Episode 04 РCrow Crow РSummary 

In which Ganta faces off Senji aka Crow and comes to realize that his powers are actually blood manipulation. Ganta realizes that Senji is not the Red Man who he was after and also that Senji’s…err..quite the character. Their mock fight gets interrupted by some guards and Shiro and Yoh get taken away. Well they get kicked outta G block. Makina meanwhile goes to meet with the Director (bypassing The Promoter). Senji prepares for his battle with Ganta/Woodpecker and Ganta meets with Tamaki again. It is revealed that Tamaki pretty much set Ganta’s trial up so that he would be sent to Deadman Wonderland. And Ganta is given a horrible crash course about the Corpse Carnival in which he is to partake.

Score: A/A+

A good episode in terms of revelations and “Aha so THATS what that was!”. It was also a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride this episode. Nothing like Clannad or anything but still, there was a certain level of mood whiplash occurring.¬† I mean, when yer totally engrossed in the “fight to the death” between Crow and Woodpecker…and then Shiro busts in outta no where and Senji’s all “aaaaaaaah her boobs are all in my face!” It was a complete “…” moment. But the whole bit where Ganta’s being forced to watch that video…anyone else get ‘A Clockwork Orange’ flashbacks? *shudders* All in all, I just felt so badly for Ganta yet again!

Seeing Ganta fighting like that with Senji….jeez that was just painful really. Really he’s just a kid tossed into an adults world about which he has NO idea about. Just veeery painful to watch. It was a bit like seeing a fish flopping about on a beach trying to breathe. Actually this whole episode is a painful watch when you consider Ganta’s situation. It really hits home that he’s an innocent person who’s been tossed smack in the middle of a storm without any idea of what the hell’s going on. Poor kid….

Okay so we were told that Tamaki set Ganta up with that video but…he knows someone who was good at things like that? Does he mean…a shapeshifter? Or someone who can do video editing? Slightly confused at that point. Also we we’re told the whole…thing/setup details. So people who have been ‘infected’ by the ‘source’ aka The Red Man, are called Branches of Sin and are the players in the real Deadman Wonderland. Suddenly the usage of the term ‘Deadman’ makes a HELL lot more sense. So this thing…IS it a virus or anything? That is transmitted via blood? Hmmmm also I wonder if being infected by this….thing (dunno what to call it really) affects the healing rate of the person infected…

Senji. OH SENJI XD JUST when I was thinking “HOLY SHIZ this is one bad ass motherfu-…wait he’s afraid of bewbs? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” But man…that guy’s kinda bipolar aint he? One minute he was all “Gyah put another outfit on nurse lady!” but then hes all “You get between me and my fights and i’ll cut you up bitch!” SCARY *backs away slowly* But still interesting. And I wonder how many prisoners are kept away in G block….and if there are any big breasted ladies in there~~~ And if they’ve fought against Senji XD

On other characters, Makina’s clearly one pissed off lady but will she really be able to gain anything outta meeting the Director? I think that its pretty much gonna be a useless visit. Shiro not having a number really just adds credence to the point that maybe shes not a prisoner in the place right? But then what the heck is she doing there….hurrrrmmmmmmmm *eyes Shiro* yer a curious character really. Ah, another guy that I feel kinda bad for is Yoh. Someone totallllly signed up for a job WAY BEYOND his current pay grade. AND he got his cast cards taken away too…*pats him on the back* I feel for you man, I really do.

So next week…Corpse Carnival. I hope we get to see some of the other G block prisoners and that the whole episode won’t just focus on the fight. Here to another good episode!

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