Shirayuki descended upon this episode and Aria with furry. Her attack left Kinji’s place a mess, though Aria’s comment about her kiss with Kinji was a powerful counter attack. A mysterious threat from Durandal forces Kinji and Aria to take up positions as bodyguards for Shirayuki. Chaos is the result with that trio forced to spend time together. A mysterious phone call allows the episode to end with Kinji diving for safety.


Well this episode was good for some laughs. The first 6 minutes or so was just comedy gold :D. The best part really was Aria saying that it was ok since she didn’t get pregnant from a kiss. What kind of stuff has her father been telling her? I bet if Aria’s mother wasn’t being framed for every crime ever committed she’d straighten that guy out a little. I know we’re dealing with the girl who has serious issues with romance, but wow that amount of naivety about where children come from is scary. Have to give Aria credit though, after realizing her lack of knowledge she went right out and did research. It lead to Kinji taking a book to the head, but at least she went to find things out. Anyways the start of the episode was plenty of fun with these girls having some issues.

It probably wasn’t my favorite episode of the series since I’m not that attached to Shirayuki. Though a tsundere vs yandere matchup is entertaining. Just think that Shirayuki really needs to cool herself off sometimes. While there is nothing wrong with liking someone she takes things to extremes especially with jealousy. I mean if she really set up a wire trap inside a locker like that…..While being childhood friends means something, it doesn’t mean they are already in a romantic relationship. Kinji is free to do what he wants after all. She’s not going to last long as a butei if she’s willing to go and kill anyone who gets too friendly with Kinji. Think it would be best though that she didn’t find out about Kinji’s pity for her when they were kids. While things are different now, a friendship started with something like that isn’t fun to find out about. Think she’ll be fine if she can divert that rage at enemies and not at any girl near Kinji.

I really feel sorry for Aria’s mother. It feels like she’s been set up for every little incident that’s ever happened. Wouldn’t some of these cases just fall apart due to the fact that she can’t be everywhere at once? Can’t be easy for a court to believe that she has been going around constantly committing major crimes including after being arrested. Still it does give Aria constant motivation to fight and hunt down major criminals. That of course will drag in Kinji who is Aria’s partner.

Kinji really has to deal with a lot though. Trying that mental training while Aria is doing those flips right in front of him….Then of course you have the dangerous items that Shirayuki had in her drawers; quite the extreme shift in that drawer :). Considering he doesn’t like going into Hysteria Mode there are a lot of dangerous triggers available. Also has to deal with Aria trying to deduce how his Hysteria Mode triggers. It wasn’t a bad theory that she came up with though it turned out to be wrong. Not sure how easily she will figure out that arousal has to do with it considering her issues with love.

At least we’ve set things up for the next major conflict. Durandal definitely exists and will be making a move eventually. That phone call incident could just be the opening move. Someone called Shirayuki and lured her into the bathroom. Though not sure if anyone could have predicted that she would try to strip to make it even. When the guy is trying that hard to keep you dressed….not a lot of hope for Shirayuki. Not sure what kind of enemy this Durandal is going to be though I’m sure we’ll get some interesting fight out of it.

Score: B+

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