Ijima-sensei and Treesea are such a perfect match that it’s very scary… and creepy. They click so well together: they have a cruel nature and lust for blood. I could not understand why Ijima-sensei had ripped part of Treesea’s clothes though…

I had expected Yumeji to keep Isana under heavy-duty protection. Like, he wouldn’t leave her alone for even a second. If it were me, I would have rejected the idea of Isana staying after school. But Yumeji wants to keep Isana ignorant so his course of action fits that better than my method.  The good guys end up drawing out the extremely cute Pallette (no pun intended) who tells us that he didn’t mean to take over. Curiosity got the best of him and now everyone’s involved… oh, how things work.

Kawanami is definitely being emotionally tortured. Stuck among Ijimia-sensei’s harrassment and the wishes of her Dream Demon AND her feelings of friendship for Isana, Kawanami is in a difficult situation. And when Isana is dragged into a Daydream, Kawanami is really the only one who could to do anything. Pallete was not expected to do much from the start. He’s much too small and weak to help out and I doubt that he has any magical power. Yumeji’s bad leg and trust was being crushed by Ijima-sensei. As I mentioned before, both Ijima-sensei and Treesea are extremely cruel. Treesea’s talk of making a human skewer with Isana, also adding Pallette to the skewer too, was probably a great example of cruelty. Thankfully, Kawanami finally made a move and stood up to the both of them.

Treesea and Ijima-sensei had them all in their clutches but they left after messing around with Kawanami. It was to their advantage to make a move then. The only reason I can see them doing this is that it gave them more joy to watch them suffer as they wait for them to strike again.

Merry still loves her donuts. 🙂

Score: A- / A+


So Yumeji goes to Yui and Engi for help after the daydream from the last episode. We, along with the characters, find out that it is impossible to defeat Treesea… unless Kawanami’s Dream Demon Leon uses his gun. But there is a big problem: there is no ammo. The reason Kawanami and Leon have only been standing aside when dream demons were being killed is because that is what is necessary to make the ammo. It’s like what Treesea kills will come back to kill her in the end. We also found out a little more about Treesea and Leon’s past. Treesea has always been slaughtering Dream Demons even in the Dream World. As for Leon, he miraculously survived one of her attacks. He abhors her saying that she “spawned from the deepest pits of hell.” So it is confirmed that his goal is to dispose of Treesea. Engi brought up one very good point: Treesea is not ordinary but she is not the only one in that sense. Yumeji and Merry are also not ordinary at all meaning that there is a chance even without that gun.

Kawanami has become more expressive towards Yumeji.  She tells him outright how she is scared and doesn’t want to lose her memories with Isana and that she wasn’t supposed to open her heart. Leon will die after he shoots Treesea so it will only end up worse for her. Leon turned out to be more understanding than I thought he would. He’s actually considerate XD Yumeji and Merry are keeping good relations also. Although covered up with the contract, they both are concerned about each other.

Knowing Ijima-sensei would show up at the cafe was already bad news in itself. The tension was extremely high among all the characters except for those out of the loop. Engi takes the chance then to pull him in a Daydream but he grabs Isana’s arm in time to pull her in as well. This time is crucial. Engi appears to have fatally wounded. I’m not sure if she’s dead or not but my guess is that they won’t kill her off… hopefully.  Yumeji stands up after what happened and is going to challenge Treesea himself. I was hoping that he would have just killed Ijima-sensei as soon as he grabbed the sword but that didn’t happen and seems very unlikely to happen in the future.

Now, the last episode awaits!

Score: A- / A+


The episode takes no time for recap or anything. It starts off immediately with action. Yumeji tries to fight against Treesea but that doesn’t work out. Leon informs Kawanami of another option: “Just fight and win.” So Leon takes a turn at Treesea but he knows that he won’t be able to beat her. I was actually quite surprised at the alternative method for shooting the gun. I never thought of having Leon and Kawanami be the sacrifice to shoot the bullet. Even though she did shoot the bullet, I knew it was not going to work only because we were barely 5 minutes into the episode. After that Merry attempts to beat Treesea but gets trapped in her own despair. Yumeji gets all manly again (<3) and says that his dream is to never give up. That willpower gave him (along with everyone else) the strength to stand up against Treesea. Treesea swallows (but doesn’t kill) Pallete as a last resort to prevent everyone from doing anything. But Merry and Engi get rid of her anyways and saves Isana.

I honestly believe that this episode needed an extra 5 minutes or just one more episode. Things happened too quickly and easily. For Merry, all it took to get her out was Yui mentioning Yumeji. Sure, Merry may have a strong heart but I think that some struggle should have been shown rather than what was done. As for Treesea’s doom, was it that Leon’s gun had a late start? Or was it that the sacrifice method didn’t work so when Pallette disappeared it activated? …I thought the transition from the Daydream to the real world was pretty nice. I was even wondering last episode how it would work out. That whole Daydream stuff is sorta like Inception, right? XD

I’m only slightly frustrated because this series had the potential to be better than what it turned out to be. But it was left in a way that it’s just screaming “There’s going to be a sequel!” Maybe then all the unanswered questions will be answered…

Score: B+ / A+

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