Episode 03 – G Block – Summary

Ganta is given a piece of candy from Yoh (who has been instructed by Tamaki to keep an eye on Ganta) so he’s saved from dying. But when they go out for a little snack, they get attacked. By the Red Man/Wretched Egg (who has escaped from the underground facility located underneath the park). Ganta tries to hit the man with his new powers but no luck. Tamaki is ecastatic that there’s a new player in the TRUE game of Deadman Wonderland.

Ganta wakes up in the infirmary with Shiro sitting by his side. He overhears some guys talking bout having seen the Red Man. One man mentions that many years ago he saw a man display the same powers and he’s locked up in G block. Thinking that its the same man who killed his friends, Ganta and Shiro quickly leave. Meanwhile, Makina orders the capture of Ganta because she suspects him to have some super weapon that he’s hiding within his body. The facility is placed under lock down. Yoh meanwhile is refusing to look after/baby sit  “a monster” but Tamaki gives him a LOT of cast cards to keep him on the job.

Ganta meets up with Yoh mid-way and is warned to go and report in before he gets hurt or worse. Ganta explains that the man who he suspects to have killed his friends is in G block. Yoh tells him that there is no G block and that he should go turn himself in. But Shiro suddenly mentions that she knows of secret passage that can lead to G block. But THATS when the crazy security robot that Makina released comes up in front of  the trio.  Shiro reluctantly (a bit….) knocks out the guard railing off a nearby vent and the trio clamber (JUST as the security robot fires a shot).  With Shiro leading the way (and Yoh taking the robot out), they make their way to the  underground G block. But the robot’s not outta commission yet.

When Makina is told that they cant track down the robot, she realizes that there’s a part of the park which she isn’t under her control, much to her chagrin. The robot gets taken out by a flying kick from Shiro! Turns out that what she was mad about was kinda disregarding Shiro as a friend. But the robot STILL isnt outta commission! Ganta thinks that he can take the robot out using his powers but…he is unable to use them! Before Shiro can be hurt, tendrils of blood come out and slash the robot dead. As the dust settles, the man who just saved their butts stands before them!

Score: A/A+

And the plot thickens with the words “Welcome to the true Deadman Wonderland”. With more tantalizing tit-bits of information being provided to us, my curiosity is sniffed around this show and clawing at the door, meowing its head off for more.

So firstly. The Wretched Egg was underneath the park :O I’ll be damned. Using the park as a cover to hide a super secret installation of the scientific nature? Well its not the most original of ideas…but damned if it aint effective I suppose! But…..was the man who killed Ganta’s classmates and gave him the red stone/thing, the same guy was who trapped underneath the park? If so, how’d he manage to get away before? And then again? And how’d they capture the guy after he got lost anyways? Veeeery puzzling.

Tamaki…what is he doing. TRUE Deadman Wonderland? Whats up with that? The Branches of Sin. Wretched Egg….Just please spill already what the HELL it is cause I just *ruffles her hair till it sticks up* And you poor man, having Makina being angry towards you can NEVER be a good thing >>;; But if theres a secret facility underground…is it a government facility then? :O

Yoh…talk about just having bad luck. Signing up for a job which sounds so easy (baby sit this new guy) but then its like “Here’s the can and whoops, there spill-th the worms!” He’s just getting hurt every time we see him *pats his back* Sorry bout that man, totally understandable why you wanted to back out. But it was interesting that all the man wanted was more cast points. Tamaki had offered anything but he wanted the cast points. Well I suppose in retrospect that wish makes sense….if you have more cast points/money, then he can do more stuff in-house. But why nor request to leave or something? hmmmm

G-block “Ssssslice!” guy. Clearly the guy the infirmary guy had been talking about. But being kept locked away? Hmmm…most likely cause he’s crazy beans yes? This is getting crazier as we go along~ But those were mad slicing skills when he cuts that moth up. WHOA :O

SPEAKING of crazy. That security robot. HOLY *beep beep* shit on a stick! D:THAT THING WAS FLIPPIN INSANE. HOW the sam HELL did i get through the vent and inside where the trio were headed?! And dear JESUS, I think its easier to kill a damn cockroach than to kill that stupid robot! AND THATS SAYING A LOT.

Staying on the subject of crazy. Shiro. Wow that girl really doesnt have much of a sense when it comes to danger to self eh  >>;;; kicking the robot like that and then getting caught and just staring at it like that….but VERY interesting that the robot couldnt find a number for her. So shes not a prisoner then?

MAKINA! Yer so cruel and just COLD to let a robot like THAT on the loose! I mean, she doesnt see the prisoners as even human? “Oh well some people might die while we try to catch 5508. Get me some coffee before you leave.” YIKES. But the real crazy part is Makina realizing that there’s a part of the park not under her control. I’d say she’d the WORST person on whose bad side you could get on in the park. Sucks to be you Tamaki SERIOUSLY.

*scratches head* Okay so what I get is that the Branches of Sin use their powers by basically manipulating their blood, thats been clear since when Ganta smashed that giant globe ‘fore it fell on him. But em im just wondering…there’s only so much blood in yer body so isn’t there some limit to how much powers you can use? Or can you manipulate others blood? Like, kill some people and voila, blood=ammo? Hmmmmmmm

Next week! Crow (Crow)

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