Shoujo manga invades Sket Dance this week! I have to say that the manga look this episode had was just perfect XD Switch even had to make a reminder to assure that the viewers this was most definitely Sket Dance! I was able to tell right away that Bossun was the Hilltop Prince from the beginning so all I was really waiting for was everyone’s reaction, including Bossun’s.  Roman Saotome, besides having an odd name, was cutesy to the max. I could not handle a girl like her in real life. But her story ended up being really funny because of who she was and what she was obsessed with. Even though Roman wanted to be a manga artist, she’s terrible at drawing. Surprisingly, Bossun turned out to be amazing at drawing!  But Himeko finds it kinda lame that Bossun’s hidden skill is that he’s good at drawing XD Her love for slightly older shoujo manga transformed certain parts of the episode with what she called an Otome Filter. Or even when she wasn’t using shoujo terms, she was using manga artist terms to describe her prince! …I would have to admit that I kinda sorta (not exactly!) saw Bossun the same way she did.  (~~Bossun is cute~ I could fall in love with him if I were there~~~) What Roman imagined was way off the mark; the reality was not at all what she thought it was. Bossun realized immediately that it was him once Roman took the Sket Dan to the place the incident occured. Bossun plays back the events of yesterday and we find out that what Roman mistook for a dog was actually a towel XD And that’s just one of the things that was warped!

This was another 2-part episode. If the next episode just has 1 part and then I guess it alright to assume that these episodes will follow a pattern of 1-part, 2-part, 1-part, 2-part, etc… I didn’t like the 2nd part as much as I did the 1st part I think because I just love lovey-dovey stuff <3 Anyways, I agreed with the fact that the Pelopin mascot is creepy. I would not buy that or even want it for free. At first, I actually that the client lost the mascot, but it was the winning wrapper she lost. It was really obvious to me that she lost it when she tripped over the delinquent so this fact kinda bored me. And just like the rest of the group, I did not recognize the guy. Moving on, it was a really bad idea for Switch to give out that extra info about the mascot’s worth. If it weren’t for that the yankee would have given it back without a problem. But, of course, this is Sket Dan… there’s always an issue! XD But even that was simply resolved by using a pelocan lollipop as the slingshot’s ammo XD I honestly didn’t expect the client to pop out of the grass and say “I found it!” It was quite clever for there to be 2 different wrappers and it definitely helped with the issue I had earlier about it being way too obvious. I give a thumbs up for that   : )  And, the Pelocan commercial at the end was kinda cute… maybe.

Score: A / A+


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