towards that but….i think it still kinda works by not really making it clear like that. I mean, you can also assume that they didn’t have sex and that adds more to their relationship…i think? XD

SOMEONE back me up on this, that little surprised sound Kisa lets out when his phone rings for the second time…WAS SO CUTE <3 *jumps on Kisa from behind and hugs him tight* OH GAWD YOU ARE SO CUTE IN THE ENDING~ I’ve rewatched the ending like 6 times and YOU DONT GET ANY LESS CUTER~

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