Episode 06 – Hummingbird – Summary

A lot of interesting revelations in this weeks episode. Shiro passes out and is taken away by the pair who were guarding the Director’s room. Yoh sneaks into G block in search of the girl while telling himself that he saw nothing of what Shiro did. The guards who stole his cast cards are shocked to see how much casts Yoh has accumulated. Ganta meets up with another resident of G block -a flower loving girl who was a victim of domestic violence by her father. She had lost her mother because of the Red Hole and after that her father become violent and one day her powers awakened and in self defense she killed her father. She was sent to Deadman Wonderland as her older brother (Yoh) watched helplessly, aware of her powers or what had really happened. Ganta says that they’ll run away together and they sneak out.

But the guards soon find them and Ganta finds out that his next match is against her, Hummingbird. Yoh manages to sneak up behind a guard and steals his uniform while Tanaki visits the Director who reminds him that the show’s gotta go on for the sake of the Director’s whacked out goal. Hummingbird vs Woodpecker fight starts and Ganta doesnt want to fight but Hummingbird’s character takes a complete 180 degree change! Gone is the sweet, shy, fearful girl and what we have left is one craaaaaaazy ass bitch with blood whips that move faster than you can see em! She’s pretty much been playing Ganta for a fool and he’s ready to fight back when Yoh interrupts their fight. Yoh is determined to buy his sister’s freedom with his accumulated cast points and Hummingbird continues her act of being all sweet in front of her brother.

She tries to play Yoh against Ganta, Yoh even standing in front of his sister in a show of protection but before she can make her move, Yoh asks her if thats how she killed their father. Yoh reveals that he was aware of her powers and that their father was innocent. Minatsuki gets pissed and uses Yoh as a shield against Ganta and reveals that she began to change after the time when her mother abandoned her during the Red Hole incident (Her mother choose to run away with her flowers rather than saving her daughter).  Ganta takes out all but one of her whips, freeing Yoh but then she uses her last whip to hold his hands behind his back. Ganta walks up to her, ignoring her foul mouthed talking before he head butts her and takes her out of the fight.

The crowd isnt pleased with he result of the fight because they expected to see more blood. Senji watches the fight with amusement…as does the Director. On his wheelchair, he rolls over to an unconscious Shiro and asks her if shes awake and if she’s ready to make his dream come true. Shiro slowly opens her eyes….

Score: B+/A+

And the flavor of the week happens to be ‘crazy ass bitch’ this week in Deadman Wonderland. It was a bit of a given that Minatsuki was gonna be a crazy bitch from the OP but I was imagining her to be more of a more violent, i-dig-angry-death-metal, kinda chick but not as a straight up shot of extremely concentrated crazy juice! Thats the kinda crazy bitch that makes me recoil and go “AW HELL NO” Though she really is one HELL of an actress! She pulled off that shy act with such….perfection O_O which made her actual story a lot more dramatic. Though I did think that her being the way she was….it was a tad extreme. I mean, okay yer mother left you for dead, picking flowers over you, thats bound to leave you with some extreme trauma but…to kill her dad? Why exactly? Oo I’d get it if she killed her mother out of revenge and spite but…why the dad?

Yoh’s sister! THAT was….wow I didn’t think that’d be the link between him and the Deadmen! That explains why he was so hell bent on accumulating the cast points but now that he knows his sister is completely cracked….I wonder what hes gonna do. I suppose he could buy his own freedom but I think he may stick around for Ganta? But wait….from Yoh’s words, he thought that he was the one who killed his father but it was Minatsuki who got convicted so then what did Yoh do to get himself into Deadman Wonderland? :O

The Director’s words….very interesting. That Deadman Wonderland is a ‘bird cage’ that he made? Whose the bird? Shiro? The Director’s goals? What on earth? :O How does that involve Shiro? Igarashi’s?! He knew Ganta’s folks? :O Did they work under the Director when he was head of some sekrit lab or something? That would explain how Ganta and Shiro met. But now I’m just more and more curious about who or WHAT Shiro is! Is she maybe the true source of the powers instead of the Red Man? Or maybe the Red Man is like the carrier but Shiro is the host or mother or something? *major hair ruffling*

I’ve been hearing left and right that the manga fans arn’t happy at all with how the anime is turning out but…i dunno, i think this is pretty decent. Then again I havent read the manga which is making me SUPER excited to read the manga cause its just screamin to me that the mangas story tellin is way more epic. But I suppose I should be ready for a possible original ending rather than the manga ‘open’ ending? :/ Well lets see how that one pans out.

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