Our samurai from episode 2 keeps reappearing; this time, he gets in trouble with a student council member for his outfit. This member is really arrogant to say that he has all the rights he needs to do anything. I was wondering throughout the episode how the Spider Society fit in with the ghost case. Well, it didn’t and it was left to the end of the episode. It was merely a way to introduce the rest of the student council. The underground Spider Society tried blackmailing a girl who stole a bag but it was all a ploy by the student council to reveal the existence of the society. The victim was the secretary and another member of the council actually played a part by “siding” with the society. So, we find out the council member from the beginning of the episode was the vice-president and we get a look at the student council. The episode ends with the VP and Sketdan seemingly in trouble. The next episode will probably delve further into the student council.

Taking a step back for the ghost case, it was most obvious that there could not have been a ghost. The question was how someone actually made it look like one. My only guess would have been a hologram or something like that. Anyways, this whole ghost incident actually was something that scared even Himeko! Switch had a hilarious but intense rivalry with Yuuki, an expert on the supernatural. The clash between magic and science really motivated Switch to take charge of the task at hand. Switch was the only one who was not scared; he was really intent on disproving Yuuki. Himeko and Bossun were scared, but the most surprising was Yuuki! For loving the occult, she was scared as well! XD There was a bit of envy on Bossun’s part for Switch being so popular XD If he talked normally it would probably up his popularity points 😉 In the end, Bossun figured things out. He pieced together Switch’s info and the played a trick to lure out the culprit: Takako, the writer of the occult section. Even though the case was solved, the battle between ghosts and technology continues XD

Anyone see that Pretty Cure reference? 🙂

Score:  A / A+


So, the student council member barges in and tells Sketdan that they are to be disbanded! With enough fighting, it’s settled-if the Sketdan can prove their worth, they’ll cancel the disbandment. Just in luck, Sketdan gets a job from a previous and, of course XD, they are extremely excited to help out. With this we have Sketdan against the rest of the student council: whoever can put on the best play for preschoolers will win and have things in their favor.

This episode was really hilarious! XD To start, the episode title “Even Onihime has Tears in Her Eyes” does not refer to Himeko but to Momoka instead XD Our samurai finally wears the school uniform after getting chewed out last episode! (He looks much better that way!) Speaking of, past clients help out the Sketdan in the Snow White play. Each person had a fitting role: Roman played Snow White; the samurai, the hunter; Yuuki, the witch; and Himeko, the queen. As for the prince, Bossun was going to play it but Himeko decided that Switch is much more fit for the role because he is much more popular XD It may have been just me, but I felt those scenes that involved them practicing for the play was extremely fast-paced which wasn’t really a bad thing, just something I noticed.

So the student council decides to Peter Pan because, according to the drama club, it’s best for the audience’s age group. Unsurprisingly, the drama club president destroys Sketdan’s props after seeing their practices. What did surprise me was that the same student council member that barged in the beginning of the episode (Tsubaki) punched the guy for doing that. That ends up with Tsubaki taking the lead of Peter Pan instead XD But I was happy to see that Tsubaki has integrity : ) Although Sketdan had to scrap the Snow White, they had a successful and heartfelt puppet play about Momoka and Himeko. So, obviously, Sketdan survives as a club! And the episode ends, but not without a remark from Himeko saying that the student council president is quite handsome prompting Bossun to say that he himself is much more handsome than that guy <3 Is that a little jealousy I see in Bossun? : ) And I just realized in the ending that Bossun and Himeko are embracing each other!! Kyaa~~ <3

Score: A+ /A+

+really entertaining 🙂

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