This week we continue with the Chiaki/Tori storyline! So in this weeks episode we learn that having a boyfriend who is oblivious and tends to make wild assumptions….can wind up making being halfway between annoying and cute. Though I think the cute part is only cause Chiaki is uber cute. Pft, bias me? SAYZ WHO 8’D

Anyways. In the time following where we last left the pair, Chiaki went on an onsen trip with Yuu (Tori wasnt happy with it naturally) but cause of it wound up being late on his manuscript submission. While working on his manuscript, Chiaki ponders on the situation as he sees it: Tori likes him, but Yuu likes Tori and what he can do to help out. So he asks his assistants for some feedback (saying that hes thinking of a new plot idea) and they pretty much go “yeah any girl who’d want (Tori’s) love but (Yuu’s) friendship too is just greedy DNW” which gets Chiaki really down.

Tori comes over and makes dinner for Chiaki. He tells Chiaki to attend the company’s New Year’s Eve party and Chiaki says he’ll go with Yuu (and Yuu’ll help him get a suit). After showing Yuu out, Chiaki talks a bit more with Tori and ends up saying that he’ll be a lot more comfortable at the party with Yuu by his side. Which ticks Tori off and he forcefully kisses him but Chiaki pushes him away. Later, Chiaki ponders some more on his situation and thinks that he’d be alright with doing pervy stuff with Tori but not Yuu so…Tori is special?!

So at the party, its a fancy shing-ding with lots of famous mangaka and seiyuu and industry people. Tori drags Chiaki over to meet with the people who’ll be making an anime of his work. But then Tori gets called away by some ladies and then gets roped in by Emerald’s leading mangaka (Ichinose Erika, who happens to be a babe). Guess who gets all “hmph he’s got ladies hanging all over him. Look at him smiling like that. He’s enjoying his “work” way too much!”? Chiaki also ends up asking Yuu if he likes Tori but he gives the same answer that Tori gave (Why would i like a guy like that?) but the pair ends up leaving early. Tori comes after Chiaki, telling him that he was supposed to wait cause they were gonna discuss Chiaki’s name. But when Yuu points out that Ichinose Erika has come looking for Tori, the pair leaves.

Back home, Chiaki has showered and is relaxing when Tori comes in saying that they were supposed to discuss the name. Chiaki gets made when he smells a perfume on Tori. Chiaki can’t really concentrate on the work and is sullen and angry as he deals with Tori. He yells that he doesnt want to listen to a guys suggestion whose got someone’s smell on him. Tori says that staying with Erica-san was a part of his work but Chiaki yells that he didnt have to hang out with her so much/closely that he smells like her perfume. Chiaki suddenly realizes that he sounds A LOT like he’s jealous….

Tori looks down and asks that arnt they going out? Chiaki looks away saying that Tori never said anything like that. Tori says that that should have been obvious but Chiaki yells that no it wasnt. Especially when he hasn’t done anything since then. Tori quietly apologizes saying that he doesnt know how to separate his private and his work life…Chiaki sits back down as Tori asks that wouldnt Chiaki be happier with Yuu? Because wouldnt he rather go to an onsen or a party with Yuu rather than Tori? Doesnt he ask Yuu first? Chiaki replies that he thought Tori’d be busy so he didnt ask. While Tori understands that, he can’t rationalize it…plus last time Chiaki pushed him away. Chiaki stutters that that was because Tori did it without warning so…

And asks why does he make Yuu the enemy? Chiaki doesnt want to kiss or be kissed by any other man except Tori. Tori asks if its alright to touch him at that moment and Chiaki lets him. Tori confesses to him again and says that it has to be. Chiaki blushes and says that how come Tori is always so quiet but when it comes to these situations he can say such embarrassing lines? Tori quietly asks him for an answer and Chiaki mumbles “I’ll try my best.” Another day, Tori is making dinner again for Chiaki and Yuu also shows up. They get along bout as well as oil and water. Yuu teases Chiaki by telling Tori that at the party, Chiaki said “You like Tori, too, right?”. Tori doesnt make that big of a deal out of it and asks if Yuu has a person he likes. Naturally he does and it seems that Tori knows who Yuu like. But they don’t tell him who that person is. Much to Chiaki’s chagrin.

Score: A-/A+

Alright everyone lets split up into two parties. Those of you who want to choke our oblivious yet cute Chiaki step over to the right and those of you who laughed and shook your head, to the left. Cause me thinks this episode, especially Chiaki’s antics, are gonna have a lotta folks wanted to choke his cute neck XD I mean that silly silly boy! TRULY that man’s got a problem of making the wrong assumptions and juts running the hell away with em! But then again he did see Tori and Yuu kissing so it kinda makes sense why he’d have some manner of problems accepting the whole situation.

But speaking of that kiss. Resolution of that? HUH WHERE IS IT? *checks under the sofa* helllo umbrella (non) kiss resolution? Are you there? *checks in the toilet* are you there? *looks up the chimney and gets a face fulla soot* Not up there either T_T;; But seriously…that shoulda been resolved! Why the HECK didnt Chiaki ask about what the HELL happened? ESPECIALLY after finding out that both Yuu and Tori like each other about as much as a dog and a cat?! Just..graaaaaaah

If there’s one thing I’m lovin bout Chiaki, its his expression. Oh lawd. His face when he tells his assistants the whole deal and they just slam the hell outta him. LOL. Yes Chiaki, how you like that reality? XD Not fun is it? Unf, I think im totally in love with Chiaki’s ADORABLE looks. I JUST WANNA EAT HIM UP NOM NOM NOM But no matter HOW cute you are, HOW GOD DAMNED OBLIVIOUS CAN YOU BE? *shakes him hard* The man who confessed to you! You say in front of him that you’ll attend a party..WITH ANOTHER MAN?! When that guy is gonna be there too?! You win a trip to the onsen and then go…WITH ANOTHER MAN?! CHIAKI! *smacks his head into a wall* Its a PISS POOR excuse to say “hey i thought youd be busy!” cause thats just cruel! Though….I can give points for Tori not sayin straight forwardly that “Go out with me” so that DOES leave room for misinterpretation…especially when he didnt do anything else in that time period….

Seeing Chiaki act in that angry and jealous manner was…kinda refreshing? I mean…I just wanted to pick him up and go “awww hes all jealous and doesnt realize it~” … DEAR LORD what IS it about Chiaki that so appeals to my mothering side ><;;; Maybe its the fact that he’s an airhead and I have a bit of a soft spot for airheads? WHO KNOWS GYAH this man is more denser than a puddle of mercury at the bottle of the Atlantic ocean stuffed in a bad of wet cement with an outer layer of PORRIDGE!

The animation quality was again decent. Nothing as shiny as last week but still pretty good. There were some points where I went “oh that was nice~” like when the lady behind the counter hands over Chiaki’s coat? THAT WAS SMOOOOTH. Oh oh WHO wants that ADORABLE bunny souvenir that Chiaki bought?! AOHSDHASDA DO WANT DO WANT DO WANT!

Speaking of smooth…*smacks Yuu on the back* you smooth operator~ I see what you were trying to do over there with Chiaki! You are a bit of a sneaky bastard…then again I dont think there’s much use of being like that around Chiaki who is just…FUCKING DENSE. But it really doesnt look like Yuu’s got any chance with Chiaki I mean…Chiaki clearly rejected the thought of getting together with Yuu in the same manner that he was with Tori…sorry man *pats his back*

I found it…kinda nice that Chiaki and Tori were going through some…fairly normal stumbling blocks and in a not so dramatic manner. Tori’s lack of properly communicating his want (that they should go out) and him saying that he doesnt know how to balance out work and private with Chiaki and then Chiaki getting jealous of all the ladies hanging around Tori cause of his work…kinda nice to see these problems without them being overly dramatized as they can be. And the sweetest part of this ep? When Tori cups Chiaki’s cheek and asks him for an answer and Chiaki mumbles that he’ll try his best. UNF *falls over clutching her chest*

Next week. Back to Onodera and Takano. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *claws her screen* WHERE the FUCK is my Yukina?! ;___;

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