After Keima successfully managed to conquer Chihiro’s heart last week, I initially thought we’d be rolling right into another conquest, especially considering that including this episode there’s only four more before the end of the season.  Unfortunately, they decided it would be a good time to insert another filler episode.  So, as the episode starts off, we see Elcie making some tea and noting how ever since Keima conquered Chihiro, he’s been more willing to pay attention to the real world.  That is, until he gets an e-mail informing him about a rare first-edition game called Love Tears is still being sold at a game store in the next city over.  Keima declares that he absolutely must have it because apparently they recalled all of the first editions due to an issue with one of the heroines and removed her from the reprint.  Elcie sighs and says that Keima hasn’t really changed all that much after all.  The next day, Keima takes a train to the next city over and arrives around 5am with Elcie in tow.  She pleads for him to slow down, but he coldly tells her that she didn’t need to follow him (Elcie then tries to tell him that she can’t be separated from him, but Keima ignores her).  They finally arrive at the elusive store that sells the game only to find out that it doesn’t open until 1pm.  This infuriates Keima, but Elcie suggests that they take a peek at the store next door that is advertising 24-hour business hours in order to kill time until the store opens.

When they enter, Elcie and Keima are both delighted to see that it’s another gaming store – apparently the largest in the city – and Elcie happily shows Keima that they have multiple copies of games on the shelves.  Keima tells her that they aren’t multiple copies at all, but instead different games.  Elcie admits that she can’t tell the difference between them based on the cover art (which I couldn’t at first until we got a close-up of them) and Keima mutters to himself that he’s been keeping her at arm’s length this whole time.  However, before he says anything else, he spots a poster advertising a game sale starting at 1pm, the same time the store next door opens.  He then turns to Elcie and declares at he wants her to learn more about him and his love for video games.  Elcie flushes, but is soon crushed when Keima continues, saying that if she knows about games, he can send her to get Love Tears while he attends the sale.  At first she rejects his offer and tries to run away, but Keima grabs her and forces her to learn about video games.  He then goes on with a long tirade about how 2D and 3D used to be at odds with each other and the evolution of the dating sims, but all of his explanations are lost on Elcie.  After she asks him to explain it in a way a demon can understand, he resorts to teaching her as if she were a little kid and it seems to do the trick.  And so, he sends her off to the store and he begins to scour the store for games before spotting the best thing a gamer can hope to find: a clearance bin.

While Keima is busy shoving games into his shopping cart, Elcie is daunted by her task.  She enters the store, thinking that there would only be one game to get and she’d be in and out with no problem.  Unfortunately, there’s three different version of the games, including a “girls side” where the heroines are actually males.  Just as she’s about to give up on her task, she shakes her head and becomes determined to figure out which was the right one.  She eliminates the “girls side” edition because she knows Keima would have no fun in conquering males and is left with two to choose from.  Remembering what Keima told her about buying the more expensive one when in doubt, she chooses the one that comes with a bonus disk and heads to the register.  However, once she gets to the register, she sees another copy on the shelf in the back and notes the hefty price.  Relying on Keima’s piece of advice, she splurges for the more expensive one in the back and happily hands it over to Keima when they meet up outside.  Unfortunately, she’s grabbed the anime box set based on the game.  She apologizes profusely when they get home, but Keima tells her not to worry because he picked up a copy as well, just in case.  The next day, Keima is pleased as punch to find out that he has a whole day to himself and he plans on spending it playing video games.  Unfortunately, Haqua suddenly shows up and introduces herself as Keima’s father’s illegitimate child (this of course sends Keima’s mother flying into a rage and she bolts from the house).

Haqua laughs, saying that it was only a joke but Keima is furious with her for making a joke like that and scolds her for it before demanding to know what she wants.  She admits that she needs to write a report about the “tiny mistake” that happened a week ago and needs their help because she can’t remember everything that happened.  She has also made a model of the school that, depending on what information they put into the system, will mimic what happened.  And so, Haqua and Keima get to work while Elcie makes some tea for everyone.  Keima ends up taking over since he has the memory of an elephant and remembers exactly what happened and at what time, but Haqua doesn’t like the fact that he made it so accurate that it included her clinging to him in fear.  After an argument, she snatches the microphone away from him and shouts into it something about Keima chases her around with perverted intentions.  Of course, Keima’s little doll catches Haqua’s doll and, uh, things are blurred and Elcie walks in and thinks that’s what really happened when she was gone.  This angers her and she unleashes her wrath upon Keima, to his total confusion.  Later, they manage to finish everything and as Haqua is about to head off, Keima is mourning his loss of gaming time by having to help her.  Haqua thanks Keima (in that haughty “I’m-so-much-better-than-you” attitude of hers) but Keima snubs her gratitude by saying she wasn’t really thankful at all.  Haqua slaps his hand and calls him an idiot before storming off.  Elcie makes the comment that it seems like Haqua came to visit as an excuse to see Keima, but says it quiet enough that he can’t quite make out what she’s saying.  She then heads into the house and locks him out, likely out of anger.

Opinions: While it was a cute episode, I really wish we had gotten to the next conquest.  I feel like Haqua’s character is not only annoying, but not needed.  She had her fifteen minutes of fame and now she needs to gtfo of Elcie’s way.  There’s really not much to say about this episode other than I wish they would just start the next conquest already.

Score: B/A+

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